Open MOD Call w/BGG - Friday, MAR 1, 2013 - The Line of Demarcation
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Thread: Open MOD Call w/BGG - Friday, MAR 1, 2013 - The Line of Demarcation

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    Open MOD Call w/BGG - Friday, MAR 1, 2013 - The Line of Demarcation

    "Open MOD Call"
    with BGG
    Friday, MAR 1, 2013
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    Transcript of OPEN MOD call with BGG – Friday, March 1, 2013 (PART ONE)

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We try to at least include any dialogue pertaining to the news and dinar. We do the best we can and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    BGG – Start us off with a quick prayer nukem.

    NUKEM – OK. Our heavenly Father, we love you and praise you. We thank you for all you do for us. Thank you for watching over us and caring for us. We thank you for the fact that you’re in control over this investment that we’re in and we pray for the people who have some really dire straits with their finances and a lot of physical needs out there of people who are sick and we pray for them. We lift up love it 2 to you Lord and we pray that you’ll continue to heal her and all of these others that we’ve been praying for, we ask that you continue to be with them. Strengthen them and bring their bodies back to health. We love you and praise you and ask for guidance and direction. In Jesus name. Amen.

    BGG – Amen. Thank you so much nukem. Actually, I have one prayer request. There’s a young lady who used to be on our, everybody keep on your list. Her name is Christina. She just had her fifth child over this last weekend. She is one of my best friends in the world’s daughter in law and she is in really rough shape right now. Keep her in mind if you would. He just left from here and headed down to Florida just today. He was kind of planning a trip down there anyway. He just loaded up and went down there. Keep her in mind.

    {Mod Business discussed}

    BGG – We are going to do a Q & A tonight at the end of the call, so anybody out there listening who would like to ask a question can hit star 6 on their phone and you will be put in que to ask a question. Chattels, you said there was an article earlier, a late article that came out about Talibani. Tell us about that.

    CHATTELS – In the (intelligible) block, they were speculating Marsoud Barzani is a likely replacement for Talibani and in the content of that article, it talks about Talibani returning at the end of March as opposed to the news earlier this week of returning on the tenth. That’s the only remarkable content that I recall. It’s in the forum. I think it’s the last article posted.

    BGG – I wonder if that is an interesting way to look at that and I’ll tell you why I find that interesting is because the United States ambassador to Iraq, Beecroft, chose to not deal with Barsoud Barzani, but he chose to deal with the head of the KRG this time around which I found noteworthy. That’s the first time we’ve really seen any indication that the US was going to deal with anybody other than the GOI. Instead of dealing with Masoud Barzani, he went up there and he dealt with the prime minister of the KRG which I found very, very interesting and I wonder if that isn’t because Barzani the greater is looking like he is going to be part of the GOI as president of the republic now. So there’s no reason to deal with him now. They’ve got to go deal with the KRG. Very interesting. By the way, that was part of what I was going to talk about today. There were several things on an information basis I had. A bunch of things. Very, very interesting stuff going on. Anything else? Any other articles pop up?

    CHATTELS – I think there was an article yesterday where Beecroft not only met with, well met with both Barzanis. I remember seeing that you remarked upon the meeting with Nirchivan Barzani, but there was an article that he met with Marsoud Barzani as well. I’m just looking for that now. It’s in the forum yesterday. I don’t know that I exactly followed your observation. I thought you were making a point with having met with Nirchivan and not Marsoud Barzani, but I think he met with Marsoud Barzani as well. I’m looking for it now.

    BGG – Well, the whole point and that’ll dovetail with what I have to say tonight. The whole point is they haven’t met with Nirchivan Barzani yet. They have just passed over the KRGs whole infrastructure to deal with Masoud Barzani. Very, very interesting that they chose yesterday, the last couple of days to show support for the KRG and to show support in the way that they did. Very interesting. The article that you dug up on Talibani, the late article was that he was, essentially they were pushing back, supposedly, his return for at least thirty days.

    CHATTELS – That’s what it said.

    BGG – So they’re alluding to the fact that Talibani is alive, he’s doing well and that they’re looking at him coming back in thrity days.

