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Thread: Open MOD Call w/BGG - Thursday FEB 21, 2013

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    Open MOD Call w/BGG - Thursday FEB 21, 2013

    "Open MOD Call"
    FEB 21, 2013

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    February 21, 2013 Transcript of Open Mod Call with BGG PART ONE

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We did the best we could and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)
    BGG _ Hey, if you don’t mind Nukem, go ahead and say a quick prayer and get us started off right tonight.

    NUKEM – Alright.

    BGG – That’ll be good.

    NUKEM – OK. Our heavenly Father, we love you and praise you. We thank you for all that you do for us. We ask you Lord, right now, to as we lift with Brian with our prayers and for so many that we are praying for. For love it 2, for poppy and BGG, that they will feel better. For Clay’s wife and sassy’s husband and for many others that I can’t think of right now, that you know. You know the needs, you know the dire straits that people are in You know the healing that needs to be done. We lift them up to you right now. Thank you for each person here and for this site, that we can come together and fellowship with each other and watch for news. We know that you’re in control of this and we ask you to lead us and guide us and direct us in your way and we pray in your precious and holy name. Amen.

    BGG – Amen. That was exactly the way to get started here. Nukem, thank you so much.

    NUKEM – You’re so welcome.

    BGG – I appreciate it. This is our open mod call, so it’s not exactly, we don’t necessarily have a preplanned script or anything that we’re even going to talk about in particular. I will probably open this up to a Q & A here in just a little bit and let some folks ask some questions, but poppy, he won’t be on tonight. He’s been sick, Bryan’s been sick, I’ve been sick back since the last conference call. Whenever the last conference call was until now, I had this horrible flu, head cold thing and fighting every single day. I’m sure you can hear it in my throat still. Just fighting every single day to stay afloat and keep abreast of any news I could. You probably noticed the blog yesterday and the observer was quite a bit more detailed than I’ve been for a few days. I just had a nice little stretch there where I could pay attention and wasn’t so sick I couldn’t see straight. That is where we’ve been at for the last few days. You know, Nukem had a great point there when she first started in her prayer and she talked about the dire straits that people are in. I want to make sure that everyone here understands and that we know. I mean, we’re very aware of the financial situation that people are in. We want to be very careful and respectful of people so we’re not taking advantage of that in any way. I was thinking about this tonight. I do believe that there are , in this community, there are folks who have taken advantage of those dire straits that people are in and it’s heartbreaking, because I know there are a lot of people that could really use this, there are a lot of charities, a lot of 501(c)(3)’s, a lot of people, you know, just normal people could really use this thing. We want to make sure we are as accurate as we possibly can be because I understand how it is. That’s really what we do this thing for. More than anything else, we don’t have a big audience tonight, we’re not here preaching to the masses. This is just our open mod call where we talk back and forth and kind of hash out some news. Anybody on the back side got anything to say? Any business that we need to handle? No? No mods. Going once, going twice. They’re here, they just don’t have something to say. Mod business. There was something that was on my mind. I don’t know, it slips past me. Whatever it was, I’ll handle it whenever it comes back to me. Ned, chattels and I were talking earlier today and it was kind of interesting to me. Let me find some of my notes. There are a couple of a, on the information side of this thing, I want to make sure that we don’t , there are a lot of folks that are bringing in just, saying the same thing over and over and over. It’s happening today, it’s happening tonight and it’s really, in my mind, just taking advantage of people who are in dire straits. Financially, physically and everything. I’m very optimistic for the next, you know, short period of time. You all know exactly what I’ve said. I haven’t been evasive about it. Somebody asked me a couple of weeks ago what I felt like the time frames were for this to happen and I said it depends a lot on how directly on how they approach Maliki, how directly they take him and I said if they go head on at him, it could go thirty, forty five days. And I still believe that. It’s still legitimate. I think there’s still a couple of upcoming dates that are interesting to look at. Obviously this twenty third date and the end of the month. Those are interesting only in that they’re kind of marks so to speak. They’re not necessarily, the twenty third is a loan deadline and I highly doubt they’re going to make that payment. And when they don’t make that payment, Iraq is not going to be able to borrow any more money. That’s what that’s going to turn out to be. I believe the thirtieth or the end of the month, there was that information that surfaced that talked about Randy. Randy talked about all these documents being signed and needs to be done before the end of the month or Exxon was going to take off. Well that’s probably fairly legitimate information folks. It’s pretty much everywhere and Exxon is looking like that. They don’t really, they’re pretty much sick and tired of dealing with Bagdad. They would much rather leave all those oil fields and just deal with the Kurds if they had to. But there was another interesting piece that surfaced just this afternoon and it was an article that essentially Maliki has agreed to all oil contracts in Kurdistan. It was essentially some kind of media leak that there has been preliminary approval made by Maliki on these oil contracts and he’s kind of out it out there in the public that he’s agreed on these oil contracts. That’s all done on purpose. He agreed to this a while back. My whole point behind that, that March 30th