" The Dinar Daily " ...... Tuesday, 16 April 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily " ...... Tuesday, 16 April 2013

    National consensus: terrorism will not deter citizens from participating in the elections
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad - the provinces - morning
    After that targeted criminal gangs Monday innocent citizens in Baghdad and the provinces out their terrorist blind, officials confirmed and politicians that these acts will not deter the people from participating in local elections next Saturday, and considered unsuccessful attempts to intimidate voters, after witnessing the special ballot great success testimony international organizations and observers him. has confirmed Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament MP Hassan Sinead's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "terrorist operations today (Monday) is the revenge of the Iraqi people for his insistence on the success of the project elections and participation in it."
    Sinead added that "terrorism will never win, saying we have not seen historically dominated gang people." Terrorist acts were carried out by criminal gangs and targeting innocent citizens more than 20 car bombs in several cities has left dozens dead and wounded.
    In turn, MP for the National Alliance Mohammad Mehdi Nassiri said the bombings reveal several elements which respond to the success of the special ballot, through stagger Iraqi cities in the early hours of the morning, as you might with a message to scare people from going to the general election. Said Nazareth's " Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ":" The Iraqi people are much more aware of that he was ready to contest the election next Saturday. "and House Speaker Osama Nujaifi has condemned the bombing criminal heinous which affected innocent people in Baghdad and several governorates of Iraq. Nujaifi said in a statement received" morning "a copy of it:" We can confirm that heinous also realize that recurred frequently and claimed the lives of various components of our countrymen must be finished to enjoy citizen's security and stability. "
    He also said First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay Abdul Wahab al-Suhail said in a statement also said: "terrorist groups proceeded this morning (yesterday) to blow up a number of cars in Baghdad and the provinces, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent citizens in an attempt to influence the electoral process, which feature in the country next Saturday. " MP Jaber Al-Jabri confirmed for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," said the bombings today (yesterday) criminal and terrorist targeting the unity of the Iraqi people and the stability of the country and to stop the democratic process, especially that the country is on the verge of provincial elections next Saturday.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2Qa44J7Z0

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    Investigation of the largest money laundering case
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad, Qassim al-Hilfi
    Check the Interior Ministry issue of money laundering for companies and individuals in amounts of up to 800 billion dinars, asserting that the draft law, money laundering is waiting approval by the Council of Ministers and MPs. The head of organized crime Brigadier Hussein Ali Al-Shammari's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network), "The Directorate investigating the case involving one of the characters and private companies recorded the movement of 800 billion dinars in their accounts during the 22-day movement which raises a lot of suspicion, that the process of money laundering shall collect money illegally and turn them into legitimate through crimes first gain illegal and the second money laundering derived from . "He Shammari lamented that most judges go in their judgments towards crime first, while longer-money laundering only crime derived from another crime. promised director Organized Crime Act No. 93 of 2004 which put by the civil governor Paul Bremer" weak "and not in line with importance of crimes that harm the Iraqi economy. confirmed that the ministry has drafted a new law against money laundering suit recommendations international organization called (40 + 9) and competent to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism, noting that the draft law was returned to read a second time and will be submitted to the House of Representatives after approval by the Council of Ministers

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2Qa4pkRXi

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    Opponents Maliki blamed for bombings .. And want him to resign
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa
    In time it considered the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement led by Moqtada al-Sadr that the attack on President mass in the Iraqi parliament Bahaa al-Araji messages from Saddam's Baath, has been charged bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as commander in chief of the armed forces responsible for the bombings in Iraq on Monday . The MP said the bloc Maha league in a press conference held at the parliament building with MP Hassan Jubouri yesterday that «no need for Word, O Prime Minister to the House of Representatives to discuss the security file, because you turned the world actually Pfhlk in file management, and your policies failed that led to the killing of the sons the Iraqi people in the bloody attacks that occur today.
    And Maha league added that «it was first Maliki to resign from the post of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces for failing to manage the ministries run by proxy, pointing out that« Maliki has been brought to account officers involved in the security file in areas where explosions.