    CHATTELS – End of March is what they said as opposed to the tenth of March I think was the article from yesterday or the day before.

    BGG – I will say that I’ve heard from very reliable sources, not these goofballs that get together and have conference calls, like group therapy conference calls where everybody confirms everybody else. I have heard from a couple of very high placed sources that there is the possibility that Talibani may come back, but it will be towards the end of March. Exactly what they said. However, I’m not buying into it. I don’t care who tells me that’s what’s going on. I look at it the way I’ve always, everything I thought, I’ve already written down. I just don’t buy into that. Until I see it with my own eyes and it becomes real, I’ll be cautiously looking at that. That’s the way that I’ll put it. So that is what I have to say about that.

    MOD – I have a question. Article, it was about one o’clock this afternoon, Sadr threatens massive demonstrations if they do not recognize the budget within the next few days. Sadr told us he would call for massive demonstrations and sit ins open across the country if it does not recognize the budget in the coming days. Is he going to help us get the budget through?

    BGG – Yes. I believe so. There’s a lot of different factions going against each other and Sadr is definitely for the people, for sure and this whole thing about the budget being delayed is not good for the people. It’s good for the political parties. It’s moving things forward quickly. It’s really more pressure on Maliki and the government. Sadr had that march about a month ago. There was a million people at that march, that demonstration and he’s already threatened them publically. Sources say that he said if I come back to Bagdad, I’ll bring ten million people with us next time and the word I got was that he’ll burn Bagdad down. They don’t want that. Whatever it is, they don’t want that. All this little mickey mousery that’s going on about Maliki wanting to arrest Rafael Assawi and threatening to open some kind of investigation on him, that’s just pure stupidity because I’m telling you, along the lines of this Sadr thing, Maliki’s got a couple of these clerics in his cross hairs and if he does it, he’s deader than a doornail. He’s so dead it’s beyond death. He’s dead already. The word is he’s a dead man walking in the Middle East. That comes from numerous sources, not just one. Think about it like this. First you’ve got everything on fire, they’re all mad at him. Here in the Unites States, the Federal Reserve is not owned by the people of the government. You’d think it is, but it’s not. It’s a privately held corporation. The same thing applies in Iraq. The Central Bank of Iraq, I’ve got to believe is not likely held by the government of Iraq. That’s what all this fight has really boiled up over is Maliki has said that the Central Bank of Iraq reserves belongs to the Iraqi people and I understand his point, but they don’t own the Central Bank of Iraq. That’s supposed to be a separate independent entity and if Maliki legitimately sold that ten tons of gold, you’ve got to ask yourself who’s ten tons of gold did he get his hands on and where did the money go? He probably has money for a short period of time, a very short period of time. Like I said the other night, it’s to do certain things, but you’ve got to wonder, who way up the food chain has he made really, really mad? You don’t just steal ten tons of gold and get away with it. By the way, I’m not some big wild conspiracy theorist, but if you look at the way the central banks are structured and what they’re designed to do and who runs the central banks, it’s just a stinky situation and I think Maliki is playing in waters he does not belong in. We’ve got a very special friend of mine, Ronnie are you there?

    RONNIE – Yea, hey (BGG)?

    BGG – How are you Ronnie?

    RONNIE – All right. Real good. Proud to be here on this call.

    BGG – Well we’re glad to have you Ronnie. We’ll just keep it quiet as to who you are, how about that?

    RONNIE – That sounds great.

    BGG – Fabulous, good to see you to on the backside here. I’m going to mute you so you go ahead and listen. That was a very special friend of ours and I’ll just leave it at that. Super duper mega famous dude and we appreciate him showing up here. Big supporter of ours for a long, long time. Let me get right to the information. Let’s just do this right now. That information that Double B brought out was the business about Sadr threatening these massive demonstrations, that’s absolutely true, it’s absolutely correct. But you guys ain’t seen nothing yet. From what I understand the next go around with Sadr will make this last one look like child’s play. When I imagined and told people I thought Maliki was under a lot of pressure, I had no idea it was like this. This is beyond, beyond anything I could have imagined. You know what chattels, if you’re here on the back here, I would love to get a little help from you on this article. Maliki had sent his security force to raid some ministry of antiquities. Did you read that? Did you hear about that?

