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    " The Dinar Daily " ..... Monday, 15 April 2013

    Najafi: Maliki is judge and jury .. Arrests of wills, and forgives those who pleases
    15-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad: contagious Fayyad
    Osama Najafi, head of the Iraqi parliament and leader of the coalition «Iraq» led by Iyad Allawi, more Iraqi officials optimistic that things may go fine, but «Middle East» and grandmother in their dialogue with him in his office in Baghdad recently, pessimistic than being in Iraq, expressing feared «the rule of violence» because «component targeting Sunni Arabs», «political process deviation.
    Najafi said he was not standing with Sunni Arabs or supported the demonstrators in Anbar and Ninevah and the rest of Iraq being biased towards them, but I stand with all of the lies upon injustice, whether Shiite or Sunni or Kurds or Turkmen.

    According to Najafi that the aim of «targeting symbols component of the Sunni Arab clearly is to break the will of the Sunnis in Iraq», pointing out that «the leaders of the (Iraqi) a list targeting political since the issue of (Vice President Tariq) Hashemi and even (Minister of Finance resigned Rafie) Issawi ». The following is the text of the interview:
    * Osama Najafi said to side to his list of the (Iraqi) and to a particular component, which is Sunni Arabs when he spoke of demonstrators in Mosul platform and built their demands, what is your comment?
    - I believe in national unity and defending the oppressed from any point they are. I did not Onhz for one, but now I see that injustice focused on the provinces of specific and component specific they Sunni Arabs, as a result of policies and convictions and actions and not words only from government agencies and destinations partisan, for this had to intervene and defend these people, and if I got any مظلومية against any one in Iraq, whether they are Shiites or Kurds or Turkmen'll stand defending them, on the basis that I Iraqis first, out of I President of the House of Representatives and speak on behalf of the Iraqi people and is responsible for the application of the Constitution and carried Secretariat to defend Iraqis. Valmazlomah concentrated in the western provinces and northern and found it my duty to stand with the Iraqis here, and that I work for to respond to them full rights and re-balance to the country and there should be one measure to deal with the Iraqis on the basis of citizenship, and if there are any parties want to distinguish between Iraqis and dealing with them on the basis of religion, creed, national is wrong, and we must respond to this injustice and reckless act, and stand personally and on behalf of optimal strongly with those people who located them injustice.
    * Do you think that the so-called Sunni Arabs component marginalized or oppressed now?
    - This talk I told more than two years ago, and the fact this is not only my conviction as a man politically and know insider things and phenomena, but this conviction even the man in the street. This marginalization and this oppression and targeting Sunni Arabs has become a phenomenon, even if Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite leaders known mentioned this several times, as well as the Shiite authority in Najaf confirmed the subject and talked about many times, and even those who do not declare this from Shiite leaders, it says us in secret, and they (Shiite leaders) are dissatisfied with what is happening in the country, and this targeting, the Sunni Arabs, has a single cause and means weakness of doing and that he had lost popular support him and wants inciting sectarian to win the votes of the people and scare them that there is a threat to the rule and that there attempt to return to the previous regime and the like. We say that this behavior was a systematic policy adopted by some parties the government to humiliate people and treated inferiority widely against provinces specific and long period of time and become one of the postulates of the Iraqi people, for this I find that hiding these facts is incorrect and without prejudice to the duties charge as prejudice patriotism Iraqi I as I said and stood with these people to defend them against injustice that suffer against the wronged, and when away this injustice and are dealing with all the components of Iraq on the basis of one, surely will not only use the common language that will not hurt anyone and that try to unite the national front.
    * Do you deal with the demands of the demonstrators in the western and northern provinces as legitimate demands?
    - Demands in truth and clear and do not need to explain all summed up for justice and lifting injustice and find a balance in the state and the abolition of some of the legislation that has been used misused towards this component and there should be transparency in governance and reform of the judiciary, and these things are clear and unambiguous, claim rights conferred originally from Iraqi constitution and installed it, but prevented from people in a selective way, and some laws are not good, but implemented in a selective manner, such as Justice and Accountability Law, which has been applied to some provinces and exempt other provinces of the application, but there are those who are covered by this law but given positions and made Today, they top the interface, while not execute the legitimate demands confirmed by the Constitution.
    * But there are some students in the these demonstrations drop system and the abolition of the Constitution, do you consider it legitimate?
    - There have been some voices unheard of among the demonstrators demanding the abolition Constitution and overthrow the regime, and these things totally unacceptable by us and by the demonstrators, and occurred two weeks ago in the courtyard of pride and dignity in Ramadi that launched some slogans curious about the spirit of the demonstrators' demands were taken out strongly by the protesters for arena and praised Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr demonstrators procedures.
    * How do you explain to fly the flags of the former regime by some of the demonstrators?
    - This wrong act by the few and this gives a justification for some of the charges, and the flag-raising does not change anything in the reality of things, and this is from the flagged personally, and in one of the demonstrations was to fly the flag of al Qaeda by some was rejected completely by the protesters, we say must be adhered to constitutional rights, and leads and directs the demonstrations of the vast majority are demanding constitutional legal rights, but that there will be more than half a million demonstrators and find someone raise the flag here and cacophony there, this banner represents that person does not represent the general demonstration and the demonstrators.
    * Are Tsandon this demonstrations for electoral reasons?
