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    The Dinar Daily.....Sunday 21 April 2013

    Electoral Commission: The rate of participation in the public vote for the provincial council elections amounted to 50%
    58 mins ago

    Independent High Electoral Commission announced the elections, that the rate of participation in the public vote for the provincial council elections amounted to fifty percent.
    The head of the Board of Commissioners Serbst the Mustafa in a press conference held on Saturday evening, attended by the Agency (news): The rate of participation in the public vote for the provincial council elections amounted to 50%.
    He explained: that the rate of participation in the province of Muthanna, 59% and 42% of Basra and Baghdad Rusafa 50% and 53% of Najaf and Dhi Qar, Maysan 50% and 44% and 54% of Karbala and Wasit province, 52% and Qadisiyah 58%
    He pointed out: that the rate of participation in the public and private التصويتين amounted to 51%.
    He added: that the process of counting of the results of the vote will be private and public at the same time and on the track, we will announce the results uniformly

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    Kubler welcomes peaceful way held by the provincial elections
    1 hour ago

    Congratulated the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler, the Iraqi people for the peaceful manner in which were held by the provincial elections today.
    Kobler praised, according to a statement: the work of the Independent Higher Commission for Elections and high professionalism shown by them in overseeing the first elections conducted under full responsibility. He also praised the commitment shown by the thousands of UNHCR staff who supervised the conduct of the elections as planned.
    UN envoy praised the efforts carried out by the Iraqi security forces to provide a safe environment for the conduct of these elections today.
    Kubler had visited some polling stations in Baghdad and expressed his satisfaction with the good organization of the voting process took place and restrict working in these centers procedures followed in the process.
    He said: credible elections are extremely important for the stability of the country, calling on the Iraqi government to set a date for holding the elections deferred in the governorates of Anbar and Nineveh as soon as possible

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    Preliminary results of the local elections of Karbala: the rule of law leads and Liberals came in second
    April 21, 2013 - 12:12 AM

    Preliminary results showed the sorting operations in Karbala provide a list of coalition rule of law in Karbala and followed by a list of Liberal came in second
    It quoted informed sources told Nun news reporting that preliminary results of sorting operations in Karbala showed submit a list of state law by between 30-35%, while the won list Liberal of the Sadrist movement for second place in most of the polling stations in competed my brigade to Mr. Joseph Habboubi and I hope Mesopotamia place third and fourth, followed by a list of Ali al-Maliki "
    The source said that these results are preliminary for the menu order in Karbala and will Nun news reporting agency publish new findings on arrival from the source and after validating
    The Director of the Office of Karbala announced the election that more than 600 thousand voters must cast their ballots on Saturday, 20/04/2013 to vote for 611 candidates competing for 27 seats where polling stations witnessed in Karbala citizens flocked to cast their ballots
    Said Kazem al-Asadi told Nun news reporting that Karbala witnessed today Toalfda turnout for Lmoatunain on 221 polling stations Aqtraia including four centers to vote for, including hospitals Modja that these centers include the 1422 Station of 1399 station to vote the year as well as 10 stations to vote hospitals and 11 to vote displaced users
    N. particular agency

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    Najafi for Dubai TV: Maliki is responsible for the collapse of Iraq
    Date: 21 April 2013

    Accessories Yazigi through dialogue with Osama Najafi from the source
    Shen Osama Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliament in an interview with Dubai TV, a scathing attack on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which carry the responsibility of «what is happening in Iraq from deteriorating security and political collapse and cracked a social and Mkoonati», is also included «deny» Nineveh and Anbar in the box approach followed by sectarian government, warning of lifting and paper division of the country into regions soon, in what was considered that the dispute over Kirkuk Kurdish Sunni became secondary, while he believed the existence of a strategic agreement on the fate of Iranian American Iraq and the Middle East.

    Nujaifi said in an episode of «the Arab street with Accessories Yazigi» broadcast full on Sunday evening that demands to divide Iraq into regions will be present certainly at a time not so long ago If you do not address the problems of Baghdad after the election has not changed the political map, and added that the time regions «comes if ways to cut off the partnership Baghdad continued to manage the current and the same policy in dealing with the governor.

