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    Streaming Updates Call - Tuesday, FEB 26, 2013

    Streaming Updates Call
    with BGG
    Tuesday - Feb 26th
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    Transcript of Streaming Updates call with BGG – Tuesday, February 26, 2013 PART ONE

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We did the best we could and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    BGG – Good morning everyone, this is BGG. The February 26th edition of Straight Talk Radio. Poppy will not be with us. He probably not going to be with us for a few days now. He is out doing ministry, actually helping out some ministries. He won’t be back until probably Friday other than maybe pop in here or there. He going to be on the road, but we’ll be praying for his safe return. He’s going to be travelling a lot, covering a lot of ground the next few days. Before we get going, I’ll say a quick prayer. Dear heavenly Father we thank you for this opportunity for every opportunity you put before us. We ask for help and healing for all our members and all the people listening here and we just ask that you help us keep you first in everything you do and say. In Jesus’ name. Amen I know this call has stirred a little bit of buzz and the topic of it was the real timing for the Iraqi RV. I’m going to get to that. I’ve got a ton of stuff to cover here, made some extensive notes that a lot of stuff I want to get across to you and I’m sure I’ll miss some stuff. We’ll keep bringing updates as we can. We want to say a quick thanks to all of our moderators. All of our VIP members over at the chat site and the forum at They do a spectacular job of gathering news and all the effort that goes into making a great website. That’s all them and they do a ton of work and I appreciate so much what they do. We also appreciate Dinar Corp. for being our flagship advertiser on the website. They are a spectacular company to do business with and we’ll talk a little bit about them on this call. There’s some important points that need to be made and I’ll make sure I take the time to get those in there because here’s the thing folks, you need somebody that’s on your side and I am going to talk a lot about that on this call. Where do some of these crazy rumors come from? What is their point? We’re going to talk about some of that. Probably the last half of this call or better, I’m going to some very direct, very straight forward points to be looking for and exactly what I’m thinking and exactly what I think to be correct at this point. That’s exactly what this call is all about. To give you a very clear picture of what’s going on. If you want to get early, early updates, I’ll give you a few quick pointers here. Red Lily has a thread in our forum under the Iraq news section of where she is actually way, way, way ahead of the news curve, She typically, I don’t know what her schedule is, but she works all night long and she probably, if you want the earliest news updates you can get, her thread is for sure where you’re going to get it. Red’s thread is a very good thread to tune into on the dinarupdates forum under Iraqi News. Also chattels who may be joining me a little later on this call, he is actually a researcher by trade with a background in research, which easily explains why he covers so much ground so quickly and so efficiently. He has a very analytical approach to his research and that’s exactly what he does. He is a tremendous, tremendous resource. He does the dinar daily update thread on the forum side and then the is meant to be a running commentary on all the information on a daily basis given by all the various intel providers with a little bit of accountability. Now I’m not trying to, nobody here is trying to bash anybody or hurt anybody or demean anybody, but if we see information that we know to be absolutely incorrect, we’re going to make sure that we make a note of that. They’ll get an x for that and they’ll get, you know what’s funny, I never really saw this developing is that you’ve got several information providers out there who typically get green check marks all the time and I’ll be honest, never talked to them, don’t know them, have no clue who they are, but the way that they bring news, the way that they look at it, the way that they provide information is factual, it’s accurate and it’s correct. So, that’s the funny thing about accountability is obviously you know the nefarious characters out there that essentially have no accountability and say things that are never correct, but we’ve kind of come up with a few superstars here who actually say things that are correct pretty regular and they keep a pretty good head on their shoulders. That was an interesting development. Also, the dinar updates blog, which is the blog that I write every day, it’s a news blog and both of those two, the observer and blog are meant to be evolving posts throughout the day. We’ll do a morning post. We’ll do a noon post. We’ll do an afternoon, later afternoon post, five or six o’clock and we might even potentially keep going on into the evening, depending on how the news flow is going. Keep those things in your favorites, pass them around to your email list and keep checking in to see what the developing news story is. Actually, what I’m going to talk about today could have been, had you tuned into the blog on a regular basis and kept an eye on what I was saying, you might have been able to come up with what I’m going to tell you today. Before we get there I want to talk about some information that