    CHATTELS – Well, it was a brief article. Of course it didn’t mention anything about jewels, it talked about ancient treasures and sounded like just another Maliki illegal act of appropriating and interfering with a ministry and a body in Iraq. It was a short article and wasn’t much of a conclusion to draw from it, but sounded like he was again out of line. Hard to know what it was about. Was he trying to raise money by misappropriating antiquities? The article didn’t say that. He was where he shouldn’t have been doing something he shouldn’t have been doing at least according to that article.

    BGG – That’s the important thing. We don’t know what he was up to. Whether he was stealing for the country or stealing money for his own personal self, we just don’t know. But he was in the middle of a ministry he didn’t belong in. They are in the middle of attempting to more compartmentalize all these ministries so that in the future they don’t have what’s going on right now happen where you have one guy with his fingers in everything. That’s a good thing in the long run for Iraq. I talked to everybody, that call on the twenty sixth that ultimately landed with an end point for Maliki to show some very serious progress by the end of this week. Then I said once that deadline is met that they’re going to go directly after him politically. And I said that my belief, my opinion, my timeline was, depending on how directly they go after him is going to kind of decide, but I felt like a while back that we were looking at thirty to forty five days from whenever this thing started, probably three weeks ago. So we could be looking at a couple or three weeks yet from here. From today’s date. But now the thing we need to look for is are they going to remove Maliki and how directly are they going to move against him. Those are the things that we have to look for, but here is the amazing, amazing things that have happened in the last twenty four hours. I said basically today was the line of demarcation. Today was the day he really kind of had to and I alluded to that for four or five weeks I was looking at that deadline and essentially when today happened, if you go to the blog that I wrote today and I’m going to put a lot of commentary in the blog that I didn’t put in there. I just put the articles up today intentionally and I put it up fairly late, but you’ve got this Iraqi list, minister of parliament who confirms that he is going to take over the task of questioning Maliki in the parliament. What that means is, essentially the day that I told you they would start moving against him, this guy pokes his head up, they write an article that says he’s going to take the helm and be responsible for the questioning of Maliki in the parliament which means they’re already talking about removing him as of essentially today. The other amazing thing, I’ve said all along was the easiest way to remove Maliki to the United States and that’s pretty simple. You just put your support behind all of his opposition which they have never done. Let me backtrack a couple of days ago, Maliki came right out and said if Assad falls, there’s going to be civil war in Iraq. That’s exactly what he said. I think it was probably blowviation. He just kind of trying to scare everybody to death. I don’t know what his plan is there, but the bottom line is that’s what he said. Today, or yesterday, Beecroft met with the prime minister of the Kurdistan regional government and essentially threw their support behind the KRG. That’s exactly what I read into that situation. Thye agreed. They were completely on board with one another. There was no dissention with one another and they said let’s go ahead and get this done. That’s the United States ambassador to Iraq siding with the KRG. The way you can look at this, there’s been a massive shift in US foreign policy in the Middle East over the last twenty four to forty eight hours. John Kerry showed up today and announced that they were going to deliver sixty million in US aid to the Syrian resistance. This is the guys on the opposite sides of the fence on Maliki. This is the guys on the opposite side of the fence of Bashir Assad and Syria. He’s the guy that’s fighting against the Kurds in Syria. There’s a whole litany of things you could talk about as far as Syrian Kurds and Iraqi Kurds and Turkish Kurds, all that stuff that