    Back federal

    Najafi denied the existence of any constitutional sanctity on delving into the issue of dividing Iraq into regions. And while stressing that Iraq is one country, in turn stressed that «the regions are constitutionally», pointing to the existence of the law had previously initiated select how they formed. And in the formation of regions saw saving way out of the 'iron hand and authoritarianism which he said affects the rights of the provinces and citizens.

    The Chairman of the Iraqi parliament that the country is witnessing an attempt to increase the central state and the neglect of the provinces with the looting of their powers and rights, despite what that implies a violation of the Constitution, pointing out that «the Constitution draw a shape of the Iraqi state as a federal state decentralization, and gave broad powers to the provinces and territories, and select powers of the federal government at the center, and expanded powers in the provinces »

    Strong attack

    And attacked the head of the House of Representatives, Iraqi Prime Minister strongly, with him responsible for what is happening in Iraq from deteriorating security and political collapse and cracked a social, expressing his dismay at the continuation of his policies, although it rejected widely by Sunnis and Kurds, in addition to a large segment of the Shiites, according to he put it.

    Regarding Maliki's refusal to meet the demand of questioning he had finally face his deputies in Parliament, accused Najafi, the Iraqi prime minister that he does not respect the legislative power, and trying to make Parliament a Chamber of the Council of Ministers. Najafi included what he called 'denial' Anbar provinces of Nineveh and the right to participate in local elections in the context of a sectarian approach followed by the government, accusing its policies as «discriminate between Iraqis on the basis of the doctrine, nationalism and take coercive action against the provincial and deprive them of their rights.

    Kurdish Sunni dispute

    He described Najafi dispute Sunni Kurd on the fate of Kirkuk and Mosul and Diyala provinces, regions consistently Kurds to claim annexed to the Kurdistan region, that is considered «Unlike secondary and deferred» given «the size of attack that we face by the party of Prime Minister and a section of the forces of the National Alliance», is that at the same time refused to waive those areas, saying that her «back to the decision is based on the popular legal constants»

    At the same time, he stressed the distinction between current-Maliki and his allies on the one hand, and the rest of the Shiites, who «believes many of them in partnership and the right of citizenship and equality among citizens», while praised the policy of the Sadrist current, which he said was «approaching many of our policy toward the country»

    U.S. support for the owners

    , The Iraqi parliament speaker accused the United States not to establish the weight of the human rights situation in Iraq, since «see and hear a lot of irregularities, but in return« provide the owners unconditional support ».

    He Najafi in reference to the American bias in favor of al-Maliki at the expense of the rest of the parties, saying: «the United States did not comply with its promises on the pressure on al-Maliki's commitment to the agreement of Arbil», adding that «although NCL agreement Erbil continued to support it, and vice versa pressed on us and on the Kurds and some Shiite forces In order to prevent the withdrawal of confidence from him, pointing out that the United States does not find a substitute for «some agreements and arms deals.

    Strategic agreement

    Detection Najafi said the United States and Iran تتبعان approach politically in Iraq, bringing them together to support al-Maliki, also expressed his belief that there «strategic agreement» between the two countries on throughout the Middle East, pointing out that Iraq is likely to be one of the areas painted his picture of future in that frame , citing what he went to as «many see congruence between my policy of the two countries about what is happening in Iraq»

    The Iraqi official explained what has al-Maliki of Iranian support that responds «for many of the obligations required by Iran, also responds to the situation that you want Tehran in the region.

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    Kurdish forces: We will send a high-level delegation to Baghdad to find radical processors
    04/21/2013 01:00