poppy had and I’m going to kind of delve into some waters that I might not normally cover. This is very rumor oriented and I don’t normally do that, but it’s important that I do that, because what he had to say was pretty much correct and two of these sources I’ve been listening to and hearing for a year and I haven’t told anyone about them and I don’t really want, that’s not my point. We pretty much stay geared toward the news and that’s our thing, but we have been collectively listening to these guys for quite some time without a lot of comment and I wanted to kind of jump in here and talk because poppy took a pretty hard shot lately in and around various news sources and they just didn’t know what they were talking about. Let me fill you in on what’s going on her. Poppy had a lot of information he gave people over the last few days, probably since last Thursday on and essentially he was talking about a US delegation that was over in Iraq and that part of that delegation had come home. He took a lot of heat because nobody could find any articles about who the delegation was and where they were at, where they were coming from, where they were going to. And actually Kaperoni was kind enough to hop into our chat room last night and drop a few articles off and share some things that he was excited about. I’m going to talk about those today myself a little bit, but one of the things that Kap did is essentially validated everything that poppy was saying. The delegation that poppy was talking about was a US Treasury/IMF delegation. The bulk of them were US Treasury and that would sense because poppy has probably one of the best treasury sources in the game. So essentially, all that heat that poppy took over that delegation and nothing being done while that delegation was there, Kaperoni came in and pretty much, without knowing it, pretty much validated everything that poppy said. Now part of that delegation is back, part of them are still there. They have some meetings going on. There were several interesting bank side articles that Kaperoni brought out and it looks really good, even from a banking perspective, from a financial side, very, very interesting. Let me get on to another of these contacts that poppy was talking to us about. I’m going to give you a few more details. I’m going to talk about this information just for a quick second, but I’m going to, I have to leave out certain parts of this because it would put somebody, probably, in a certain amount of jeopardy. This one gentleman of Middle Eastern decent has been meeting with a mutual friend of ours for quite some time and he’s been talking to him very recently, said if he was ever in the United States, he would stop by. Over the weekend, he just showed up and he had some interesting things to say. The primary things that he had to say and I can’t tell you what part of the world he’s from or what family he’s from, who he’s associated with or any of that business, but I can tell you that, again, we have been listening to him fairly regular for an extended period of time, not necessarily pointing at a direct RV related event, but the two main things that stuck out to me that were contiguous with some other interesting sources was number one, he had actually gone through Bagdad, hadn’t been there for quite a while and he said the amount of progress in Bagdad in the amount of infrastructure being built and the amount of activity going on there is just breath taking. Hadn’t been there in a couple of years and it just looks like a boomtown, just going like gangbusters. Now you’ve got to remember, they’re doing all that on a very, very, very limited budget, so when they actually open these budgets, when they rv this currency, it’ll be like anything that anyone has ever seen. It’ll just be amazing. That is a very similar piece of information similar, we had a security contact who was in the security business in Kurdistan and he’d been up there for quite a while and he flew back over northern Bagdad on his way to the airport and he said the very same thing. He said there’s just construction everywhere. From an aerial view it is just breath taking. So I have to believe that both of those two were there, they saw the sights, they smelled the smell. They know what it looks like. They saw the same thing. So there’s a lot going on there. There’s some political unrest, there’s some issues going on, but the short story is this thing is moving forward correctly and they’re doing this on a limited number, so I hate to think what’s going to happen when they’re able to run on full value, full force. It’s just going to be incredible. The other part of that gentleman’s information is they intend to move back to Bagdad once the political situation stabilizes and once they are able to and once the financial structure is in place for them to operate their business effectively and they’ve been out of the country for quite a while and they’re geared up to move back any time in the very near future. He believes that, their opinion is this occurrence; this financial occurrence is probably any time in the next couple of weeks. That’s the information that he relayed. That’s not necessarily my opinion or poppy’s opinion, but that’s what’s got him excited. That’s who that gentleman is. That’s where he comes from and I will say that we’ve listened to him for a couple of years and they haven’t, the story is, his family story, his situation has been very consistent with those two additions of the fact that he has seen Bagdad and it’s exploding and they’re looking forward to come any time now with