goes into that scenario. I will also point out that US and Israeli intel, as of today, identifies that the Kurds have essentially for all practical purposes, walled off a northern position in Syria and they are running it in a very stable and well run manner and fashion, just the way they ran the Kurdistan and regional government in Kurdistan. The Kurds have taken that same mentality to their portion of Syria. I don’t know how all that’s going to work. Here’s the interesting thing to me. How do you get rid of Maliki? You give support to his opposition and that’s exactly what the United States did today. There’s talk in the parliament about how to remove Maliki. They’ve already got a guy that stood up and said he’s going to be the one that questions Maliki. Now it’s just a question of how vigorously are they going to approach that scenario? I thought that series of events was a huge eye opener. As far as I’m concerned, today was a significant shift in alliances. I don’t think we’re looking at today or tomorrow, but I do think that the last forty eight hours is significant as far as our situation. There was an article I put into the blog about the finance of the budget that the 2013 budget will be in the new currency after deleting the three zeros. Here’s what that appears to me to be. I put that article in there. It’s interesting to read. I don’t know that I’m buying into that. What it looks to me, like an article that’s a couple of months old probably. It’s been rehashed. It’s still legitimate information, but it looks like an op ed prognostication is exactly what it looks like. I don’t know that we can look at that as absolute information just yet, but it’s interesting is what I’ll say. The Al Assawi, the Finance Minister, here’s how he ties in to all this. Maliki has been after him and after him and after him because Maliki just attacks the highest ranking Sunni member of this government at any given time and that’s exactly what Al Assawi is, he’s the finance minister and he is the highest ranking Sunni member of the GOI to date. Here’s what was interesting about him announcing his resignation before the demonstrators. He’s just telling them he’s siding with the demonstrators against Maliki today. If you’re looking for an absolute date, Friday was the day. Today was the day because here is the highest ranking member, the highest ranking Sunni member of the government of Iraq who is essentially rolling the dice on his future over these demonstrations. See, you’ve got to ask yourself what does he know that we don’t know? There’s something very important there. Now Maliki came out and there’s another article that I have not put in the blog yet, but it’s somewhere, maybe chattels can help me, but Maliki said no, I’m not accepting his resignation, we need to do some kind of interrogation or some kind of seek and destroy mission in there. Something along those lines, but it’s basically, he’s just a special place in his heart for whoever the ranking Sunni is and he’s going to do the most evil things that he can think of to get rid of them. He did the same thing to Tarik Al Hashimi and I will bet you any amount of money when this deal is over that Al Hashimi comes back to Iraq and he has a very good chance of being a prime minister in Iraq’s future. I really think he does. Any muslim who survives a death sentence over there is going to be a potential rock star. That’s what I’ve seen happen the last 24 hours. What does that mean? It means essentially, the first part of my timeline when I talked to you on the twenty sixth is pretty much sitting in your laps. Now the next interesting thing is to see exactly where we go from here and what does that mean to us, so the point is we’ve got to keep our eyes and ears peeled for the news over the weekend. I would think it’ll ramp up a little bit. Your next opportunity for a very big protest is going to come this next Friday, but I think basically we’re on an any minute because here’s some very significant news about what they’re going to do about Maliki. Really, Maliki is the doorway to a more stable Iraq. I love the term that chattels used that Maliki is the doorway to a more stable Iraq and our liquidity event. That is exactly where we sit right now.
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    Transcript of OPEN MOD call with BGG – Friday, March 1, 2013 (PART TWO)