    - .. Never, as I said earlier I defend the rights of people before and after the elections and has long been, and demonstrations coincided with the date of the elections and launched after it was targeting the headquarters of Dr. Rafie al-Issawi (leader of the coalition and Iraqi Finance Minister resigned), and plans to target al-Issawi is the dawn of this issue and blew underlying strength angry because of the injustice done to the people Vantalegt these demonstrations and spread everywhere in Iraq and explained what you want and what are the demands of the demonstrators, and never nothing to do with the elections and there is no promotion electoral one in these demonstrations and overlies platforms are clerics and tribal leaders and personalities and young patriots There is no sign or logo electoral lift.
    * You a coalition and Iraqi Galpetkm of Sunni Arab leaders, but Tariq Hashemi, Vice President sentenced to death on terrorism charges and is now out of Iraq, and Saleh al-Mutlaq had been sidelined because of a statement he described the al-Maliki «dictator», and al-Issawi was raided based to accuse Hamayate terrorism and accused is the same with the same charge, and a coalition of state law led Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki demanded the withdrawal of confidence from you as president of the House of Representatives, and all these names of Sunni Arabs, what kind of national participation that are discussed?
    - Is this targeting are we talking about, and sectarian practices and selectivity in the application of law and targeting symbols component of the Sunni Arab in a clear and objective is to break the will of the Sunnis in Iraq, and the fact erred who walked this path because demonstrations are the biggest proof that he followed this practice has committed more error being exceeded on people's feelings and weaker country and the government and confounded the political process and deal selectively style is respectable with the ministers and leaders, when absent ministers (Iraqi) for cabinet meetings to give them (al-Maliki) leaves compulsory and prevent them from entering their ministries and pull crews Hamayatem.
    * Do you think why this deal with the coalition in Iraq in particular?
    - I ask .. The question should be directed to him, for the owners.
    * Do you think the Prime Minister that you Sanka him in danger?
    - There is no risk, it is an attempt (Maliki) to impose a sectarian country, and the most dangerous of this imposing agenda narrow partisan and personal agendas, even if most of the Shiites in Iraq do not accept this behavior and Ikomonh means available to them, and the positions of religious authority in Najaf and al-Sadr and al-Hakim, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council, rejecting these conditions and actions. However, these behaviors is a partisan position and personal and Atalps Boss religion and sect aimed at consolidating power and take advantage of this wave of liquidation of political opponents and partners and breaches of the agreements and not be allowed to claim the balance law enforcement and justice.
    * Talpettm in one of your speeches in Mosul withdrawal demonstrations and Minister Al-Iraqiya, why did not debated this matter in the leadership of the coalition?
    - I've discussed it as for leaders of Al-Iraqiya and we agreed that we must resign from the government and the timing of implementation was postponed until the time is right and there is no agreement on the government to return to or stay in the middle of the road. Dr. Rafie al-Issawi request from the leadership of «Iraq» approval to resign, but suggested it to postpone the move until the resignation mass, but in demonstrations Anbar there was a special circumstance announced his resignation, as well as Dr. Azzedine State, Minister of Agriculture, announced his resignation on the impact of targeting demonstrators in Mosul and shot, killing one and wounding others, Dr. Abdul Karim al-Samarrai resigned to the demonstrators in Samarra, and there are some ministers and leaders «Iraq» returned to the ministry and rebelled against the decision the coalition in Iraq, and we are waiting to commit to the enrollment of Ministers decision of the Iraqi List to resign , and we have convinced that there is no point in continuing this government and what is happening to the Iraqi people which is a responsibility shared by the government and any minister continue in the ministry would bear the burden and the results of this erroneous policy, which has already become threatening the unity and cohesion of the Iraqi people.
    * Government says we have achieved a large part of the demands of the demonstrators, protesters, in contrast, are still in the arena of sit-ins for nearly 4 months and demanding implementation of their demands ..
    - That the government says it has made demands of the demonstrators This big lie, committees formed by the government did not make or accomplish anything important, and the demonstrators realize this topic and continue Batsamathm until implementation of their legitimate demands, now they are in Chehrhm fourth, and say if moving them years will not back down because they broke the barrier of fear and rebelled will not accept humiliation anymore nor torture or murder of identity or targeting sectarian, never, they are demanding the rights of all Iraqis and not the rights of a particular component, and there must be an awakening, and the return of consciousness to political parties Iraqi forcing the prime minister to change policy or replaced by another candidate from the National Alliance and be voted on in the House of Representatives.
    * Do not you find that your decision to withdraw from the government came late?
    - After the Erbil there were convinced that he was there must be a commitment to the application of this agreement and that there will be coordination and cooperation, there will be legislation of some important laws, but did not execute agreements Erbil and started problems since the first day of the formation of the government and is not, since that day we are in argument with the Prime Minister through the legal and constitutional available to change this situation, but we have not seen any response and we believe that Maliki was deliberate to pursue this policy is to control the security file not fully accept power-sharing, did not accept the partnership, did not accept balance national, did not accept the formulation of system Internal to the presidency of the Council of Ministers and left the state to go way gelatinous and random, and through this random able to extend the tentacles everywhere, and after that proved Kadih on the ground and after the departure of U.S. troops began targeting his opponents clearly, now is the continuing this policy, and in fact is not here any partners had no problem with Mr. Maliki. Angry Kurds and the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga face each other in areas of conflict, the Iraqi coalition withdraws from the government, the Sadrists withdrew, two-thirds of ministers out of the government today, is all parties and partners at fault and Maliki, right? The fact this experience began to crumble because of these individual policies that serve the interests of the people and a narrow range of the Dawa Party, and against orientations and interests of the people of Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, and this is our clear and the ordinary citizen.