their opinion. I think that’s interesting that those two additions were made and that he showed up live and in person and is somebody that we pretty much trust. That’s where that information came from and I know poppy took a lot of heat over that, but that’s exactly who that is. He also, poppy has, I’ll call it a state contact who’s opinion is also very much the same. He’s not giving away any state secrets, but he’s convinced and his contacts are convinced that the next couple of weeks is a very interesting window to them. They believe, barring any major catastrophe that this is the right time, right place for this thing to happen. I wanted to cover those, because that’s the information that poppy was relaying. That’s what it was based on. I don’t think I gave anything away there or hurt anybody. Poppy made me just absolutely swear that I’d stay off the record with that and I have pretty much, but I wanted to fill in some blanks there and make sure people understood that those are legitimate, real contacts. That’s where they come from and that’s what’s got him so excited. Is it his opinion? He’s excited like the rest of us. Is it their opinion, I believe that to be their opinion and that’s where that comes from. I’ll say this, there could be any number of events happen between here and there that could change that, so just be very, very careful when you consume that information. I’m going to get to that consuming information in just a second. Another thing that I see in this whole community is this blasé fair attitude towards exchange and I want to caution you, people are so tied up in the whole give me an rv, give me an rv, give me an rv mindset that they have no idea what they’re walking into on the other side of this thing. In fact, chattels, who is a legal counselor, he’s a lawyer. He and I had a very long conversation yesterday about the size of task that the exchange will actually be. It’s not over when you get an rv. It’s just the very beginning of the next phase. Having money and keeping money is going to be a big, big job and there are people who listen to this thing is that their whole being is tied up into getting there. Don’t make the other side of this thing the saddest thing that’s ever happened to you is all I’m saying. Be very careful about this. Just exactly about this information that I pointed out about poppy, there’s numerous things that could happen along the way that would potentially alter that. The same thing goes for the exchange portion of this thing. There are a thousand different variables that could change the outcome. Ok? There are spreads, there are tax implications. There’s just numerous, numerous things for you to look at and I would caution you to just take a deep breath, sit back and look at some options before you jump into anything head first. Before I get going with what is actually the real time line on this thing, I want to ask you a question and I laid all this information out for you because I want you to stop and think for a second about who’s really on your side. All I’m doing, I want every person listening to this call to think about who’s on your side. Would you rather have information that’s fact based? Information that is verifiable? Information that we’re accountable for? One of the reasons that we do the observer is accountability and I’m even going to be accountable for a statement I make here in a little bit. But would you rather have somebody that who’s accountable for what they say? Who advocates only buying the dinar that you can hold in your hand or endorses guaranteed reserves? Ask yourself, who’s the big beneficiary in that situation? Who benefits most there? And the point is, you need to come to the conclusion that you do. You need to put yourself in a position more often that you have a fighting chance. This business about every poster on the internet reposting every sacuitus(?) rumor that they run across with no accountability whatsoever hurts you, the average person. You’re the only one it hurts. And then this business about, for instance, recaps posting everything they can get their hands on and tossing out the good stuff and only posting the stuff that has no strings attached to it and then flipping their wig when someone talks about a guaranteed reserve, that should be a dead giveaway. That should be a perfect tell as to who is in the bag for who. So you’ve got to ask yourself, if somebody posts every sacuitus(?) rumor that they can get their hands on, they don’t want any accountability, they don’t want to be held accountable for anything that they say and they’re in the bag for all this naked reserve business, who’s side are they on? And the answer should be fairly simple. They’re not on your side. So my point is this. Make sure that you listen to people, make sure that you deal with people, make sure you give yourself every fighting chance that you can. Because it’s still hard to make it out there. You know the point is, over the last several years, this is the point. The playing field has not been level. It’s been slanted against you in every way, shape and form. You have people on commission passing around rumors that are absolutely not true and they know that they’re not true and they pass them around for no reason other than for personal gain. And then, the whole buying game is slanted against you because what do you have in the case of a naked reserve where you put your money down and then you have no chance of ever making good on that reserve and you have no chance of that information of ever being correct. Guess what? The game is rigged.

