Just an idea here, but maybe we should take that picture that was posted the other day of the Iraqi citizens blasting Obama and "put it on blast" on any and every social media outlet we can think of that will allow photos to be published, as well as via email and help to create the awareness that our lame stream media refuses to. Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist RR, Blogs... and explain what's happening in that region. I think people outside our investment would be intrigued and find it interesting that Iraqi citizens would be calling O out like that!

Maybe that's asking a lot to step out of the box and sacrifice personal exposure for fear of retaliation or threats to keep things quiet but I feel we should contribute to help get things moving along faster than our current leader intends to?? Based on what I'm seeing and experiencing as a business owner in an economy that may be quickly becoming the "new norm" of hindrance, stagnation and limping along that many are adapting to unfortunately, amongst other things, that's what gives me the impression that WE NEED to start taking matters into our own hands as "We The People!"

After all, aren't we looking for Maliki's removal in order to see this through? It continues to not surprise me that M is still around after all this time and that things continue to get postponed, and that continues to postpone on us! Idk, I read LJ's post about M being toast under the term limits law, but that doesn't tell me whether he will be given a vote of no confidence or if he will last until the next election cycle to fall out naturally and not get re-elected which is in 2014. As far as I'm concerned, Maliki is O's special boy and as long as O is CIC this will be a long time coming. JMHumbleO

Power in numbers people. I say we put it on blast! Otherwise we continue to wait through these absurd cover stories...