    * If the situation is so and all these intersections and problems, how do you explain the continued strong Prime Minister and his government still lingering?
    - Is of course has several issues enabled him to control the country, such as interference in the work of the judiciary and the domination of the judiciary broadly and scaled and restrictions on the House of Representatives and not allow him to legislation of laws in cooperation with the judiciary, which has become denounce everything prescribed by the House of Representatives, and to prevent MPs from doing duty such as to prevent the members of the Commission on Human Rights to visit the prisons, and the closure of roads in front of parliamentarians want to visit certain areas, so he began to speak, he says there is no immunity for deputy outside parliament, although immunity within sessions only, but if he went out to Media Center to make a statement in Parliament can arrest him, and send us an official note in this regard.
    * Does this make sense?
    - Yes, we got an official letter by one of Maliki's advisers Endowed saying he did not immunity to a member of the House of Representatives outside the parliament, and we responded with him, of course. There is this intervention of the Prime Minister in the work of independent bodies.
    * What is your position as a council deputies?
    - We are in an argument with him since the first day, and prevent it from doing this behavior, and we are asking Parliament to accountability about failures security file and refuses to attend, during the two years came to Parliament once to promote the law infrastructure only, while in the countries of the democratic world goes prime time every week to parliament to answer questions from parliamentarians. The other issue more important is control over the security file in full and on security institutions and ministries of defense, interior and national security and intelligence, a judge and jury, arrested wills pardons who wants accuse of wills and released who pleases and eliminate Saket or cooperate with him, it came that he had issued an arrest warrant on Rafie al-Issawi, a leader of the «Iraq» and finance minister resigned, was circulated memo at the checkpoints when passing Representatives through checkpoints are asked «Do Issawi with you because it is required to arrest him», and when we formed a list of «united» and Issawi leadership in became army tearing posters for the local elections because al-Issawi, portraying to where things go. Unfortunately army commanders and security forces entered in the game of politics and became obey a direct order Maliki to target political opponents, and most of this is that the military and police personnel are attached propaganda electoral list of Prime Minister in the streets and tearing propaganda rest of the lists, this is happening in the absence of complete building state institutions and complete the legislation and the lack of an internal system of the Council of Ministers determines powers.
    * Do you think that there is international support to the Prime Minister?
    - Certainly, there is support U.S. and Iranian to Mr. al-Maliki, in the recent visit of Minister of State John Kerry to Baghdad, and during my meeting with him, said «We believe that the democratic experiment collapse in Iraq», and I replied, saying: You are the reason, you are from Mnatm accountability in Parliament in the past year This year, you and the Iranians are supporting Maliki in everything, and I told him that this is interference in Iraqi affairs and to prevent Iraq from that exhibits the path of democracy, and asked for a solution to this situation, Vqdinma his proposals, including the resignation of this government and the formation of an interim government, or early elections but to be far from the hands of al-Maliki as not to be trusted in this case it is decided to postpone elections Anbar and Nineveh illegally and style sectarian not consulted the House of Representatives in the subject, and say that it did not want to hold elections in these two provinces to create chaos and encourage extremists in these areas and say to the Iraqi people It is useless to the political process, and not because of Nineveh and Anbar is ready to hold elections or because the situation does not permit voting. Why tell people if it came to the elections have prevented it? This method leads to push people to other options far from the constitutional options and this dangerous path without prejudice to the political process and threatens the stability of Iraq.
    * Pain debated such a resolution, I mean postponing the elections in Anbar, Nineveh, in the House of Representatives?
    - No unresolved us and we are ready to discuss it, but what is the point of discussion .. Maliki will not take the opinion of the parliament will not be implemented as it was not implemented in previous decisions had been issued by the Council, decisions by force of law, and has already issued laws were implemented and some laws have been revoked by the Federal Court and another parked on the shelf. The fact that this is not a constitutional state contexts where the separation of powers and clear benchmarks for democratic performance, there is a wide deviation from this path.
    * Called on members of parliament anywhere in the world characterization (legislators), but the Federal Court in Iraq, said that legislation is not the task of the House of Representatives, what is your comment?
    - This is the kind of interference and an attempt to curtail the Parliament, the legislation is the basic character of the House of Representatives, legislation and supervision and the Constitution. It was clear that the proposed laws provided by the House of Representatives with ten of its members or any of its committees, and the bills come from the government or from the presidency, but pass in motion legislative change as proposed and decide Representatives, even if it comes a project from the government Vnsttia changed completely and the majority vote is ratification of the laws, but to prevent the Council from exercising his duties legislative advisory opinion from the Federal Court, it is a fraction of the people and will fork and scalable and weaken the functions of Parliament and try to tighten security decision dominance in the political, legislative and imposed on the Iraqi people.
    * What is your expectations for solutions to the current situation?
    - Under the current policy, Iraq is already threatened by a real threat. We are afraid of the rule of violence, when was killed demonstrators in Fallujah and Mosul were not providing one person from aggressors to spend with that there were committees parliamentary achieved the subject and proved that the army fired on the demonstrators were unarmed and peaceful without reason, and this constant friction between the army and the security forces hand, and the demonstrators on the other hand, can any blows confrontations at any time, and this is what we warn him and say we must respond to the demands of the demonstrators, and must bring the perpetrators blood of the Iraqi judiciary, not only the killing of demonstrators in broad daylight but tortured detainees and stayed in office and defend it.