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    Transcript of Streaming Updates call with BGG – Tuesday, February 26, 2013 PART TWO

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We did the best we could and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    BGG – The game has always been rigged and I’m here to tell you what we’re doing is working hard every single day to make sure the game is not rigged anymore. That’s what I have to say on that matter. However, let’s move on to the real timing of the Iraqi RV. I don’t have any compunction about any of the things I just told you because there’s no pump to that. That puts you in the very best advantage to capitalize on this thing of any scenario you can dream up. And anybody who tells you anything differently, they’re not on your side. You can take that to the bank. Anybody who tells you anything differently than what I just told you, they’re not on your side. I was asked a couple of weeks ago what I felt like was the real timeline for this thing and I said, I was a little bit vague and I’m going to be very direct today. I’m going to hit this thing square between the eyes and I’m going to tell you exactly what I think and why I think it. I going to give you a bunch of examples and I want to make sure that you have every opportunity to understand this thing. Couple of weeks ago I was asked what I thought the timeline was and in a kind of vague way I said well you know it depends on how directly they approach Maliki after he misses his deadline and I kind of drew out two scenarios and I said I would think thirty to forty five days. That was a couple of weeks ago and I’m here to tell you I believe as time goes on there’s two things I’m more convinced of than I ever have been. Number one, this is a real investment. Is there always a chance you don’t know how it’s going to end? Absolutely. There’s always a slim chance anything can happen. Number two, the other thing I’m more convinced about as time goes on is we’re getting closer to the end and I think that timeline that I laid out for you is a very valid timeline for a lot of reasons. Number one, I said a while back that there’s going to be a lot of gurus talking about this budget and this and that and the other thing that will be broken hearted and wonder why everything didn’t go their way and they made all kinds of crazy predictions and none of it came true. I’ll tell you why. Number one, I told you a while back that Maliki had a specific deadline that he’d been given, by and probably he’d been been given this deadline by a group of characters, a cast of characters with one of them being the United States, more than likely. And I wasn’t proof positive about that deadline, I’m much more positive about that deadline now than I ever have been and that deadline was then end of this month. He had until the end of the month to get this thing straightened out. If he doesn’t get that sorted out he will, I suspect that they will go after him one way or the other. You’ll see this thing ramp up quite a bit more rapidly than it has in the past and there’s a lot of things that has helped us. The bottom line is those that gave him the deadline, now they have public consensus on their side. There’s really nothing that’s slowing them down. When it comes time for Maliki to go, nobody’s going to shed a tear for him. He has no friends, no options. There’s nowhere for him to turn. There are numerous, in fact, poppy said this yesterday, they called him, what did they call Maliki? It wasn’t a bad term, it was like a guy without any options, without any friends, it’s over for him. So that was my vague, vague prediction a while back. Thirty to forty five days and I know we’re still in that window so barring some wild conflagration in the Middle East, that’s exactly where we land today, but where do these conclusions come from? Any one particular source? Any one particular post? Any one particular outlet? No. They come from a compilation or amalgam a of various inputs and I have kind of been following this thing and studying it for a while and there are a couple of obviously much more stronger sources than the others that I pay attention to, but the bottom line is, everything pointing in the same direction is that Maliki is in big trouble. Let me ask you this. This was a big tell the other day and this was what kind of got me thinking about doing this call is that the other day, night before yesterday, there was all this big buildup to the budget that was going to be voted on, four, five or six articles. Everybody was talking about the budget. We’re all done, we decided, yada, yada. And then yesterday, no budget. Why no budget? Well, I was sitting here looking at the calendar and I had in my mind, I even vaguely referred to it a while back there was an end of the month deadline for Maliki. You can search me out and see if I’m right about that and by the way, anything I say on this call, there’s always back up for it. Ask one of our mods. Ask one of our people in the chat room. There’s going to be full accountability for it. We’ll be glad to account for it. The articles where Kaperoni verified essentially all the information that poppy said, all those articles are in the chat logs from last night, so you want to go look in our forums under Daily Chat Logs. Look late in the evening yesterday and you’ll find exactly the article that I’m talking about. So anyway, there was all this build up to the budget, then all the sudden yesterday there’s no budget. Nijafi puts it off and he puts it off indefinitely. Now