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We try to at least include any dialogue pertaining to the news and dinar. We do the best we can and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    CHATTELS – Curious what the budget means for us BGG. I know you’ve not thought of it as the trigger for the RV, but given what I’ve understood you to say about Nijafi holding up the budget to pressure Maliki. If they get the budget done Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, what does that tell us? Does that suggest the Kurds have made their peace with Maliki and Maliki can stay and we’ve got Erbil and HCL coming quickly down the pike?

    BGG - You know that wouldn’t surprise me. I think he’s in a bad way and I think they’re in the cat bird’s seat as far as making deals with Maliki right now. If there was a deal for Maliki to be had, he needs to come to the table and be contrite about it because they’ve got him by the nap of the neck no doubt about it. You didn’t think that’s what I was going to say, did you? In my mind the picture was different, but I chose nap of the neck.

    RED LILY – Did I read something this morning about the possibility of Obama going over there in the near future?

    BGG – I don’t think so. I don’t see that happening. He’s got his hands full over here and I was half way impressed with Kerry. I think there was critique on both sides on how he handled everything, but what more could he do than what he did? With the no win position that he’s in in a lot of places over there, he kind of, I don’t know if he could have done a lot better. So no, I highly doubt you’re going to see President Obama going into that quagmire. I don’t see it. He’s got a fairly capable guy doing the best he can over there, so I don’t foresee him doing that.

    CHATTELS – I think there was an article that made some mention of that. It may be in Red’s Thread, one of her articles. I don’t remember what the import of it was, it was mentioned just in passing.

    RED LILY – That was real early this morning chattels.

    CHATTELS – Yea, I think it was Red’s Thread. I don’t typically post her stuff in mine or in the Dinar Forum. It might be in there if someone wants to look.

    BGG - I don’t know that there’s any great significance to it other than if he knew there was something very significant going to happen that he would ride in there and take some credit for it. He’s a pretty savvy politician, I wouldn’t put that past him, I just don’t see him going into that hornets nest without a very solid conclusion in place. That’s what I think about that….662 area code, thanks for calling and you’re live.

    CALLER #1 – I just want to thank you guys for what you’re doing and I like the way you acknowledge God before you start doing the calls and everything . I would encourage you guys to keep that up. My question is, because I am just now investing into the Iraqi dinar, I also want to make an investment in the dong. Is that a good currency to invest in?

    BGG - There’s a reason why poppy has lightened up on that information from a while back is that he was definitely getting some interesting information on that, but it’s a ways off. I think if I were you, I would focus on the dinar right now. It’s farther out. I’ve got some and I tell people I personally didn’t belive in it at all, but I bought it because I would hate to have heard about it and not bought some and then get left out of the party when it happens.

    CALLER #1 – What is the revaluation that they are looking at?

    BGG – I’m not buying into these big numbers at all, not at all. I think anybody even trying to sell you on these big numbers is foolish and you should not pay attention. It’s a lot smaller number than they’re thinking. If you got two to three cents on the dong, that would be a miraculous deal. Them talking fifty cents or a dollar, that’s foolishness. Not even close, not the right ballpark....863 area code

    CALLER #2 – I can’t remember if I saw this in chat, on the blog or possibly it was in the observer, but I read something today about Iraqi currency changing from three trillion to one trillion eight hundred million. Are you with me? Do you know what I’m talking about?

    BGG - That still wouldn’t be a big enough move. Not realistically.

    CALLER #2 – I didn’t really gather what the point of that was and it also mentioned deletion of the zeros.

    BGG – It could be in the observer but it wasn’t that first article I put into the blog. That was more of a legitimate article. No, even three trillion to one point eight or nine trillion wouldn’t be a big enough move for what they’ve got planned, that’s not a big enough alter.

    CALLER #2 – I never did understand what the point of that statement was. If they were trying to say if that were the RV if that’s what you want to call it or if that was something else.

    BGG – You know I think that was on the observer and that was some kind of mish mosh. I kind of remember what you were talking about. If it doesn’t have a green X or it is unscored I not going to say anything bad about those people, most of them I don’t know. If I read it and it’s valid, if I can get some verification to it, it gets a good score. If I know it’s one of these goof ball deals, I just put an X on it. That’s exactly how we operate. Just so what newbie people know what they’re looking at, because it’s just too easy to be taken in by some of these characters.
    713 area code, thanks for calling and you are live.

    CALLER # 3 – Hello BGG, this is Carol. Thank you so much for all you and your team do. You never let us down, so thanks so much.

    BGG – It’s a team effort for sure.

    CALLER # 3 - The question I have is involving up until December 31st of 2012 we had the Frank Dodd noninterest bearing fully insured account and now that that’s expired, what do we have to put our funds into when we first exchange. My plan was to put it in to Frank Dodd where it was fully insured, giving me time to get my wealth team organized, collected and moving. Now that’s not available so what do we do when we go to cash in?

    BGG – I’ll be honest with you Carol, I wish I could give you the answer there, but not being even a qualified financial advisor at this stage or not even anybody with a licensure or even that ability to give you that advice and I have held a lot of licenses in the past which is why I’m so skeptical about people who are so free with their advice. I believe that the first thing that I’m going to do before I do anything else, I think I will probably seek some high end advisor, advisor, get somebody on board before I even exchange anything. Before I make the first move, I’m going to make sure that I get some. And somebody on my team if all this goes badly, that they’re going to be able to stand right there with me and answer all the questions.