    In the same context, member of the Iraqi parliament for the Liberal bloc thoracic Mohammad Reza Khafaji told «Middle East» that the bombing of the convoy head mass and Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Bahaa al-Araji, «but it is a message from Saddam's Baath and ally of al Qaeda terrorist because parking Sadrist bloc in Council of Ministers and the Parliament against re-Baathists under the amendment of the law of accountability and justice «saying that« these messages will not deter us from doing our duty towards our people and therefore the target stream is known of these entities because the National Movement. Khafaji considered that «the prime minister and regardless of who is in such bombings targeting is responsible first and last and that what happened today is further evidence of the failure accumulated. The Khafaji that «bombings are clearly indicate that terrorism is the power of the feared and is constantly evolving and it is capable of beating in the place at the right time without being able to Mr. Maliki, who is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Interior and National Security and Intelligence Service and the intelligence of the face and instead threatens parliamentarians to disclose files against them.
    For its part, denounced the list (united), headed by Osama Najafi bombings and demanded in a statement that Prime Minister «resign as less what to offer, a commitment to our people bereaved in their families and loved ones», stressing that «this collapse security expected because of the policies Maliki convulsive and concern for the maintenance of security and building country by targeting his opponents and setting malicious files to them. The list also called «Iraqis in the north, center and south to miss an opportunity to opponents of the enemies of Iraq, and to work together to rescue Iraq from the dark tunnel which introduced its enemies and protect it from loss.

    In a related context, member of the Iraqi parliament from the Iraqi List Talal Zobaie told «Middle East» that «the security crisis through which Iraq is a reflection of the political crisis and vice versa which is in the final outcome a sure sign of the government's failure and policies unwise and unrealistic in dealing both with security file or with partners in order to save the country than it is. He Zobaie that «the Iraqi people who had been looking forward to the real services are today looking for safety only at a time when the political class mired in problems and intra دعاياتها election and the first Prime Minister and Commander of the singing the charges to others while all its system security infiltrated». The Zobaie «that there is almost certain information that there Iranians officers are running some operations as well as the control of the militias which is known.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QaBhXkNt

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    Kurdish parliament elected as Chairman of the Integrity Commission
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil: Shirzad Shaikhani
    Kurdish parliament elected local Dr. Ahmed Anwar, a former member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives as Chairman of the Integrity Commission's new Kurdistan vote of 75 votes to 6 in favor of his rival Sirwan Omar Amin. Parliament and be so may put an end to the controversy that took place for many years about the absence of a regulator working to alleviate the rampant corruption in the region since 2005, when poured billions of dollars on Kurdistan within its 17% stake of the Iraqi federal state budget.
    There was yesterday the process of electing the President of the first body of fairness Kurdistan presence 104 members out of 111 members make up the total number of members of parliament, and previously Speaker Arslan Baez voting process delivered a speech in which he said that «there was much criticism about not dictate independent bodies associated with parliament, so We have included the election of the President of the Integrity Commission agenda, and we preferred Authority presidential Parliament that not be the candidate of any of the ruling parties, and be independent or from another party, we have had contacts with a number of personalities who were eligible to do the job, but most of them refused the job, is the number few of them agreed to run after consultations, and we believe that it occupies the site even if it did not receive unanimous, it is best to leave vacant. Then read Chairman of the Legal Text book directed by the Judicial Council to the Presidency of the Parliament about the nomination of three names for the position of head of the Integrity Commission and the election of someone who «Sameh Othman Younis and Sirwan Omar Amin and Ahmed Anwar» and began the process of secret ballot within the session and won Dr. Ahmed Anwar with 75 votes against 6 votes in favor of his opponent remaining Sirwan Omar Amin, and 23 white paper. Thus Dr. Ahmed Anwar became chairman of the Integrity Commission for a four-year cycle. Kicker:

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QaEU2RZl

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    Accountability: $ 100 billion fled during the dictatorship
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - morning
    Opened the National Commission for Accountability and Justice, the investigation property ousted the dictatorial regime abroad. Vice Chairman Bakhtiar judge told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network): "The Justice and Accountability Commission has recently begun to open file prosecutions financial and economic property ousted the former regime." And described the judge Profile as a "complex and requires years to accomplish," stressing that "money is the property of the Iraqi people and should be retrieved." and on statements made by officials the possibility of termination of the accountability, the judge said: "We have examined the statements of officials suggest the possibility of ending the work of the National Accountability and Justice end of this year, and we say that the end of the Commission's work totally depends on the completion of the files assigned to it, the most prominent financial and economic pursuits of the ousted dictatorial regime abroad, which is estimated in the billions. "
    And expects the accountability and justice to recover about one hundred billion dollars for the state treasury from the property of the ousted dictatorial regime at home and abroad.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QaMEHS00

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    Counterfeit currency risk running out of ordinary
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    BAGHDAD - Mohammed Nasser
    Complained of some citizens of the return of the spread of counterfeit currency differently, having faded phenomenon promoted after 2003, and popularized dealing currency U.S. (dollar) significantly even at the level of small markets as collateral from exposure to material loss potential due to the presence of groups of cash forged from the local currency traded as "Five, ten thousand and twenty-five thousand dinars" in some markets of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.
    Color baht
    Sami Mohammed (44) years taxi driver said: I'm afraid to deal with passengers currencies large and specifically from the category of 25 thousand dinars, it's likely to be a fake, but I was exposed to fraud by a person after Astagerna from the east door to the area of ​​Husseiniya amount 20 000 dinars, and after his arrival gave me $ 25 thousand dinars, attributed to him five thousand dinars, and then returned to the gas station to provide gasoline, and added given the five and twenty thousand dinars itself to factor the station told me as a fraud did not accept receipt, and then make sure me she actually fake because the color pale and the absence of the phosphoric Silver Line.

    Detect fraud
    Said Imad book (35)-year-old shop owner in the banking district secretary second he found counterfeit currency from various denominations through receiving some cash, and each imitator diligently but can only recognizable by a counterfeit currency detector.
    The book said, because of the large number of counterfeit currency, including the (dollar) has become a currency detector (multiplied) key when shop owners banking.
    Noting that the first victim of counterfeit currency trading is simple citizen of the difficulty of knowing fraud, while ATM or competent person per experience reveals the process of financial manipulation and fraud easily and can not be exposed to damage, but in some special cases.
    He pointed a book to be more currency is rigged are a class of twenty-five thousand dinars, and ten thousand dinars, either category five thousand dinars Few forgery because it's currency is small, these currencies Iraqi counterfeit mostly come from some neighboring countries as it enters into the country through smuggling, some diligently forged high, while others look like the remnants of dyes and printing fees and ripple inaccuracies in a secret tape.
    As the U.S. dollar despite the many attempts to forgery, but he can not be easily imitated, and in case of doubt in any paper put in a fraud detector to make sure of their safety.

    Loss of confidence
    Hussein said Faisal (37) years owner of a shop selling food in New Baghdad: The phenomenon of counterfeiting Iraqi currency spread in the last period and generated a kind of mistrust between the seller and the buyer, as can not deal with any class unless rethink and look closely at the line underground and paint horse in where, in case of doubt, we refrain from selling, this process is cumbersome and embarrassing, and must for security authorities to move towards it and punish Vaaliha strongest sanctions and refer them to eliminate because of their damage on the Iraqi economy, and said: I had to buy a detector currency so as not to fall victim of fraud, and the best deal dollar at the expense of the dinar, despite the instability of the exchange rate, and there is the other side we suffer a torn currency and banks not to accept the rotation, especially the twenty-five-thousand dinars.