deadline, whatever that thing turned out to be and you’ve heard me talk about this for quite some time about a back channel deal or back door deal or is there really a deal in place for Maliki to get this done to really balance and move this thing forward the power and get this thing done. I think there probably is and I think there has been back then. That’s why I would talk about it in public, even in veiled terms. I just wasn’t fairly certain that there was some kind of deal in place, however, this is the however. I don’t believe, I just have a hard time believing that Maliki is going to roll over and do what he says. I think they’re going to wind up going and I’ve been consistent about this. I think they’re going to go up to this deadline, he won’t do what he says he’s going to do, they’re going to wind up having to take him out and they’re positioning themselves to do that. If you watch the blog, there’s all kinds of news and articles and everything that points at Maliki’s power base being eroded daily. There was a piece put out about, somebody attributed a comment to me and I’m going to put that in the observer and I’m going to kind of put a red mark behind it or beside it because it wasn’t what I said and I’ll read it to you. Let me look this comment up. It’s basically two lines and it says somebody said it was a comment that I had made, but there was a lot more to it than just what they printed. I’m trying to find this. Here we go. I can’t even find this comment. It was a little one liner. Ok. Somebody put out there that newshound guru BGG said it will RV once the power is balanced and it looks like Maliki isn’t calling the shots any more. Well, that was just one or two lines out of a big long chat that we had and essentially, prior to that, everybody was talking about all the different points or markers that would potentially cause an RV and I said the RV would happen once the power is balanced. And it looks like Maliki isn’t calling the shots anymore, that was relative to a different conversation entirely and that talks about that article that I had in the blog yesterday where I said, I think it was yesterday. Maybe it’s even today, either yesterday or today, it was referencing that article where Maliki, back on the 18th, Maliki had tried to relieve the head of the Justice and Accountability council and told them to get lost. Immediately, the very same day Najafi gave him carte blanche and the full faith and credit of the parliament and said essentially you’re good to go, stay in your job. And that is exactly what I was talking about when I said Maliki isn’t calling the shots any more. I’m still going to give that comment a red X because it was two completely different things, it was totally twisted and that was not what I was talking about at all. Talking about some current events, we’re kinda looking at this 23rd date and we’re looking at the 30th date. Those are both very interesting timelines and I like everything I see here folks. Anything is possible. The point is, Iraq is running out of money. If you look at all the marker points, they all have to do with money. The 23rd is a loan date. The 30th, Malik’s supposed to have all the oil contracts and everything implemented and signed off on, agreed to and it’s not just agreeing to it, he’s already signed off on it. He’s already doing something about it. That’s relative to money and the United States is not going to protect the DFI funds past May. You’ve also got, if Maliki can’t make this payment on the 23rd, then Iraq can’t get any more loans and that would be, that’s a money problem. What I’m doing is I’m getting around to, I’m kind of drawing this picture. You also got, essentially, the disputed areas. Why they’re disputed is very simple. That’s where a huge amount of oil comes out of. Essentially, I don’t know where the numbers come out of, I don’t know, seventy or eighty percent of the Kurd’s oil revenue, all of it comes from that neighborhood. That’s exactly why it’s disputed and that’s why they’re fighting over it. That’s all about money. Maliki put in his guy at the CBI who has essentially sold about ten tons of reserve gold this last, in the last couple of weeks. Sold ten tons of their reserve gold. So essentially, Maliki has made a run at the Central Bank of Iraq reserves and he’s got to do it because he’s running out of money. I say all this to get to this point and the real reason, I believe, that this budget is not getting done is because Nijafi is putting the screws to Maliki. I mean, you’ve got to ask yourself, first of all, they’ve essentially agreed in principle to seventeen percent to the Kurds all along. They’ve already been paying them and when they do pay them, it’s based on the seventeen percent number. That’s a whole other story in itself. This whole business that the Kurds are doing something wrong or that it’s all their fault that this is going on and that nobody knows what the argument is. Here’s what the argument is. Nijafi is putting the financial screws to Maliki one last time. The only reason you can think of that this budget is getting delayed and it’s fairly simple. Nijafi is just making sure that is as uncomfortable for Maliki as absolutely possible. I’ll boil it down to money. Without the budget, you got nothing. So that’s exactly, that’s my take on the budget as of right now and whatever delays that there are and I’ve said there would be delays going back, you can check me all the way back. I was fairly certain it would happen like that, but those delay are all geared towards, and Nijafi is the one that entirely has the power to push this off or not push this off. He’s that one that did it. I’m fairly certain after looking the situation over that it’s about, they’re pushing this situation, this budget vote off to see what Maliki’s going to do. That’s pretty much what it’s all about. You can kind of tae that for future reference and see how it goes. Any questions from the backside here? If not, I’m going to open it up to the front side. Mods? Going once, going twice? Nope? Here we go. Anybody on the front side that wants to ask a question, dial star 6 to get in que and as soon as you’re there, I will, there you go star 6, we’re going to take a few questions here and we will finish out. First caller is from the 248 area code. Area code 248 thanks for calling and you are live.

