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    " The Dinar Daily "....... Friday, 12 April 2013

    INA to respond positively over KA’s message, says Musawi
    Friday, 12 April 2013 08:48 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Salman al-Musawi, of the State of Law Coalition announced that the Iraqi National Alliance will respond positively over the message of the Kurdistani Alliance during the next two days.

    He stated to AIN “The response will be positive where both sides agreed upon adopting the constitution to solve all the pending issues especially concerning the allocations of the Peshmerga forces and the Article 140 of the constitution related to the disputed areas.”

    He expected “INA to send a delegation from Kurdistan Region to submit the response to the Kurdistani sides.”

    “There is chance for both sides to adopt dialogue to solve the disputes,” he concluded.


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    Deputy for the National: the return of ministers and deputies Kurds depend on the outcome of the meetings of Baghdad
    12-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (news)

    Connecting National Alliance MP Amer winner, the return of ministers and deputies of the coalition forces of Kurdistan to the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives, the results conducted by the delegation of Kurdistan and the National Alliance on resolving outstanding issues between the two parties.

    The winner of the statement (of the Agency news): There is no problem without finding a solution, when available sincerity of the blocks rival among themselves, and also there is no interest from the presence of problems between Baghdad and Erbil, because can not Kurdistan dispensed from the center, and vice versa Also, noting that the permutations of visits between national delegations Althalfa and Kurdistan is a positive step to resolve the problems and outstanding issues between them.

    He added: that the return of ministers and Representatives Alchordstanyen to work in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives depends on what will come out the results of the meetings of the delegation of Kurdistan with the National Alliance, which currently underway in Baghdad, noting: that the results of the visits will be announced soon, and I expect it's positive.

    The MP stressed the national, to be a consensus between the political blocs and between the national and Kurdistan does not violate the constitution or contradict him.

    Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki discussed with the Kurdish delegation negotiating on the existing differences between the Territory and the center, the contentious issues between the two sides, and agreed on the need to calm and stay away from what raises the atmosphere and continue the dialogue and the formation of committees to resolve outstanding problems

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QFamgVJD

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    Kurdish delegation in Washington: reject all statements issued by the Federal Government that consider Kurdistan steps in the oil sector as illegal.
    12/04/2013 11:55:00

    Baghdad / NINA /--Kurdish delegation discussed in Washington with the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations developments in the Iraqi political arena and the Syrian crisis.

    A Kurdish well informed source said : " Series of meetings with the Council on Foreign Relations and press organizations, intelectuals forums and friends of the people of Kurdistan in the United States of America.

    He pointed out that the delegation discussed with Barbara Leaf and Brett Macgork Deputy Assistant of State Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs latest developments on the Iraqi political arena and dilemmas that led to the complexity of the political process and the emergence of protests in most areas of Iraq, were also exchanged views on developments in the region , the current situation in Syria , the increasing number of Syrian refugees in Kurdistan region and neighboring countries, expressing his hops that the international community and especially the United States to address the crises in Iraq and help the Syrian refugees.

    The source added that" the same day the delegation met members for the Council on Foreign Relations in the presence of a number of politicians , economists , investors, and the Chairman of the Presidium of the region presented a summary over political situation ,saying : "Iraq unfortunately did not turn into what the people and the international community sacrificed for ,before ten years, stressing that the Fedral Government of Iraq today need to abide by the constitution and meet the demands of the political components and Iraqi citizens to be able to overcome the crisis that led to the complexity of the political process in Iraq.

    For his part, the Minister of Natural Resources of the Government of the region drastically highlighted on the energy sector in Kurdistan and Iraq, noting that the region adopts a successful policy to inaugurate the strategic oil in Kurdistan region, and we reject all statements issued by the Federal which describe our steps in the field of energy as illegal, stressing that all our steps are based on the permanent Iraqi constitution.