    Economic crime
    He sees the financial appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, said that counterfeit currency cash from economic crimes, and then forgery attack on property rights, a form of theft and threat to national security, and historically subject counterfeiting into three types, the first is called forgery or falsification of amateurs, who are often who have the ability and knowledge to extract and banknotes similar to a large extent in the tradition of original currency, and used to fool the simple people who do not have sufficient experience in discrimination, and the second is the intelligence between nations "war fraud" depends on sabotaging the economy certain countries at war with each other in this area, the goal of which DDS counterfeit currency in large quantities to weaken the economy or to oust him, and the third is doing business Argonauts aim is to achieve profit scratched at the expense of the safety of the country's economy.
    The expert proposes financial benefit that is activated side intelligence to fight this dangerous phenomenon of the province on the national economy, with the need to be in the currency of the properties and ensure safety signage being a commodity strategy, and in all cases, whenever evolved technology in the world has increased the demand for forgery, he conflict is eternal in different countries, as polls suggest is accurate to the presence of two billion dollars forger in the world, and even America suffered from counterfeit currency, and the appearance of that sense of intelligence, security and international relations is important, the fact that Iraq member organizations, money laundering, and the countries cooperate with each other to fight this common phenomenon, As the citizen's awareness is very important because we rely on most of our dealings on (Cache) and must make sure the source of the money in circulation. stressing that reducing the prevalence of fraud denominations need modern equipment installed on banks, and increase staff expertise for the development of modern technology that is used in the process currency counterfeiting.
    Adding: in each time period has to be changes and the development of the advantages and blades in the Iraqi currency is difficult to imitate, and to rely on high-quality paper and colors, printing and standards adopted in the currencies of the world, although they did not visit so far degree complete, and existing groups forged without any precise specifications, include phosphoric line and mark the horse's head and the type of paper and printing minute.

    Deliberate mistake
    And Abdul-Aziz al-Hassoun Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks in Iraq, said the central bank issued special instructions on coins counterfeit, under these instructions banks book counterfeit currency and Tachireha stamp shows it currency counterfeit, and then takes Officer sufficient information about the person who came currency counterfeit to the bank and enclosed with the groups that send cash to the Iraqi Central Bank to take the necessary measures.
    Adding that the central bank verifies the source of such currency and specifications and method of forgery and analyzes information on the owner of the currency, whether promoter or the victim of fraud, and continued there modern devices have the ability to detect fraud most banks are referenced in the case of any doubt in any paper money, whether one or in large quantities, usually the counterfeiters and promoters are leaking prepare very little to the market and banks for fear of discovery. and the proportion of counterfeit currency in Iraq between Hassoun that quantities are limited, and open, and can be distinguished because the original class contains some properties, and counterfeiter always overlooked aspect in tradition and located in the wrong outs of him, because the original currency deliberate contains an error, this error depends to delude counterfeiter, who shall correct it.

    The director of one of the banks show government "refused to give her name" The problem of counterfeiting is a global phenomenon, not limited only to Iraq, but suffered major countries, despite the deterrent measures taken to reduce the continued spread.
    It adds that the central bank and the finance ministry and the security forces are fighting the flow of counterfeit currency into Iraq, whether local or foreign, but some of these operations stand behind some corrupt officials who exploit the weakness of management control in some joints government to achieve material benefits illegally, between period and another found Employees on forged banknotes are crammed between stacks of money in order to delude the employee, but quickly exposed in the event passed without verifiable, the Officer-in-Charge bear as a result of his mistake, and send him administrative penalty, as well as compensation amount counterfeiter materially.

    Security authorities rely on intelligence information given by citizens, tracking clues fraud by monitoring sources of counterfeit money
    And ownership.
    Brigadier Hussein Ali Al-Shammari director general economic crime said: seizures of counterfeit currency that appeared in the Central Bank of اتشكل threat to the economy, The statistics monthly minute we receive from the Central Bank show that the amount of currency discovered very few, and what exists in the market, is rolling only and there is no printing presses The counterfeiting of currency.
    And between Shammari in 2006 presses were arrested in certain areas of Baghdad falsify currency, and through follow-ups and accurate intelligence that we followed procedures we were able to drain the headwaters of fraud.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QaND21UF

