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    " The Dinar Daily " ..... Sunday, 14 April 2013

    Near the return of Kurdish deputies and ministers
    14-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai
    Several sources confirmed that the differences that have marred relations center and the region began to find her way to a breakthrough after positive dialogues that took place between the delegation of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan to reset crises, unexpected return of soon Minister Kurds to meetings of the Council of Ministers.
    He met the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on Saturday with members of the delegation of Kurdish blocs return from Baghdad in Arbil.
    A statement by the Information Office of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said that "Barzani met with members of the delegation of Kurdish blocs who had visited Baghdad to deliver a message Kurdish forces to the edge of the National Alliance, as had a meeting with the parties to the National Alliance and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki During the meeting, evaluate the results of the meetings of the delegation Kurds in Baghdad. "
    The statement added that "a section of members of the Kurdish delegation returned to the region to inform the president of the province of the results of the meetings that have been held."
    For his part, MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh positive atmosphere between the delegation of the National Alliance and the region where it was agreed to form a joint coordinating committees from both parties to reset the points of contention along with a truce.
    The MP said the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "the dialogue between the two sides dealt with the overall political situation of the country and the outstanding issues," he said, adding that it was agreed to adopt dialogue as the only means to resolve along with the formation of committees negotiating to continue talks and find mechanisms to solve problems and implement agreements Previous to reset the crisis.
    He added that "the common desire solution ستعبد way back to find a satisfactory solution for both sides to maintain the adoptive and participants National collected parties," noting that "the current stage requires that override the voice of wisdom and prevent sedition and respond to attempts to fabricate crises or for those that want tearing the social fabric," he The talk dye sectarian or denominational does not represent the Iraqi vision correct.
    Moreover, Sources in the National Alliance announced the return of Kurds and their ministers soon against the backdrop of what has been reached understandings and positive atmosphere of the dialogues conducted by the provincial delegation in his visit to Baghdad.
    According to government sources that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said during a meeting with the Kurdish delegation to the participants gathered alliances and reviewed the historical relations of both, as Maliki stressed that government decisions are based on the interests of the Iraqi citizens without discrimination or to look at the national or religions because Iraq is a country for everyone.
    This comes at a time of renewed leaders of the National Alliance adherence to the concept of partnership with the political parties and the adoption of mechanisms for the peaceful solution to deal with the current crisis, likely several consultative meetings with the Kurdistan Alliance parties to discuss political differences and strengthen the foundations upon which the political process.
    A spokesman for the Islamic Supreme Council Hamid Maaleh that "activating the partnership needs to promote trust between the parties involved and the feeling of everyone of their responsibilities towards the project-based to reduce the severity of crises."
    And Maaleh said in an interview for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," that "technically partnership list is that we need to abide by the constitution and to work within the constitutional powers." He Maaleh that there is a consensus in the coalition to respond to the demands of the demonstrators legitimate and reforms quickly and significantly, indicating that should the other parties to recognize that the government is moving to ease the crisis and launch a package of measures are in this direction. Elsewhere, called MDC Kurdish opposition Representatives of the Kurds to return to the meetings of the House of Representatives, tight to keep the door of dialogue open between Baghdad and Erbil to overcome differences.
    And was a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, but Talabani has said earlier that the "return of the Vice Kurdistan Alliance bloc in Parliament is near, based on the positive atmosphere that prevailed in his talks the delegation of the Kurdistan Alliance with the leadership of the National Alliance and the Prime Minister."
    The Director of Information Movement and a member of the House of Representatives Mohamed Tawfik's "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network," said the MDC called deputies Kurdish forces to return to the meetings of the House of Representatives with the possibility to keep boycott cabinet meetings.
    He added that "the existence of Kurdish MPs in parliament in Baghdad is very necessary to participate in the adoption of laws and discuss issues related to the country," adding that the bloc "other Kurdish forces participated decision not to attend the meetings of Parliament, but our position is to reject the boycott."
    Tawfik stressed "the need to keep the door to dialogue open between Baghdad and Erbil to overcome differences and find solutions to the outstanding issues between the two parties files."
    The boycotting ministers and deputies, the Kurds of both houses of parliament and ministers over a month ago on the back of approving the budget without the approval of the Federal Territory.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QP9Z97Dd

