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Iraq: oil revenues in the wind

Sunday 3 Jumada II 1434-14 April 2013

Walid Khadduri

Wandering Arab countries in a wave of violence, paid for in the end the poor people. Published journal «life» Wednesday News points to the dire situation which the situation in Iraq.

Content of the news that the Prime Minister of Iraq put pressure on the Governor of the Central Bank to grant 5-6 billion dollars of Bank reserves, a request rejected by the Governor, because the request is contrary to the Bank Act. It threatened the Governor and the Chief Executive initiated the corruption charges against the Governor, and used his influence on parliamentary committees and to emphasize his decision.

Get this scene in many Arabic countries, but appear publicly in Iraq indicates the level of the gradient. The news during this month coincides with the tenth anniversary of the US occupation of Iraq, and the United States attempt to make Iraq a democratic example» «for the rest of the Arabic States.

The news of «life» noted that the Iraqi Parliament's integrity Commission announced that the Court quashed the charges against Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi article, removed from his post "personally targeted" the ten tons of gold stolen from the Bank at the end of last year. He noted that the integrity Commission member MP Javad alshahili said at a press conference held today at the Parliament building: competent investigating Court consideration integrity issues have proven that no income to the Central Bank, Sinan Al-Shabibi, head of the former process wasted money cited by the Parliamentary Committee of inquiry, not even the report of the Office of financial supervision.

He explained that "there is no error committed by the policies of the Central Bank, but the Bank is still sitting in the heart of the Bank and linked to major political figures, as well as consulates and trade missions in some capitals including Dubai and Oman and Qatar country». '' Because of the sack Shabibi is failing to meet the request of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki bonus payment from the reserve to finance his Government outside the framework of law and integrity». He said investigations showed the lack of corruption at the Central Bank already, but there's money-laundering operations of some banks and commercial attaches.

So, according to alshahili «life», «ten tons of gold stolen from the Central Bank by the end of last year, and stressed that the current Presidency of the World Bank was involved in the theft and the coming days will see the opening of '' two dangerous files: the first Central Bank financing of the mobile phone companies, the other stole 10 tons of gold reserve on 15 November last year, the Bank did not admit until now.

The final insult: use blatant pressure on the Governor of the Central Bank by Nouri al-Maliki for Prime Minister gets to about 5-6 billion dollars of Bank reserves to finance the Government outside the law or fairness. It is known that Nouri al-Maliki pressed Sinan Al-Shabibi to give him money and this request was objected Shabibi, as is also known far and wide, as stipulated in the law on the Central Bank, the reserve is an asset to the State, and has nothing to do with the Executive authority. And as it is also known, Maliki threatened Governor in an interview in the presence of a limited number of Iraqi officials and economists, and assured him that he will regret his decision if he insisted on it, he (Maliki) will put his hand on these funds, wills or ABI Al-Shabibi.

Was known and obvious that accusations of corruption directed at Shabibi was fabricated, that what was written inside Iraq and beyond those who know professional Shabibi and morals.

But the strange thing in the report of the Committee for fairness to the Iraqi Parliament, which categorically rejected the accusations against llshabibi, described the campaign as "personal", without determining what is personal. And even stranger in the topic as a whole, the charge made by the Parliamentary Committee on integrity stole 10 tons of gold at the end of last year, after the dismissal of Al-Shabibi. It is difficult for us imagine stealing ten tons of gold bullion from official Iraqi history in the country's economy. We hope that the Parliamentary Commission to explain in detail how to report the theft of tonnes of the yellow metal from State financial institution guarded by security forces.

How steals ten tons of gold from the Central Bank (about 400-500 million)? May she be or become flabby country wetsibt? Is it was already stolen gold bars from the Bank itself? And where the guards and the police? Also been bribed? Or is this process of international mafia and money laundering? Is it possible the implementation process of this size and weight without some political protection and support adult knowingly or unknowingly value? This information should be disseminated, if obtained by the integrity Commission.

One last question: is it achieving volume corruption, theft, and poverty continues to thrive across the country, what is the roof theft these days, especially with the surge for oil rents as a result of higher oil prices and increased production? Did you hear about thefts in the future?

* Al Hayat newspaper quoted.