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    Escape of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Health Adel Muhsin and his wife accused of embezzlement
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Competent investigative committee held in the investigation of violations of the Office of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Health Alctor Adel Muhsin a press conference in the media center inside the House of Representatives on Monday, 15/4/2013
    Where Chairman of the Investigative Committee said Dr. Hassan al-Jubouri, a member of the investigative Committee Dr. Maha periodic issuance of an arrest warrant and investigation against Dr. Adel Mohsen Inspector General in the Ministry of Health under Article 319 embezzlement of state funds
    The investigative committee announced at the press conference for the escape of the accused Adel Muhsin outside Iraq with his wife, director monitoring and auditing contracts in the Office of the Inspector General brightening Mohammed Jawad and his children after the date of the issuance of an arrest warrant issued in 03/04/2013
    The deputies called for members of the investigative committee during the conference classroom conduct an urgent investigation into the causes of non-circulating the arrest warrant on the airports and border crossings and allow Adel Muhsin travel despite the issuance of an arrest warrant
    There was a previous arrest warrant for Mohsen but not implemented due to prevent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the implementation of these notes because he is one of the members of state law

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QaNYJ9Yc

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    Kurdistan: stage requires sensitivity to retain the presidency of Barzani
    16-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Kurdistan (time): sensitivity stage requires maintaining the presidency Barzani
    BAGHDAD - Shaimaa Adel
    Alliance MP for Kurdistan Mahma Khalil that the sensitivity of the current stage and stuck to the Kurdish people Massoud Barzani invited to keep it at the next session. Said Khalil (time) yesterday that (the province exercised his constitutional powers, democracy and the Kurdish people sticking Barzani to remain in the presidency of the region in addition to the sensitivity of the current stage in the life of the region and Iraq invites us to stay Barzani in this post). With regard to the opinion of the Kurdish parties Khalil said that we (respect Ray Kurdish parties, but 76 percent of the Kurdish people sticking Balbarzana).
    Indicating that the (automatic nomination for the job is to nominate a group of contenders for the job and it is the people who choose as that in the previous election Barzani won 76 percent of the vote). The spokesman of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Jafar Aamenki headed Barzani had explained to him about the delay or extension of the period of regional president (we did not talk did not ask to extend the duration of the nomination of president of the region, but what we talked in the joint meeting last week between the political bureau of the Democratic Party Kurdistan and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, is the question of how the nomination presidency of the region from a constitutional standpoint., adding that this issue was on the table at the meeting as Inquiry and discussion and study and not a decision, which is a constitutional issue, not a political, because of the problematic on this subject, which is, that you calculated sessions for the presidency of the region Cdortin Flitin, or only session direct elections president of the region, which was elected by the citizens are counted, and that the first session of the Parliament has identified no interference in the process), and added that (this is a constitutional issue, so we in the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the process of consultation with specialists in field of law and the Constitution to discuss this issue, and did not make any decision on it, until you some parties and the media to explain the matter in this way, and gossip all far from the truth, because we are still under discussion and roads constitutional. From now until September 8 will be on the 2.5 million voters in the election of members of Kurdistan presidential councils, parliament and provincial councils, including the president of the region.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QaOc59p1

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    Atea: We aim at forming political majority government to avoid political crises
    Tuesday, 16 April 2013 08:59 | | |

    Diwaniyah (AIN) –The head of State of Law Coalition parliamentary bloc, Khalid al-Atea, assured the goal of his coalition to form the majority government.

    Speaking to the reporter of All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said “We aim at forming the political majority government because the government suffers from its inability of performing the projects in the correct way due to the political disputes and the huge number of the political parties.”

    “This issue hinders the governmental decisions and the execution of the projects where the political majority government is the only way to make the performance of the government flexible,” he concluded.


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    Kurdistan's Presidency condemns Monday's explosions conceders them dangerous developments
    15/04/2013 21:57:00

    Erbil (NINA) – The Presidency of Kurdistan Region condemned the explosions that took place on Monday, Apr. 15, in many parts of the country, considering them a dangerous development.

    A statement issued by the Region's Presidency said that today's strings of explosions in Kirkuk, Baghdad, Tuz-Khormato and other cities and towns, regrettably resulted in tens of civilian casualties and heavy damages to properties.

    The statement quoted the call of the Region's Presidency on the Federal Government and all security agencies to seriously stand against such actions and look for deep rooted solutions that would safeguard citizens' lives and property.

    The statement concluded with conveying the Region's Presidency condolences to the victims families and wishing the wounded speedy recovery.


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