The secret document reveals the names of those who received funds from the State of Qatar to fuel demonstrations Anbar

Revealed a secret document leaked by intelligence Gulf state to Russian intelligence KGB (KGB newspaper Trepona Russian names of those who received money from the State of Qatar with a view to fueling the protests.

. The document revealed quoting news agency palm value of the amounts received by those named in the list. As I mentioned document how to convert Qatar to those enormous sums by a Lebanese banks and which was placed under the bank account No. (10142.20709. 1) and the name Zuhair Zobaie who delivers the amounts of their respective owners as names list contained him from Qatar with amounts. And contained document as published The paper on the following names:

1-اسامة النجيفي مليار دولار 1 - Osama Nujaifi billion dollars

2-رافع العيساوي 800 مليون دولار 2 - Rafie al-Issawi $ 800 million

3-الشيخ حاتم علي السليمان500مليون جولار 3 - Sheikh Hatem Ali Suleiman Goulard 500 million

4-الشيخ احمد ابو ريشة 500 مليون دولار 4 - Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, $ 500 million

5-اياد السامرائي 500 مليون دولار 5 - Iyad al-Samarrai $ 500 million

6-سلمان الجميلي 350 مليون دولار 6 - Salman Jumaili $ 350 million

7-احمد العلواني 200مليون دولار 7 - Ahmed al-Alwani $ 200 million

8-سعيد اللافي 200 مليون دولار 8 - Said Lafi $ 200 million

9-وحدة الجميلي 100 مليون دولار 9 - Unit Jumaili $ 100 million

10-سعد البزاز 100 مليون دولار 10 - Saad al-Bazzaz $ 100 million

11-حارث الضاري 100 مليون دولار 11 - Harith al-Dari, $ 100 million

12-عبد الكريم السامرائي 100 مليون دولار 12 - Abdul-Karim al-Samarrai $ 100 million

13- 13 - give each listed below an amount of $ 25 million

A Sheikh Noman Hazza Zobaie

Sheikh Wahab Hamid Halbusi

T. Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Saad Assafi

اW Sheikh Ahmad Turki Saleh Albu Farraj

C Sheikh Adnan Khamis Hazza al-Alwani