    Range Press / Erbil
    Decided to Kurdish forces, Saturday, sending a delegation political "high-level" to Baghdad in the light of a "positive" sent by President of the National Alliance, and confirmed that the delegation would seek to "direct dialogue" with the National Alliance and with the federal government, expressing their desire to "processors radical of files pending between the federal government and the region. "
    The presidency of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, in a statement received (range Press) copy of "head of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, met Saturday, 20.04.2013 with a coalition of Kurdish forces, ministers and heads of parliamentary blocs Kurdistan in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and the presence of the President of the Parliament and the Prime Minister of the province . "
    The president added, "I've values ​​meeting the letter of the President of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and in the light of their content decided to send a high-level political delegation to Baghdad for direct dialogue with the National Alliance and the federal government."
    The president pointed out that "the delegation will seek to radically processors files for the relationship between the federal government and the region, to develop a mechanism to achieve partnership and national consensus and balance within the Constitution."
    The new head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Friday (12 April 2013), his assurances that the Kurds "are not ready to live under oppression and tyranny" in the case of failure to resolve the political problems in Iraq, and stressed that the social situation in the Kurdistan region, "walking at a steady pace forward" With praised "the formation of Kurdish group within the Socialist International", the President of the Socialist International was delighted evolution taking place in the region.
    The Barzani said in the March 14, 2013, that the cause of the crisis through which Iraq is currently "not to abide by the constitution," which defined the duties and rights of all the parties, and between that the solution lies "in the implementation of the Convention on Arbil" because it is a road map to save Iraq, and stressed that the Kurds will not accept subordination and their key role in the new Iraq commensurate with the size of the sacrifices they have made for this role, and asked, "Are we partners If yes Fenrid actually If Vleslk not all of us the right way."
    In an attempt to resolve the crisis between the province and the center announced Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Thursday the 11th of April 2013, through a statement that he agreed with the Kurdish delegation negotiating team in Baghdad to "calm" and to avoid "what raises the atmosphere" and the formation of committees to resolve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil.
    The Kurdish delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways met, Wednesday, (April 10, 2013), leader of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and representatives from the rest of the components of the alliance, with the two sides stressed the need to resolve the outstanding problems between the two sides, and a commitment letter media positive would create an atmosphere appropriate for dialogue, also agreed to hold another meeting next Saturday to continue what he began by both parties at this meeting.
    But despite the attempt of the National Alliance filming frameworks solution they are limited to the problems between the federal government and the province, the Kurds assert their insistence on the need to adopt national solution destruction that the problem in the country is the problem of the rule of dealing with multiple parties and not the Kurds alone, stressing a true partnership, consensus and balance as the basis for any solution Matrouh and without meeting these conditions become open to all options.
    Kurdish forces were announced on 8/4/2013 that it had decided to send a delegation to Baghdad convey a message Kurds to an alliance that includes vision to resolve the current political crisis, according to the specific demands while confirming that the position of the political process will be determined in the light of the coalition's response to these demands.
    The Kurdish forces met in (April 1, 2013) and confirmed that it would resort to "appropriate options" in case of failure to take the National Alliance practical steps and procedures for the application of the partnership and consensus in the central government, and confirmed those forces as keen on the Protection of the Constitution and the values ​​of partnership and balance and national consensus.
    The chronic crisis and worsening between Baghdad and Erbil, the warning of the prospects of an open board with more than a leading Kurdistan, led by regional president Massoud Barzani has repeatedly, and the charged atmosphere caused by near the provincial elections on the twentieth of April, suggesting the difficulty of finding solutions to the problems Whether relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, which is "sticking" or on other fronts, fearing the impact of its repercussions on the electoral scene.

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    Maliki is considered the election a "message" to the enemies of Iraq
    Sunday, 04/21/2013

    Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's political blocs to resolve their differences and send a message to the world that Iraq is run, however, Iraqi, and expressed Speaker Osama Najafi hoped to set a date soon for elections in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar, and warned the former Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi of fraud.

    Maliki said in a statement to reporters at the Rashid Hotel after his or her vote in the provincial elections, "that elections are a message to the enemies of Iraq that the political process will not back down, and we will go to building the Iraqi state on the basis of democracy." Maliki felt that the goal of Iraqi participation in elections is to prevent the return of dictatorship and Onzam Baath Party, and state-building partnership real.

    Maliki stressed that the political blocs and their leaders, demanding to resolve differences to send a message to the region and the world that the country is run by Iraq, said: "The evidence today is that the Iraqi elections took place cadre without foreign interference."

    In the same vein called on the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, who attended to the al-Rashid Hotel to follow the progress of the electoral process, the Iraqi government to set a date very close to the holding of elections in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar. Najafi said that voters in the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar have been deprived of the exercise of their role in the vote, and they are calling on the government to speed up the close date for the holding of elections in those two provinces.

    While warned the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi's former vice president of manipulating the results of the provincial elections. Abdul-Mahdi saw that the holding of elections in Iraq is a positive indication that Iraq will reach the end of the day after the repression and displacement that we have seen over the past years as the only way to change. And Abdul-Mahdi said that the Iraqi people, he became the sole ruler who led his laws must be for him to confirm his will through active participation in the elections. He hoped that the election process going without any manipulation of the election results. Pointing out that the manipulation will negatively affect the future of the Iraqis who have to determine their own destiny and choose the most worthy candidate.