    CALLER # 3 - Of course I don’t guess anybody knows how long the rate will stay, but do you think we’re going to be under some pressure as far as time is concerned to get the best rate.

    BGG – I do not. Not any immediate pressure. That’s just pure scare tactic to get everybody all worried right now. I don’t think there’s going to be that kind of immediate pressure, no. It really depends on how stable this government is. I they’re relatively stable, it’s still a long term good investment, no matter what number it comes out at to be honest. I personally think and this is just me thinking about what I’ll wind up doing is if I believe that there’s a stable situation there and I don’t have any reason why they would RV without a stable situation there. What I’m comfortable with in the long term is a stable situation there, it’s just very few places you can go for ten or twenty percent appreciation per year on that amount of money. It just takes too much work. I’m looking at that currency still to be a long term possibility. There’s just so many possibilities early on. You’re just really going to have to look and see what’s going to happen.

    CALLER # 3 - There was a time earlier in this investment when I was listening to everybody I could hear. I don’t listen to anybody but you any more. I’ve got the good stuff now. There was so much talk for so long about when it first RV’d, you might have a few days and then it would go up and then it would go down and then it would go up again. Is what you’re saying is once it comes out, it’s going to be pretty well stabilized at that rate?

    BGG - I have to believe, there may be some volatility for a little while, but I don’t think, you know, that just defeats the whole purpose of what they’re after. They’re after a stable, much more valuable currency that reflects their wealth and resources and I don’t think they’re going to go an dlet it bounce all over the place.

    CALLER # 3 – Ok, so your thought is even after the RV we would have plenty of time to not worry about getting cashed in, but just take the time to get our wealth advisors?

    BGG – I believe so. That just makes common sense to me. There are people out there saying all kinds of different things other than that. I just don’t believe them to be credible sources. …. 850 area code thanks for calling and you’re live

    CALLER # 4 - Yes, sir, I’m sure someone may have asked this before, but can you tell me why the Vietnamese dong is a tradable currency and the Iraqi Dinar is not, even though the Vietnamese Dong is worth a whole lot less compared to the dinar?

    BGG- It has to do with those chapter seven sanctions. It boils down directly to those sanctions. It’s not about the value of the currency; it’s not about the number. It’s about the sanctions. You can still buy it and sell it, so on some level it’s tradeable.

    CALLER # 4 – So basically removing chapter seven makes it international automatically?

    BGG – That will be part of the equation, yes. That’s correct.

    CALLER # 4 - One last question. They’re showing a lot of things going on over there and they mention a lot of things supposedly going to happen, but what do we have in real evidence that we’re within the window? Of it happening at any time. I mean, what have they said or what have they done that we can sit there and say hey that’s really telling us we’re close?

    BGG – Well, if you just look at the last three days of blogs and the news articles that were in there, that’s pretty much the icing on the cake right there. If you don’t pay attention to a single word I say, just look at that. That’s vitally important information right there. No question. That’s why we do what we do. I don’t believe every single news article that comes out. There’s no way you can do that, but we look for trends that develop and we look for baselines and we look for generally a story line that has a common theme through a few articles, a few news sources and then we line that up with what we’re hearing from quote, unquote sources and if those sources don’t line up with what we believe to be true then we just know they’re not very good sources.

    CALLER # 4 - You know, we know they’re not just going to say hey we’re going to do this next week, I guess we’re just kind of, I know a lot of people are just waiting on that one word that is basically indicating that hey they’re getting ready to say it.

    BGG – Well, I don’t know that I’m looking for that one word. I’m looking for a baseline of things to develop. A timeline of events. I think we’ve hit the first half of what I was talking about last week, excuse me, on the twenty sixth. I think we’re definitely at that place. We’ll look for that opposition of Maliki to ramp up over the weekend and be a little more evidence and a little more firm over the next few days. I think it’s odd that Friday was his deadline and they came out with another article with a guy who volunteers to be the interrogator in the parliament. We haven’t even heard an article about that for two or three weeks and then boom, the day that it’s supposed to, his deadline day, we have it right in front of us. Very interesting.