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    Expect Maliki's coalition won the votes of police and army
    14-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad - Al-Hayat
    Sunday, April 14, 2013
    Made tens of thousands of army, police and prison inmates Iraqis vote in local elections, amid expectations of penile «rule of law», led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the largest share of the vote.
    On the other hand, Iraqi Mufti announced yesterday the start of a campaign to sue the government before international courts on charges of violating human rights in prisons.
    Statements about 733 thousand officer and an element in the security forces and the army, hospitals and prisons ballots in a special ballot ended yesterday afternoon, and will be completed public vote on 20 ongoing in 13 provinces, as excluded governorates of Anbar and Nineveh, in addition to Kirkuk and Kurdistan region three, as pointed Electoral Commission that the voting process ended without problems or violations. He ruled 46 thousand people from voting because of incomplete data.
    UNHCR noted that the results will be announced with the results of public polls on 21 this month, and that «the ballot boxes will be closed until then and controlled», and although it is forecast to get «coalition of state law» on the bulk of the vote military and security men and at least the middle prison inmates and detainees.
    Commission did not mention until yesterday evening to the rates of participation in the special ballot, but sources indicated it was high above 80 percent.
    A curfew was imposed in the cities of Mosul, north of Baghdad and Babylon (south) and a partial ban in Diyala (northeast) to protect ballot security forces, referring to the possibility of imposing a similar ban on the ballot next Saturday.
    And preempted blocks Liberal (Moqtada al-Sadr) and the citizen (Hakim) and the Unitarians (Osama Najafi) and Iraqi National (Iyad Allawi) results of the voting for questioning in for violations and pressure on the military to vote in favor of mass government, but the Commission denied this, stressing readiness to deal with all the complaints.
    On the other hand, called Mufti Iraqi Rafie Rafii in a statement yesterday «both signed by the injustice of the government and the people who were executed without completing the conditions judiciary, to provide coordination committees in the popular movement information from their parents to write it down and submit to international courts to order the arrest of those involved» . He accused «rogue government» continue «the killing of innocent people.
    Said Rafii that «demonstrations are nearing the end of the fourth month, did not touch the demonstrators any response from the government rogue that dropped behind her scales of justice and fairness and the laws of the land and the sky, but it increased Tjibra and tyranny and injustice and published militias damned in the capital and the provinces and started serial killing innocent people». He continued: «I call on all Iraqi citizens who signed him or his family injustice of views in the government to submit a lawsuit against the party that exercised this violation and the responsible entity of the lowest security man to the highest point in this state.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QP9z89aE

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    USD price fluctuations cost Iraq 3 billions within 2 months
    Saturday, 13 April 2013 20:17 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP Kadhim al-Shimari, the official spokesperson of the White Bloc reported in statement received by AIN "The international reports confirm that the huge state budget of Iraq only depends on the revenues of oil exports sent to the Iraq development fund within the International Development Fund.''

    "The Iraqi economy is suffering of many fluctuations in the price of Iraqi dinar against the USD dollar which cost Iraq about USD (3) billions within two months in 2012,'' he added.

    "Some powerful figures in the Iraqi government is seeking to take advantage of surplus of oil revenues to increase their personal balances abroad,'' he concluded.


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    The second meeting between the Kurdish and National postponed for a new meeting did not determined yet.
    14/04/2013 10:03:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the state of law coalition, Khalid al-Asadi declared the postponement of the second meeting between the Kurdistan and National Alliances to a new date, have not been determined so far. "

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "It was scheduled to hold a second meeting on Saturday night but the circumstances of the special voting for provincial elections have postponed it to a new date not determined until now."

    Asadi added, "We, in the National Alliance, are committed to deal with the Kurds according to scheduling the outstanding issues and reaching solutions in accordance with the law and the Constitution and through the continuity of the dialogues for the transition to a new phase enhances the democratic political process in the country."

    The Kurdish delegation met, on last Wednesday, with chairmanship of the National Alliance followed by a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

    It was agreed, during the meeting, to hold another meeting on Saturday.


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    'Carrot and Stick policy' of Maliki against Iraqiya MPs divided the coalition.
    14/04/2013 10:29:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Iraqiya coalition, Ahmed al-Mesari considered the fragmentation of the Iraqiya to several lists because of Maliki's carrot and stick policy against its MPs.