    The spokesman said Coalition "united" Dhafer al-Ani said the management of the electoral process, to now, is not at the required level, and marred by a lot of violations, most of which are located deliberately. Ani said in a statement: hundreds of thousands of residents of Adhamiya, Yarmouk and Ameria, TARMIYA and green and the other did not find their names on voter registration, but that some of the characters in the records lifted completely, what confirms the existence of collusion in it. He added that many observers were prevented from entering some polling stations suspiciously and raises suspicion. Calling to remedy these violations promptly and before the end of the voting process so that we can achieve a sound electoral process.

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    Tribal and sectarian affiliations resolved the Iraqi election results
    Sunday, 04/21/2013

    Reflected the failure of the provincial councils in Iraq in the performance of its functions to the fullest during the past years the choices of Iraqis during the voting process for the elections on Saturday, according to polled voters after the testimony of ballots, showing that they voted in favor of candidates have never worked in the provincial councils or competent or because tribal or sectarian affiliation.

    Did not witness the polling stations in the early hours of the start of the voting process yesterday high demand due to open polling stations in early, and that the distribution of the majority of the polling stations are voter Aarehg and being located within walking distance of the accommodation encouraged voters to get out of their homes late.

    He said Haj Mohsen is an old man dressed in Arab popular known and holding his hand rosary next to his wife chlamydial cloak to hide her body and two of his daughters to the German news agency: "Without the call reference, led by Ali al-Sistani need to participate in the elections to come today to the electoral center." "The reference for us safety valve and when he calls us to participate, this is considered enforceable and we abide by it because it reflects the keenness and desire of reference in need of reform through the ballot box." He said: "more than a month ago and I have been following publicity programs of the candidates and everyone is talking about promises difficult to achieve, but can not achieve any proportion of them for many reasons, most notably the prevalence of corruption and the absence of the features of the political system in the country." "Even yesterday I did not have any conviction to participate in the elections because the provincial councils formed during the past years, a bad image for the administrative work and service, but changed my conviction reference directives."

    He explained, "agreed with my family to be our choice in the filtration of people have never worked in the provincial councils previously because the majority has failed did not achieve an ambitious voters being chosen by political statements is feasible and stayed away from the concerns of the people and their legitimate demands and hope to have our choice new source of hope for change and reform . "

    If the Haj Mohsen has keen to take his family with him to the polling station, the Ala Mahdi entered the electoral center individually and told (d. B. A) "My wife and my family decided not to participate in the elections to the conviction that these elections will not come up with something new." "It seems that the state of the frustration experienced by the population due to the failure of the provincial councils in achieving their demands in the provision of services and address the problems of housing, unemployment and provision of drinking water and sanitation overshadowed lack of conviction participate in the elections." "I think that the election is to choose the most efficient option, which has the scientific and academic qualifications which station to correct the path and the dimensions of the bad elements of sectarian entrepreneurs and leaders of financial corruption."

    Said Umm improve the 42-year-old: "You have chosen a candidate I think that the owner of a real project for a change, although I am convinced he will face great difficulties due to non-completion of construction of the Iraqi state and the absence of legislation that enables the provincial councils to provide the best services." She added, "We have to take advantage of the election process in order to punish the losers and choose the owners of competence of the candidates who have the qualifications and true vision regardless of sect and denomination."

    Said Jassim Mohammed (33 years): "I went with my wife to the polling station and we made ​​voices in favor of a candidate from the sons of my tribe, an engineer, I think it will have to accept when voters what possessed of qualifications as well as that young man independent non منتم for large parties the dominant power." He added: "I think it optional for a candidate from the sons of my family stems from the need to be to our tribe's role and presence in the joints of the state." (D. B. A)

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    Allawi-Najaf: axis can meet the 2014 elections Government dictatorship will be legitimate

    20-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)-

    The leader of the Iraqi list, Iyad Allawi, said Saturday, "full trust" b (Erbil, Najaf), which brings together the leaders of the Kurdish Alliance and the Iraqi list and the Sadrists, he qualified "to curb the dictatorship and fix its mistakes" and "dialogue with Washington and Tehran", while the axis succeeded in overcoming the "difficult" tests, downplayed the impact of the "splits" in the menu.