    * Ten years after the regime change which cost the Iraqi occupation of their country and a lot of sacrifices and the blood and the destruction of infrastructure and billions of dollars of losses and corruption and the damages to the country, what would you say?
    - I would say the experience began to fail.
    * Does this mean it was successful and began to fail?
    - But is on its way to collapse, there was hope when elections have been achieved and in which the Iraqi people, there was hope when the Iraqis to change.
    * Do you think, after 10 years of regime change, that the Iraqis regret?
    - Yes .. I do not say that the previous regime was fair and that things were stable, but after the change, there was hope to achieve a democratic system, justice and balance, but it turns out that there are parties wants to dominate everything and hold accountable others on issues they did not commit and not linked to them, parties control of Iraq today, mostly Muslim and must be respected and rights of the people and is committed to achieving justice as it came in Islam, these are not available, unfortunately.
    * How do you see today to the coalition in Iraq, you still say that he was strong?

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QV5t0QHr

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    Othman: Negotiating committees between the center and the province will begin their works over the next two days
    15/04/2013 08:58:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The independent MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said "The military and financial negotiating committees of the Kurdistan region will begin work in the next two days, noting that" these committees will meet with the committees of the central government in Baghdad and Erbil today or tomorrow. "

    He explained in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The return of Kurds' ministers and MPs to Baghdad depends on the progress of the dialogues with the other side, if the dialogues are positive the permissible return to Baghdad will be inevitably, if not, the crisis would aggravate."