    Kurdish delegation to Washington confirms that the region adopts oil project is based on the Constitution and serve all Iraqis
    12-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Long-Presse / Arbil

    The delegation of the Kurdistan Region, which Azru United States in the third day of talks that the region adopts a strategic project for oil based on the Iraqi constitution and serve the interests of all Iraqis, and expressed his rejection of the statements the federal government not to legal steps the province within the energy sector, noting the American side that the Baghdad government needs to commit to the constitution and meet the demands of the political components.

    The presidency of the region in a statement issued after the end of the visit the delegation Kurdish to the United States, and received (range Press), a copy of which, "The President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Region and head of the delegation region, Fouad Hussein met accompanied by members of the delegation on the third day of their arrival to the United States with a number of politicians, economists and investors in the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. "

    The presidency that "the delegation said during the meeting of the American regret that Iraq did not turn into a country that sacrificed for him the international community ten years ago," noting that "the Government of Iraq Federal need to abide by the constitution and meet the demands of the political components and Iraqi citizens to be able to overcome the crisis which led to a crisis and the complexity of the political process in Iraq. "

    The delegation, according to the statement that "the region has a sound policy on building relations with neighboring countries and the international community, and we want to catch up with global progress so that we generally follow the policy of openness of the world and the development of the economy and encourage the private sector."

    A statement province and the Minister of Natural Resources of the Government of the Territory drastically in a speech in which he highlighted the energy sector in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, saying that "the region adopts a successful policy to inaugurate the strategic oil in the Kurdistan Region."

    On the statements the federal government not to legal proceedings region within the energy sector said Hawrami "We reject all statements and statements issued by the Federal Government on the illegality of our steps in this area, because all we did and we are doing is based on the permanent Iraqi constitution and our goal is to serve the interests of Iraqis every Perigord".

    The delegation called in a meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, with Barbara Leaf, Brett Macgork "the international community and especially the United States to address the crises in Iraq and help the Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region."

    The clarification comes Hawrami after counting Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Hussain al-Shahristani (3 April 2013), the export of oil in the future of the Kurdistan Region to Turkey "smuggling operation", and threatened to "take action against the parties" to prevent the export operations.

    Noteworthy that the Kurdistan oil haunts the federal government in Baghdad, which opposes along the line activity of the region in this regard and prepared in violation of the Constitution, while the region see the contrary based on the same constitutional reference, in the absence of the enactment of the federal oil and gas.

    The oil pipeline from the fields of Kurdistan to the Turkish border, a strategic shift in the region's capacity to maneuver toward economic Baghdad, which currently controls the oil export meters either through Turkey or other ports.

    And decided the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, the pipeline to transport oil to Turkey without the approval of the federal government in Baghdad, saying it "does not need permission to create infrastructure oil sector. While confirming the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Government of the Territory, in the first of February 2013 Current, The Government of the Territory "determined to move forward" in D pipeline to transport oil to Turkey "without waiting for any settlement" with the Baghdad government.

    A delegation of the Kurdistan Region, who is visiting the United States expressed on Thursday (April 11, 2013), "fear" during the second day of the visit of a repeat of autocracy again in Iraq, and stressed that the decisions of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki "stands deduced from the will of all components of the people Iraqi and reflect the tendency Altferdih ", while calling to take advantage of the national wealth, particularly oil best serve the interests of the Iraqi people with all its components, as confirmed during the first day of the visit commitment provincial constitution federal and agreements and to address problems through dialogue with Baghdad, and said the position of regional president Kurdish political parties and dismissive of "aggravated cases more," stressing that "the region is looking forward to opening up to the world and to build bridges with the international community."

    And announced the Kurdistan Regional Government announced the sixth of April 2013, that the high-level delegation headed by the President of the Presidium of the region and includes membership and Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami, and Qubad son of President Jalal Talabani, will go on the 7 April 2013, to the United States, and pointed out that Agenda delegation distributed to official meetings and for the transfer of intellectual perspectives Erbil to Washington and think tanks and the media on the package of issues of common interest at the local and regional levels.

    The media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi said the number of media that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki issued in the 7 April 2013, a decision granting the Minister Kurds leave, and assigned portfolios, which was occupied by Minister Kurds a proxy for other ministers.