    Allawi said, speaking to newspaper (range), will be published in full later next week to "axis (Erbil-Najaf) which brings together the leaders of the Kurdish Alliance and the Iraqi list and the Sadrists, is eligible for a change and deep reform of the political process, and have important papers to start a serious dialogue with both Washington and Tehran.

    The parties met (Erbil-Najaf) of the Iraqi list and the Sadrists and the Kurdish Alliance for the first time in April 2012 in Arbil in order to put an end to the "uniqueness of Prime power", one of a series of meetings were held in the city of Najaf, led those meetings after about three weeks the option of no-confidence in Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, after Maliki ignored 18 a requirement made by the leader of the sadrist movement within a specific focused on partnership, balance and harmony in the country, but no confidence failed to many factors Sadrist retreat after the President of the National Alliance of Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, the Committee produced what is known as the time of "paper", which contained commitments from the Government to implement a number of reforms have not materialized.

    Allawi said during the lengthy meeting "I bet confidently on deep understanding which was founded last year in Erbil and Najaf, base on joint action, which aims to curb the dictatorship and repair serious errors committed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during his seven years in Office.

    Allawi said that "the existing Iraqi divisions are natural in open political groups, especially in difficult conditions and turns as the Iraq today", erasure (Erbil, Najaf) will be compensated, "drew attention to the great opportunity presented by the Alliance (Erbil-Najaf), and political and social weight which is expressed and the cross-sectarian parliamentary majority consisting of Kurds and Sunni and Shiite Islamists and secularists.

    The Iraqi list has seen over the past month divided between major components, after the breach, Chairman of the national dialogue front leader Saleh Al-mutlaq and Al-karbouli beauty solution and their Ministers the Iraqi list's decision to boycott cabinet meetings to protest the "ignore" to the demands of the protesters.

    Allawi expressed confidence that "the understanding between these blocks will succeed in annexing other parties opposed to Maliki's approach" and stressed that "this understanding will have a great impact on the political track," he said, adding that "the Government will not pass parliamentary elections to 2014 but the project posed an effort of reform and review axis (Erbil-Najaf)."

    Iraqiya leader said that "this Alliance difficult tests over and managed to overcome as in crisis and the repercussions of defecting demonstrations and success in passing important laws and constituent will launch a review of the most important State institutions, in particular the law on the Supreme Council of the judiciary and States".

    And the relationship between the territory and the great tension, particularly since the outbreak of clashes between the peshmerga and the army on 16 November 2012, led to a crisis between Baghdad and Erbil evolved into deployment of Peshmerga and the army, to keep the relationship among them are tide in most joints, Kurdish forces, threatened in March 2013, in a strongly worded statement, delivered from all components of the National Alliance, to take "all options open" in response to pass the budget without Taking into account the rights of Kurdish component as a partner in the political process, State and nation ", and stressed that the National Alliance is in pursuit behind state law in imposing the" politics of singularity in power "and" a national consensus and the rule of the Constitution ", loaded with Al-Maliki and his coalition the consequences of this step.

    The Iraqi political scene and is a lot of tension and mystery, most of the trends that are reflected in return on the Iraqi Street, both between the Central Government and Kurdistan which seems to go directly to the County Government and Parliament through a call center, his ministers and the deputies to the territory, or between the parties to the political process, particularly the State of law coalition and the Iraqi list, or mass anti-Government movements in provinces and regions, with the alarming deterioration without waving the horizon features of any breakthrough soon.

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    " The Dinar Daily " ..... Sunday, 21 April 2013