let me tell you, here’s what’s going to happen. Highly likely. They’re not going to vote on this budget until after the first. Why? Number one, Iraq is in a world of hurt for money. Yes, they’re doing crazy things, they’re building like, they’re over building over there. They’re building fast, but they’re stretching themselves and Maliki is running out of money right now. Bad. He’s running out of money bad. Kaperoni and I were on the phone last night talking about it. He’s the one that brought up that Maliki sold ten tons of gold and nobody knows for sure where the money went. He also brought up several articles that a bunch of money from other budgets, 2011 and 2012, that aren’t even opened yet and there’s money missing from those budgets. Like yesterday or the day before Maliki, he took like thirty five million out of the 2012 budget and one of the M&P’s said there’s no accounting for it and needs to be returned. So the bottom line is Maliki is caught up in this vicious shell game, trying to keep things going at the very end here while he makes this thing happen and the bottom line is Nijafi and the parliament is essentially just holding Maliki up until he shows his hand as to whether he’s going to legitimately do what he says he’s going to do. He’s already given them the high sign that he’s going to fulfill everything, however, I’ve said all along, he’s not going to do that. I’ve said from the very beginning he’s an alligator. He’s said he going to do this, he’s not going to do it and then when it boils right down to it some miraculous turn of events is going to happen and they’ll probably pull him out of there and deal with him or whatever they’re going to do. Bottom line is he’s going to push this thing right up to the Friday, Saturday deadline. Sometime Sunday, Monday you’ll hear about what exactly they’re going to do about him and then they’re going to move on him. Is there a slim chance that this could happen at any moment? Yes, I have to make room for that. That’s a very distinct possibility if Maliki rolls over and does just what I don’t predict him to do, we could be in tomorrow. Who knows? But is that a logical assessment based on where we’ve seen him. I just don’t see that. I don’t see that as logical. So the budget was delayed, why? There’s no real good reason why. All the reasons that they gave us previously were reasons that you could look back six months and they were the same reasons as before. SO the whole point was if you roll down fast forward until two days ago, they had all this stuff solved and then miraculously yesterday they didn’t have it solved. What does that mean? Well the bottom line is just this. It’s never been about the budget. It wasn’t going to be about the budget. They’ve already got the budget figured out. What they’re doing is holding Maliki up. They want to see if he’s going to actually do what he says he’s going to do. We all know that he’s not. That’s exactly where that’s going to be. So the real timing in this RV is likely not in the budget. Not likely in a banking article or in a speech. Are those all good indicators? Absolutely. Do we watch those things? Yes. But we keep an eye on those things with an alert attitude of indifference. We don’t want to pin all our hopes on any one of them. Here’s some things that I can take accountability for. A few days ago I kind of made a prediction, maybe last weekend, I don’t remember, that I was looking for big news in the next couple of days and it didn’t really come about and I was probably let off the hook because Barzani comes up with the whole, with announcing the national meeting. Now that’s pretty big news and it pretty much happened right after I said this. Was that what I was looking for? No. Was that kind of a weak out? Absolutely. I’ll take the hit for that one. I was looking for something a little different than that. It didn’t happen. You know, Barzani announcing the national meeting kind of let me out of the box there, but the truth of the matter is, accountability wise, that’s not as strong as I was looking for. That’s just to be truthful. We were looking for something with a little more bang than that and we got kind of an easy out. Along those same lines, Barzani…Ask yourself this and this is from a political perspective. Barzani is grabbing all kinds of headlines with this national meeting and meeting with everybody and talking about the political crisis, coming up with a national meeting, an agenda for a national meeting, they’re already thinking about having a national meeting. How can you have a national meeting with Maliki in power? Number one. You can’t. Number two. How come Barzani is so short on details? He’s long on rhetoric, long on photo op, he’s long on headlines, but he’s short on details. Well the bottom line is he doesn’t have to be long on details. He doesn’t have to give Maliki anything. Why? He already knows what the outcome is. He already knows what the end result is. All he’s doing is getting himself some headlines. Refer to the blog today, speaking of headlines. Sistani is doing the very same thing. This guy is a rock star in the world of Islam. He sent a letter to the president of the United States to save us from the dictator, prime minister Nouri Al Maliki and it will be a United States victory. He’s handed this thing to Obama on a silver platter. He gave himself some good headlines too. But the bottom line is none of these three guys really have to do anything because the doing is already done. What I mean by that is Maliki has already, this deadline coming up in a few days is