    CALLER # 4 - I mean we see the so called deadline days where basically Iraq is in some kind of trouble, a slap to the hand if they don’t get something done by this date, but they just come and go. It just seems like the you know what is just getting taller and taller.

    BGG – Well, I agree with you there but I think he had up until now to get something done and since he didn’t, which I’ve said all along, I don’t think he’ll honor any of the deadlines. I think he’ll ride this thing into the ground, but I do believe it is very, very telling that on the day he was supposed to do something and didn’t that the very first thing they did is start forming a committee that’s going to remove him.

    CALLER # 4 – He can’t really have that many supporters compared to what we’ve been hearing and seeing. It just seems he’s got way more against him than for him.

    BGG – The bulk of your Middle East call him a dead man walking.

    CALLER # 4 - You would think that anyone with half a brain would say hey it’s time for me to take my money and run.

    BGG – I don’t think he will though. My call is that he rides it right into the dirt and he makes them take him out. I think they will. I think that’s the next step. They’ll start to move against him politically and that’s why you’ve seen the United States put all their support behind his opposition… 610 area code.

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    Transcript of OPEN MOD call with BGG – Friday, March 1, 2013 (PART THREE)

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We try to at least include any dialogue pertaining to the news and dinar. We do the best we can and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)
    CALLER # 5 – Hey BGG, this is Dbsword. Thanks for all that you and poppy and the mods and newshounds do for us. It’s really, really appreciated. Just a quick question about the Kurds. Backing the Kurds makes sense with all the Shiate and Sunni infighting. What kind of a role in the future of Iraq do you think the Kurds will hold?

    BGG – Looks like it’s going to be a lot more serious role if you ask me. I think anybody with any broans politically in the Middle East sees that any of the territory that any of the Kurds have any influence in always going to be better. They ought to give all of Syria to the Kurds in the north and they would be better off.

    CALLER # 5 – They certainly seems to be more civilized shall we say.

    BGG - Everybody’s got their baggage, but they definitely run a better ship than all the rest of them. One last caller from the 757 area code.

    CALLER # 6 - Hi BGG. How are you? I want to say thanks for all that you and your team do. I read your articles daily. You and poppy and your whole team, I appreciate everything and that observer is really something else to take out all the bad information that is really crazy. My question is I think I read an article today about Turki. Was there something that said he wanted to submit his resignation also?

    BGG – You know, that’s a great question and I’ll comment on that. I think I’ve heard it both ways. Turki, the Central Bank of Iraq’s current governor, there was some report that he was going to turn in his resignation yesterday or the day before and somebody from the SLC stated law coalition said no, no that’s not true, we’re denying that, but like I said in the blog, where there’s smoke there’s probably fire. If there’s that much talk about it, there’s something going on there, something more than meets the eye. We’re not sure what’s going on there, but he’s got to know he’s in a very precarious situation cause he’s Maliki’s guy. Once Maliki goes, he’s on the hot seat for sure with whoever Maliki took that ten tons of gold from.

    CALLER # 6 – With that going, do you think there’s any chance that Dr. Shabbibi will return?

    BGG – You know, it’s a possibility. I don’t know that Dr. Shabbibi returning is a requisite. I don’t know that he has to come back, don’t know that Turki has to leave. I think the government being stable and being balanced is far more important than who’s at the helm of the CBI. That was a great observation, great question. I did see that myself and it did peak my interest a little bit, but again, that’s one of those things in the grand scheme of things that I kind of keep my eye on, but I haven’t come to an absolute thought on that just yet….Say a quick prayer and we’ll be out of here.

    NUKEM – Our Heavenly Father, again we thank you for allowing us to be a part of this investment. We thank you for BGG and poppy and the mods and the whole staff that help us to understand what’s going on. We ask for you guidance and your direction and we pray that you’ll go before us and show us your way in Jesus name. Amen.

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