    He added: "The National Alliance and the government responded to the demands of Kurds, but orally only, according to the Kurdish delegation, negotiating with the government to the leaders of the region, pointing out that" words alone do not solve problems, so a working joint mechanism must be found according to specified time, and to agree on practical application to solve problems, and this is what the Kurdistan Alliance is demanded from the National Alliance and the government. "

    The meeting, which was held by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani with ministers and parliamentarians of the Kurds in Baghdad had decided not to return to the center before resolving the outstanding issues.

    Two military and financial committees were formed, during the meeting, to continue negotiations with the Iraqi government.


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    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    Abby Translation ..CBI Announcement .. These instructions will be carried out starting 4/15/2013, and will be published on the official website of the Central Bank of Iraq
    Previous Post ..
    *Translation By Abby! CBI Announcements ..Guidelines for Dealing in the Iraqi Dinar and U.S. Dollar

    B. The General Director of Investments will audit the personal swift accounts of the letters of credit for imports.

    C. When evaluating credit and granting preferential concessions to the bank, the following will be taken into account:
    First: the bank's commitment to deliver the rate to the beneficiary with no more than 10 dinars over the bank's rate.
    Second: The presence of a diversity of clients, not restricted to a certain class or sector.

    D. The foreign currency exchange must deny any applications which do not meet these necessary conditions.

    Seventh: Failure to comply with instructions

    Any one who fails to comply with these instructions will be referred to the Commission to determine fines and penalties to be imposed on this bank. Those sanctions will not be imposed without civil or criminal proceedings to hold the offender accountable, as under the provisions of any other law.

    Eighth: Operating Instructions

    These instructions will be carried out starting 4/15/2013, and will be published on the official website of the Central Bank of Iraq. Also, the cancellation of instructions numbered (29, 26, 51) on (10/6, 11/14 and 12/5/2010) and (18,19,17,12,59,20) on (1/24, 2/4, 12/4/6/26 and 7/12/2012) respectively, as well as all previous instructions and related publications.

    Abdel Basset Turki Sayeed

    Management Supervisor
    and Chairman of the Board
    Posted by kel at 5:50 PM


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    Currency Auctions

    Announcement No. (2356)

    The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 15-Apr-2013. The results were as follows:



    Number of banks


    Auction price selling dinar / US$


    Auction price buying dinar / US$

    Amount sold at auction price (US$)


    Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)

    Total offers for buying (US$)


    Total offers for selling (US$)

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    Nijaifi's coalition calls Maliki to resign
    Monday, 15 April 2013 15:18 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Unified Slate headed by the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi condemned the series of bombings that targeted Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces on Monday.

    In a statement received by AIN, the electoral slate called the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki to resign," noting "this security breakdown is expected because of Maliki's tensed policies and his engaging in targeting his opponents and preparing the malicious files to topple them."

    "The slate called on all the Iraqis to avoid the destructive plan which aims to destroy the country," the statement Added.

    Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces witnessed a spate of bombings on Monday that led to dozens of deaths and injuries.


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    Kobler: Sistani worried about situation in Iraq
    Monday, 15 April 2013 14:43 | | |

    Najaf (AIN) -The Religious Authority in Najaf province, Ali al-Sistani, expressed his concerns over the situation experienced by Iraq.

    UN Secretary General's Special Representative for Iraq, Martin Kobler said in a press conference held after he met Sistani in Najaf "The Religious Authority expressed his worries towards the successive crises suffered by the country and we share him these concerns."

    Kobler called on the political sides to get to dialogue table to resolve their pending issues."

    The UN representative revealed his intention to visit Kurdistan on next Tuesday to discuss with the officials there settling the problems between Baghdad and Erbil.

    Kobler has arrived in Najaf on Monday morning.


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    Sadrist MP accuses Maliki of pressurizing security elements to vote for his slate
    Monday, 15 April 2013 13:22 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Jawad al-Jouburi, of al-Ahrar bloc within the Sadr Trend accused the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, of pressurizing and urging the security elements to vote for his slate during his statement in the official T.V Channel before holding the special voting.

    Speaking to All Iraq News Agency (AIN), he said "Before holding the special voting, the Iraqiya Satellite Channel showed Maliki for one hour where he urged the security elements to vote for his slate rather that making them vote for the slate that they want."

    "The security elements are loyal to Maliki because he is the General Commander of the Armed Forces in addition to the other instructions by the officers," he added.