    And increased the resolution gap between Kurdistan and Baghdad, to attack the Kurdistan Alliance hours after the decision and calls it "heresy" and stressed that he "blew up" the dialogues former, while crossed the Liberal bloc bra for "تفاجؤها" this decision, and promised "a threat to the Kurds and campaigning for the owners," saying they would meet to study this decision from a constitutional standpoint.

    The powers Kurdish conducted several meetings over the past month, most recently on the 8 April 2013, and over five hours under President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani, and decided to send a delegation to Baghdad convey a message Kurds pleading for the National Alliance, which includes their vision to resolve the current political crisis and other demands , stressing that it adopts see Barzani in the evaluation of the visit of a delegation coalition "positive" but is looking forward to practical steps to address the causes of the crisis and not just asking "good intentions."

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QFd8A8Hf
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    Ashwaq Dry: the federal government is not serious to resolve differences with Kurdistan
    12-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Erbil (news)

    The MP said the coalition of Kurdish blocs Ashwaq dry, that there is no serious from the federal government to resolve outstanding differences with the Kurdistan Regional Government, noting that the federal government is the sole beneficiary of those differences.

    Dry said in a statement (of the Agency news): The constitutional demands of the Kurdistan Region and hopefully be resolved within the framework of the constitution, noting that the cause of the current crisis is the selectivity in the application of the provisions of the constitution.

    She added: all the political blocs resorting to the Constitution and the reason and logic to solve political disputes, pointing to the lack of seriousness of the government to resolve differences.

    She MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs to: that the federal government is the sole beneficiary of those differences, especially with the Kurdistan Region for the use of a pressure on the province, hoping that the political blocs to reach a solution on the outstanding differences between them.

    The MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Qasim Mohammed Hmokhta, called to assign a national figure rather than Prime Minister Maliki Maliki to form a new government going to the political process to the rest of the life of the government.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QFbqs1ZK

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    Jubouri victory: change the political map after the election of provincial councils
    12-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad (news)

    Predicted MP for the coalition in Iraq victory Jubouri, that changed the political map after the provincial election, noting that the political process will see the temporary solutions after the election.

    Jubouri said in a statement (of the Agency news): The political map will change after the election of provincial councils and new alliances will appear.

    He added: that the provincial elections will be through to the next parliamentary elections and the movement image of winning the election bloc.

    She MP for the coalition in Iraq, that the political process will see the temporary solutions to the differences after provincial election Kmajals.

    And witnessing the country years ago political crises successive Valley continued strained relations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region in addition exit popular demonstrations and sit-ins continued for nearly 3 months in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin demand the release of detainees and prisoners and the issuance of the amnesty law and the abolition of Justice and Accountability Law and Article (4) terrorism The balance, which led to the withdrawal of some ministers from the government in addition to the security ministries that have not been renamed since the formation of the government.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QFcTC3W8

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    Kurdistan: the results of the talks with the National Alliance were positive

    BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / A member of the Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahma Khalil, Friday, negotiations between the Kurdish delegation and the National Alliance positive resolve the problems between the two parties.

    Khalil said in a statement to / Baghdadiya News /, that "the delegation of Kurdistan went to Baghdad on Wednesday and the meeting to the National Alliance to solve the problems and differences between the two parties," emphasizing that "the National Alliance never readiness to implement the demands of the Kurdistan Alliance was postponed negotiations until tomorrow Saturday."

    He added that "committees have been formed by the national and Kurdistan alliances to follow the demands and discussed for implementation by the federal government." Khalil continued that "our demands within the law and the Constitution and ensure the return of ministers to the government and the Kurdistan Alliance MPs to parliament implementation of these demands," noting that "the National Alliance confirmed to achieve all the demands during a meeting with a delegation of the Kurds on Wednesday."