a hard deadline and then once that thing is over and we know that Maliki, I just don’t see any way that he’s going to capitulate and go quietly and then the only question mark in my mind about this timing has to do with how directly they approach Maliki after this weekend. I don’t expect anything until the weekend. Anything’s possible, but I just don’t see it. Are we coming up on it? Absolutely. Are there a lot of sources saying that? Yes. Specifically, insider sources. Where are we getting that? Pretty good places. Are we seeing it in the news? Absolutely. If you look close enough, it’s all there. So Sistani’s grabbing headlines. Barzani’s grabbing headlines. Nobody’s offering Maliki an olive branch because they don’t have to. The point is when you look at even the banking side of this thing, for instance, there was a meeting last Friday that Turki, the current Central Bank Governor, had to meet with the council of ministers last Friday and they’re essentially looking for ways to amp up the Iraqi economy, in so many words and they said we really can’t do anything about it now, but let’s meet again next Friday. Well, the point is even the people who watch the banking sector realize that nothing is going to happen until after next Friday. So, here’s my point. Friday is March first. That’s one day past the deadline. You’re going to see a lot of stuff start happening after that. A couple of quick emails that I’m going to address very quickly. There was a post that went around that was from me that said I’ll give you a hint, they won’t do a thing on the budget until after Friday for whatever reason, fill in the blank with your excuse and that is March first and I said after that, look out. I’ve drawn my case for that. I told you exactly why I think that is. Just fill in the blank with your excuse because it really doesn’t matter. It’s not going to happen until after then anyway. Then there was a post that was roaming around by me a while back several days ago. It was very short and very quick and it was out of context, but if you put it in context, it makes perfect sense. I said this will rv when they balance the power. I said it looks like Maliki isn’t calling the shots over there anymore. If you look at today’s blog, Sadir is congratulating the guy that Nijafi put back in power at the Justice and Accountability council over Maliki. Maliki tried to have him removed and Najafi sent him a letter and said you’ll report to the parliament, you go back to work. Sadir is congratulating that gentleman even today. Maliki is trying everything he can possibly do to get this thing gerrymandered so that he can stay in power. I said this a long time ago. I said when the Fed courts law and this court system gets worked out, there is a couple of laws that I said once those things happen, you can really look for those things to move fast. That’s exactly where we sit folks. When Maliki’s pet judge got hammered, things started to go downhill for Maliki fast. I think that we’ve got a basket of laws coming up shortly after they deal with Maliki that’ll kind of be the finishing touches on this thing. It will happen very, very quickly. There will be a lot of consensus. Everybody wants this thing to move fast. The bottom line is they’re going to have to deal with Maliki. He’s been a thorn in everybody’s side. And he’s about ready to be handled. If you really need an absolute timeline, like I said, it’s the very same one I gave you already. None of this craziness tonight, tomorrow night, the next night, so and so told me to. I told you two weeks ago, I felt like thirty to forty five days, directly how they hit Maliki head on and we’re exactly right in that window. Two weeks of that is gone now, got a few more days here and I think over this weekend the thing to do your homework on is time to take a peek at what happens over the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for the news because this is all going to happen out in the public where everybody can see it. The bottom line is you’re not going to have to rely on someone with questionable motives. You’re going to see this thing happen out in front of you and keep abreast of it. All on your own if you really wanted to or you’re welcome to let us help you. Either which way is fine. We’ll be glad to keep bringing you updates as we have them, but that is the real timing for the Iraqi RV barring some major catastrophe and I don’t see that. I think especially with Sistani reaching out to Obama. Excuse me, Sadi reaching out to Obama. Things are definitely hitting the main stream media. That’s exactly what we needed to happen and they’ve got public sentiment on their side. There’s really nothing holding them up at this point. I think they’re essentially waiting on Maliki to see what he’s going to do here, his last hoorah and then they’ll move forward in the coming period. That should happen in pretty short order. So keep your eyes peeled for the news this last, over this coming weekend. We’ll stay hopeful and in prayer. Keep poppy in your prayers too because he’s out there traveling and doing good works for people. We need him to come home safe. That is the update for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I appreciate everybody that tuned in and stay tuned to Red Lily’s Red’s Thread. Chattels does the Daily Dinar Update in the forum. Stay tuned to the observer all day long every day and the blog when I bring you news as I have it. That’s my update for today. Thank you so much. You guys have a great day.

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