    Uncharacteristically quiet surprise Iraqi elections
    21-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - «life»
    Sunday, April 21, 2013
    12 Iraqi province ended yesterday the election of local councils, amid tight security prevented the occurrence of a major security breaches, but it resulted in the reluctance of AM from the polls, but the demand has increased after the lifting of the ban cars. The complaints focused on the non-appearance of the names of thousands of voters in the records.
    And varied participation rates between the province and the other, culminating in Babylon, Samawah and fell in Baghdad and Salah al-Din, were, on what sources said the election commission is less than 50 percent, a rate close to those recorded in the elections of 2005, when at 51 percent, and the general election in 2010 (62 percent).
    The main Shiite religious authorities and the United Nations Mission in Iraq yesterday afternoon issued statements and fatwas inciting people to participate, after he noticed that the turnout was very weak in the morning.
    And registered organizations concerned with monitoring agents political entities violations described by the Electoral Commission that it does not live up to bypass the red line, and centered on the non-appearance of the names of thousands of voters in the records, causing overwhelm inside the polling stations, while the recorded other violations of silence electoral and the terms of publicity, reported local media after the end of polling the occurrence of attacks on some of the centers in Baquba and other eastern Baghdad.
    Except exposure polling stations in Babylon and Diyala to sound bomb attacks without casualties, security forces did not announce violations affect the operation of the electoral process.
    The polls closed at five Baghdad time, and began the process of the initial count of the votes, to transfer funds to the counting center in Baghdad, where the main being the final count of votes added to the voices of civilian and military security men who voted last week.
    The election law stipulates that every city representing the constituency, voters have the right to choose a single political entity, and one candidate.
    The votes are calculated via 'electoral threshold' and extra seats will be distributed to the candidates who obtained the highest number of votes.
    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after casting his vote at the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad's Green Zone: «every citizen, large or small, young man or woman, appears in front of the Fund and waving his finger, say to the enemies of the political process, we will not retreat.
    He added: «I say to all fearful of the future of Iraq and the resurgence of violence and dictatorship will fight at the ballot box, pointing out that« this reassuring message that Iraq's okay.
    He continued: «This is the first election since the U.S. withdrawal is proof of the capacity of the rigidity of the political process and the government's ability to conduct such elections (...) has become our experience.
    The elections were held with the participation of 6 thousands of local observers and 313 international observers representing international organizations of the United Nations, the European Union and various countries, and attend the 2256 local journalists and 187 international journalists.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2R5zcNqBv

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    The failure of the former provincial Council dictate to Iraqi voters
    new choices

    21-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)-

    Baghdad: «Middle East»
    Reflected the failure of the provincial councils in Iraq to function fully during the past years the Iraqi ballot choices today. According to the poll of voters after they cast their ballots, they voted for candidates who had never worked in the provincial councils or competent or clan affiliation or sectarian.
    He said Al-Haj Mohsin, an elderly man wearing a traditional Arab garb and holding a rosary in his hand and his wife with concealing her mantle of chlamydia and two of his daughters to the German News Agency: «Lula invited the Shiite Ali al-Sistani, should participate in the elections to come today to the election centre». He said: «bookmark us safety valve when the call for participation that is enforceable and we must abide by it because it reflects the keenness and desire in the need for reform through ballot box». He said "more than a month ago and I am following promotional programs for candidates and everyone's talking about promises difficult but could be achieved or for many reasons, most notably the prevalence of corruption and the lack of features of the political system in the country. He said "until yesterday (Friday) I didn't have any conviction to participate in the elections to the provincial councils formed during the past years a bad image for the administrative work and service but the reference guidance changed my». He agreed with my family '' to be our stand for people who had never worked in the former provincial of that majority has failed and has not achieved the ambition of voters being chosen by futile political declarations and stay away from people and their legitimate concerns and we hope that our new source of hope for change and reform.
    If Pilgrim optimizer has to take his family with him to the election Centre, ALA Mahdi entered election Centre alone and said "my wife and my family members decided not to participate in elections for their conviction that this election will come something new». He said '' it seems that the frustration of the population failed provincial councils in their demands on the provision of services and address the problems of housing, unemployment and the provision of drinking water and sanitation overshadowed not convinced to participate in the elections. He said "I think the election is the option to choose the most efficient with academic qualifications, is to correct the path and remove bad sectarian entrepreneurs and leaders of financial corruption.
    In turn, or improve, a 42-year-old «OLED candidates think that the real project to make the change, despite my conviction that he would face great difficulties because of the incompleteness of the building of the Iraqi State and the absence of legislation to enable District Councils to provide better services. She said "we take advantage of the election process to punish losers and select qualified candidates who possess the qualifications and vision is correct regardless of sect and denomination.
    He said Jassim Mohammed, 33, "I went with my wife to electoral status and made our voices in favor of a candidate from the people of my tribe and an engineer I think it would be accepted when voters for its qualifications as well as non-Belonger for independent young man larger parties dominant power». "I think that was optional for the candidate of my tribe stems from the need to have our role and presence in parts of the State.

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