    It is noted that the delegation of the Kurdistan Alliance arrived in Baghdad last Wednesday headed by Fuad Masum, and a number of members of the Kurdistan Alliance, in addition to Federal Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis for the purpose of delivering a message to the National Alliance includes all Kurdish demands. انتهى/21 ش Finished / 21 El


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    United Nations on the crisis line intervention to postpone the elections in Iraqi provinces
    12-04-2013 | (Voice of Iraq)


    Friday, April 12, 2013

    Once arrived head of the United Nations Mission in Iraq Martin Kobler to the connector until the governor announced Liberation of Iraq that he resorted to the Federal Court to overturn the government's decision to postpone the elections in the province of Nineveh.
    Kobler promised the protesters and political forces in Mosul transfer their views to the government and their insistence on holding elections on time. He said he prepared a report shows «the increase in executions in Iraq.
    Kobler arrived to Mosul yesterday and discussed with officials and representatives of the activists in the demonstrations in their demands. Demonstrators gathered in front of the governorate building chanting against against the postponement of the elections, and calling for international pressure on the government to conduct the official date.
    And refused to call Kobler coordination committees to meet in Baghdad, confirmed its insistence on demanding change it.
    Kuebler said during a press conference that «the purpose of maintaining visit (Nineveh) is to identify all near to the conservative climate and the possibility of holding elections. He added that «Listen to the candidates and blocs and demonstrators and transported to the central government to bring the views.
    He added that he had invited to the clerics in Mosul, but they refused to meet him and did not welcome his visit, and said: «I respect religions and freedoms in Iraq and good to see freedom in the rejection and attendance.
    And would the human rights situation in Iraq, said Kobler that «United Nations is biased to human rights and defend», and it will be submitted to the government point of view the international organization in a report on prisons and what is happening where, and executions «we see it increasing in Iraq».
    Furthermore, he claimed Najafi on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki before the Federal High Court to challenge the decision of the Council of Ministers the judge to postpone local elections in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar.
    A source close to the Najafi said in a statement to «life» that «the governor said in the lawsuit that Maliki violation of the electoral law in force.
    Governor of Nineveh province and break a federal decision taken by al-Maliki the day before yesterday, when he refused to determine compliance with yesterday's public holiday in the country.
    The government decided to disable official working in Baghdad and the provinces all «because of regulatory procedures for voting your elements of the security services.

    Read more: http://translate.googleusercontent.c...#ixzz2QFdfGrNU

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    Maliki and the Kurds agree to truce

    Agreed Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with a Kurdish delegation on the need for calm and continue dialogue to resolve the outstanding problems between the two sides, and comes on the impact of the continuing demonstrations condemning the policies of al-Maliki, which calls for new organizers to Friday under the slogan "We will not surrender ... our rights or certificate."

    A statement issued by the prime minister Thursday Maliki agreed with the Kurdish delegation - who arrived Wednesday morning to Baghdad and held upon his arrival for a meeting with the leadership of the mass of the National Alliance - the need for calm and stay away from what raises the atmosphere, and to continue the dialogue and the formation of committees to resolve outstanding problems.

    The statement pointed out that the meeting - which took office Maliki - dominated by a positive atmosphere based on the desire to reach solutions to the various issues.

    The two sides also agreed to hold another meeting on Saturday to continue to discuss the contentious issues between the federal government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

    وThe main outstanding issues between the two parties in the benefits of foreign oil companies operating in the Region, and the salaries of the Kurdish border guards (peshmerga), and the implementation of agreements Erbil on the basis of which Maliki's government was formed, and the disputed areas, and the enactment of the oil and gas industry.

    Previous demonstrations in Ramadi against al-Maliki's policies (European)

    Prisoners and occupation
    In another development, Saleh al-Mutlaq said Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister that many innocent Iraqi prisoners imprisoned because of the lack of an impartial judiciary in Iraq.

    Mutlaq said - during a ceremony release of 165 prisoners - The confidential informant and the presence of investigators extorting people reasons to delay the release of prisoners.

    This comes at a time of continuing with a number of Iraqi cities and to stop the protest demonstrations on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Baghdad, as well as protests denouncing the policies of al-Maliki.