    He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "This policy was used in the previous parliamentary term against Mohammed al-Daini, Adnan al-Dulaimi and Omar Abdul Sattar and this is a part of the political targeting because they think that anyone has political weight, his file is ready."

    He added, "what is happening now is sectarian targeting against an Iraqi important component and it has become known to everyone internally or externally."

    It is mentioned that Iraqiya Coalition divided into three lists, entered in the provincial elections, which the special voting ended yesterday and the general voting to begin on 20 April. These lists are the Iraqiya unified coalition, headed by Iraqiya President Iyad Allawi, Motahedoon coalition, headed by House Speaker Osama Nujaifi and Iraqiya Arab, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.


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    Kurdish lawmakers ask the government to apologize for the Anfal.
    14/04/2013 11:13:00

    Sulaymaniyah / NINA / Kurdish lawmakers in the House of Representatives called for the federal government to make a formal apology for the Anfal, as it (federal government) is the legal heir to the dictatorial regime. "

    In a statement of the anniversary of Anfal operations, the Kurds called to "consider the fourteenth of April an officially recalling Tragedy in all parts of Iraq, and activate the decision of the Supreme Criminal Court No. (16) For 2010, and approve to teach Anfal crimes as genocide in the curriculum across Iraq ".

    The Kurdish lawmakers also asked to establish a monument to the victims of Anfal in one of the main squares of the capital Baghdad.


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    Motahedoon coalition ( Headed by House Speaker Osama Najafi ) accuses Army Officers to instruct soldiers to vote for a specific list.
    13/04/2013 13:09:00

    Mosul / NINA / Motahedoon coalition, accused officers in the Second Division, stationed in Mosul, to instruct voters to vote for a specific list.

    A source in the coalition, preferred not to be named, told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that a number of officers in the Iraqi army are directing soldiers to vote for a specific list, specially east of Mosul"

    The source added that Motahedoon has filed a complaint to the IHEC in Nineveh to take the necessary legal measures against those officers.

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    A candidate, of al-Mutlaq's List assassinated in Diyala.
    14/04/2013 11:03:00

    Baquba / NINA / Najim al-Harbi, a candidate for the Iraqiya Arab coalition, headed by Saleh al-Mutlaq was killed in Diyala province by a roadside bomb north-east of Baquba on Sunday 14, April.

    A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "The bomb exploded at the car of Harbi, who is a member of the Diyala provincial council, near the village of Al-Hisawiah, of Muqdadiya district."

    He added: "Harbi was seriously wounded and was taken to hospital but he died there."


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    Iraqiya National Coalition ( Headed by Iyad Allawi ) accused state of law to override the laws of the electoral process.
    14/04/2013 13:17:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / The Iraqiya national unified coalition accused the state of law coalition of exploit all the means to override the rules and laws of the electoral process and the encroach all the political parties.

    The coalition said in a statement today 14, April: "It was not the first violation, to harness the Iraqiya channel, owned Iraqi people, to attack the political partners by the head of a the state of law coalition, the general commander of the armed forces, hours before the special voting, without give others an equal opportunity to respond."

    The statement added: "The commander of the Federal Police Brigade in Karbala operates buses loaded with voters of the state of law, neglecting protests of other observers of political entities."

    "As expected, the Iraqiya coalition was at the head of those targeting when a checkpoint at the entrance of Karbala prevented a car carrying posters and pictures of President of the coalition, Iyad Allawi from entering the city two days ago and returned to Baghdad under threat." The statement added.

    The statement explained: "In line with this approach, a group tried to prevent electoral festive for the Iraqiya coalition in Nasiriyah on Friday."

    The special voting of the provincial elections took place yesterday for members of the security services and the military.

    The Election Commission has identified the twentieth of this month as the date for the public vote.


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    Inside Baghdad’s 'Green Zone'

    By: Nidal al-Laythi Translated from Azzaman (Iraq).

    Security sources have disclosed that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who had been staying in the Green Zone in one of the largest of deposed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s palaces in central Baghdad, has moved to a modern fortified villa within the Green Zone. This area contains a number of Iraqi ministries and the US and British Embassies.