    "Many security elements did not participate in the elections because their names were not recorded in the electoral records," he pointed out, noting that "If they do not belong to the security forces, why would they be considered as security elements."


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    United Nations demanding enactment of a law of oil and gas
    15-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Asked to ratify the United Nations Law of natural wealth and resources oil and gas law in Iraq, confirmed the need for resolving the problem of Kirkuk, according to the Constitution.
    The Assistant Chief of the Foreign Relations Council of Ministers Regional Government of Kurdistan Dindar Zebari told reporters, said the United Nations recognized formally problems existing between Kurdistan and Baghdad, and demanded by suitable, stressing that the UN demands consistent with the policy of the Kurdish leadership in the region.
    Zebari said in his statement, to Iraqi situation from the perspective of the United Nations and said: According to the latest report to the Security Council of the UN in New York requested to return to dialogue as soon as possible with the region in order to address problems related to regions Kurdish outside the region and try to address them through table discussions.
    As Zebari said that the United Nations consider the importance of the existence of a dialogue between the ministries of Peshmerga and the Ministry of Defense in the federal government, to address the problem of security and stability in those areas, pointing out that it confirmed the necessity to have a direct dialogue with the Ministry of Peshmerga, stressing at the same time that the message of the United Nations and the Security Council is a clear recognition that the Ministry of Peshmerga Iraqi security institution.
    He said Zebari told reporters that the United Nations confirmed in March last year he must be approved as soon as possible on the Law of resources natural resources with oil and gas law by the House of Representatives of the importance of legal, and that these also are problems in Iraq and must find solutions to them in the fastest time possible.
    In the axis of his statement highlighted Zebari light on the issue of Kirkuk by the United Nations and the UN Security Council and said that the United Nations recognizes that Kirkuk moot point between Kurds and Arabs and he must be dealt with by the Constitution and materials and that these demands leadership Kurdistan, pointing out that the United Nations and the Security Council pushing through their report to the federal government in Baghdad to address the problem of Kirkuk.
    Zebari said: that the final decision of the Security Council demanding that Iraq taking into account the harmonic system with all components and that Iraq must be pursuing a consensual democratic system and that this is a very important point talking about the United Nations.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QXDe5Qn7

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    Central Bank begins procedures deletion of zeros from currency
    The time on Sunday, April 14 / April 2013 06:46. | |

    Baghdad / Orr News

    The parliamentary Finance Committee said that the central bank According to the official correspondences begin this year procedures deleting three zeros from the local currency, stressing that it would lead to the development of cash transactions and international economic.

    A member of the Finance Committee Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri it, "according to official Almkhtabat with the central bank, it is supposed to start this year necessary Balastaadadt to delete three zeros from the local currency." He pointed out that "the local currency will reduce from four billion units to one billion units which will make there Anciabh in the process of transfer of the currency." And Yasiri that "the Finance Committee supports to make changes to the local currency because of the economic importance of the country."

    The central bank says that the deletion of zeros were part of a plan to develop its monetary policy and currency management reform. He was a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Haitham al-Jubouri, had said in an earlier statement to him that "the currency exchange and delete Ocefarha will features the best and the biggest decrease of the volume of inflation and revive the dinar due to lack of demand for the dollar, which comes positive aspects significant for the country's economy, and replace it will revive the country's economy but needs to political and economic atmosphere appropriate to carry out the project without facing any obstacles lead to the deterioration of Iraqi currency. "

    The CBI had said in August that it plans to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar to facilitate financial transactions made ​​through cash in most cases. Among the difficulties faced by Iraq if they are to foot the deletion of zeros from the dinar is the withdrawal of about 30 trillion dinars in circulation in the Iraqi market, then discarded and replaced with a new currency. And ruled out by the Ministry of Finance earlier deletion of zeros from the local currency in 2013 because the current budget calculated in the currency.


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    Meetings between INA, Kurdish negotiating delegation to continue, says Haji
    Monday, 15 April 2013 15:40 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) -MP Mahdi Haji of Kurdistani Alliance stressed the continuity of the meetings between the negotiating Kurdish delegation and the Iraqi National Alliance devoted to resolve the pending issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

    Haji stated to All Iraq News agency on Monday "The meetings held between both sides in recent were positive and they agreed on activating the relevant commissions as soon as possible to settle the payment of the financial dues to Kurdistan Region in full."

    "The meetings of the two parties will continue to regulate the performance of the parliament committees," he added.


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