    And sitters systems in Ramadi demonstration to commemorate the occupation as well as the nine-year anniversary on the first battle of Fallujah.

    Demonstrators funeral symbolic funeral in honor of those who named them martyrs of the Iraqi resistance, also demanded release of they described as a poet of resistance and Walid Alkhhmana who was arrested a few days ago.

    And called on religious bodies and tribal communities and to the prayers of Juma youth uniform and demonstrations Friday under the slogan "We will not surrender ... our rights or certificate" to demand political and legal reforms.

    And witnessing several Iraqi provinces since December / December last protests demanding legislative and political reforms to ensure greater balance power by Maliki's opponents say the western and central governorates It fret.

    For his part, as protests spokesman Sheikh Saeed Al Anbar province Lafi that the protesters and demonstrators in the province will not surrender or retreat from demanding their rights.

    He told the German Press Agency that the Committee sit Anbar decided to call the slogan protests on Friday "will not give up .. our rights or certificate."
    Dead attacks

    . Field killed four members of the security, including an officer with the rank of lieutenant in the army in two separate attacks in Mosul and Muqdadiyah, north of Baghdad.

    A military source said that two soldiers and an officer with the rank of lieutenant were killed in an armed attack on a checkpoint in the area Hermat west of Mosul.

    . In Baquba, a policeman was killed when a roadside bomb targeted a patrol in the center of Muqdadiya, after twenty kilometers east of the city.

    These attacks coincide with the approach of the local elections scheduled on the twentieth of this month.


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    Committee of Five: Amendments accountability are not privileges but rights

    Committee confirmed pop quintet from the National Forum that the amendments to the law of accountability and justice exaggerated in the media and portrayed as privileges, not rights, indicating that no concession has been granted to covered ablation Bagraet.

    Said committee member Qais Cdhir that "regrettably, that the amendments introduced by the Committee of Five on Justice and Accountability Law has been amplified media through portrayed as privileges granted to Mhúlan accountability measures, not rights provided by law," stressing that "any privilege not granted to covered by the procedures ablation within the amendments. "

    He explained that "the consensus was within the Committee of Five was the minimum rights and is not the ceiling made ​​by the representatives of the Iraqi committee," adding that "what has been modified from Justice and Accountability Law is much less than the demands made ​​by the Committee on reconciliation and accountability parliamentary ".

    The Council of Ministers approved amendments to the law of accountability and justice proposed by the Committee of Five actress of all political components. و He expressed the Sadrists and the Virtue Party and the Islamic Supreme Council refusing to pass the proposed amendments to the law of accountability and justice in the House of Representatives, while the condition of a coalition of state law to pass a law criminalizing the Baath Party as a basis for pass amendments accountability and justice.


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    Friday sermon gray: Antalib topple Maliki, but his execution

    He told the Friday sermon Square sit-in Ramadi Sheikh Qusai Zein We to Antalib bring down Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, but ask him to death. He Zein during a speech Friday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has gone in the darkness and bloodshed and the continuing series of killings and displacement on identity because Maliki and those who stand behind their sectarian government lien must execution Maliki for his crimes against humanity and and fight and kill each of the object to the policy. .

    He Zein said Maliki allowed Iran to interfere in Iraqi affairs and kill people and steal wealth but gone Maliki more than that through the support and allowing the smuggling of weapons and fighters from Iran to Syria to kill the Syrian people and its support to the tyrant of another Bashar al-Assad for sectarian reasons large. .

    He Zein during Friday prayers that protesters and demonstrators in Anbar and other provinces Almentvdh continue to sit and legitimate demands until meet those demands and respond to them without being neglected part or another paragraph, despite our conviction that the government is working in procrastination and delay in implementation.

    . Anbar and Matsamu systems review tribal ensure the enter tribal processions in Square sit-in crane placards denouncing the policies of the government and demanding the release of detainees. And raised the processions which represented the families of Baghdad, Anbar, Mosul, Samarra and Diyala banners and pictures embody the era of the Iraqi resistance at the time of the American occupation.


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