    Summary :
    Baghdad’s so-called “Green Zone,” formerly the main seat of Saddam Hussein’s government, is now a heavily fortified area housing figures from the new government and embassies, Nidal al-Laythi writes.
    Publisher: Azzaman (Iraq)
    Original Title:
    Green Zone Contractors and Foreigners Talk to Azzaman About [the Zone’s] Dark Mazes
    Author: Nidal al-Laythi
    First Published: April 10, 2013
    Posted on: April 11 2013
    Translated by: Rani Geha

    Categories :Security Iraq

    The sources told Azzaman that the secure villa has a secret underground shelter fortified against armed attacks. The sources added that the presidential palace, which was restored last year, is being used as a reception house for Maliki. The sources said that a foreign company, with the help of local contractors, built the villa where Maliki now lives, but refused to identify the company’s nationality.

    Contractors said that the Iraqi government has, for unknown reasons, canceled or postponed contracts to build palaces for senior government officials with similar security features to Maliki’s villa.

    The security sources told Azzaman that the new villa and the former presidential palaces have had their gardens rehabilitated by peasant farmers employed by means of security decrees issued by the Interior Ministry and the Islamic Dawa Party, which is headed by Maliki. The sources added that the farmers mostly hail from Maliki’s hometown. The sources pointed out that the gardens have swimming pools, palm trees and exotic plants. They stressed that the Green Zone, which is about 10 square kilometers, has never had any security breaches since it is well protected by thousands of troops with armored vehicles. The sources added that Iraqi President Jalal Talabani uses two former presidential palaces in the Green Zone. He uses the first as a residence for him and his family, and the second as a guest house.

    The sources revealed that the al-Jadriya area, where the presidential palace is located, is under the protection of specially trained Kurdish security forces from Erbil and Sulaimaniya.

    Iraqis in general are not allowed to enter the Green Zone, while guests enter through private gates after getting official approval. All guests are thoroughly searched and photographed.

    The sources pointed out that many of Saddam’s palaces are neglected and in need of restoration. Regarding how services are provided to the Green Zone, the sources told Azzaman that food, drinks and other daily services arrive to the US and British Embassies from Kuwait by truck and are sometimes transported by helicopter for security reasons.

    The US Embassy is supplied by tanker trucks carrying fuel for its large electricity generators. Those tankers come from Germany, are loaded with fuel in Turkey and enter Iraq without paying customs duties. When US troops were in Iraq, they needed 4,500 tanker trucks per day to fuel their tanks and for other military uses.

    Regarding how senior officials, ministers and members of parliament (MPs) living in the Green Zone get food and drink services, sources told Azzaman that food and drinks are brought in by various means. One way is to grant security licenses to contractors in charge of importing food from abroad or locally. The food is brought in to the Green Zone by private refrigerated trucks, which are thoroughly searched before being transported to grocery stores within the zone that carry high-end products not available in the local market. The sources pointed out that bread is supplied by bakeries in Baghdad, to very high specifications.

    The other way food is brought in is a number of officials, MPs and ministers send their security escorts to buy their needed goods from the Baghdad market by means of older cars that do not attract attention, for security reasons.

    In response to a question by Azzaman about schools for children in the Green Zone, the sources said the area is almost devoid of children because the officials send their children to study in Erbil, Amman, Beirut or other Arab cities.

    The sources pointed out that Green Zone residents are treated at the Ibn Sina hospital or by specialized clinics set up inside the zone that employ skilled doctors and surgeons. The sources said judges, advisers and general directors also reside in the Green Zone.

    The "Green Zone" is the common name for the international neighborhood in Baghdad. It was created by the forces that invaded Iraq in 2003 and is one of the most heavily guarded military sites in Iraq. It contains the headquarters of the Iraqi government and army, the US Embassy and foreign organizations.

    The term “Green Zone” was first used by the interim Iraqi government. Its old name was Karada Mariam and its official name according maps is al-Tashri neighborhood. It used to be a residential area for members of the Iraqi government and several ministries, and contained a number of palaces for former president Saddam Hussein and his sons. The largest palaces in the Green Zone are the presidential palace and the Palace of Peace. US forces took control of the Green Zone in April 2003 after a tough battle.

    Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/secu...#ixzz2QQxNUt8E

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