    CALLER #1 – Hey BGG, this is Richard in Crauchiat (?) in Grand Lakes Michigan, how are you doing tonight?

    BGG – Good. How are you Richard?

    CALLER #1 – I’m doing pretty good man. I’m glad it sounds like you’re doing a little bit better getting rid of whatever bug you got going on.

    BGG – Slightly better. Thank you for your concern Richard.

    CALLER #1 – Absolutely. My question is in regards to poppy's comment about all the documents being signed for the RV, everything in place, but CBI and the IMF not releasing or not authorizing anything until the government is where they want it. Is that pretty much once, is your take, that once Maliki is dealt with one way or another and he’s out of the picture or out of power that this thing will take off big time or what are your thoughts on how this thing is going to play out?

    BGG – You know, I think that’s probably a legitimate way to look at it. Without sounding to overly simplistic like some kind of pump and dump guru, I think you’re probably correct and I think poppy is correct in that all the financial systems of the world, they’ve been ready for this for quite some time. They were ready a long time ago and they’ve been waiting for this. This is no surprise to them. They’re ready. I'’ just absolutely positive it has something to do with the balancing of power. Now, does Maliki have to go? I don’t believe he has to go. Would it be better for Iraq? Absolutely. But I don’t believe Maliki has to be completely out of the picture for this to happen. What does have to happen is that, and I think we’re starting to see the beginnings of this with this fed courts law, with some adjustments to their courts system. The world has to be able to look at this country and say wait a second. They’re actually dealing with life in general as a democracy, not as a dictatorship and I think that’s a very critical aspect. Shabbibi as much as said it numerous times and he pointed to it over and over that they really need the government to act right. Right before Shabbibi was pretty much oustered the same comment was made several times in the media, they really needed the government to do their part before the CBI and the financial systems could do their part.

    CALLER #1 – In regards to the fed courts law, I had seen some information about another national meeting or something that’s going to be taking place, I believe the 23rd or some point and time. I don’t remember the exact date. And I had also seen that the HCL is pretty much all done. I’m just kind of wondering as I look at this news and I don’t get caught up in the hype and the rhetoric and this and that. I kind of watch things with the same eye that you do. I look for all the same consistencies and the things that are taking place that are all pointing to our end goal of the RV. Where are we at with the Fed Courts, with the meetings that are coming up, taking place, that have taken place with the HCL, with the Kurds agreement for the seventeen percent and the different back end things that is obviously being reported, because obviously there are a lot of things that in the background that we’re not aware of and probably won’t be aware of until after RV. But what are your thoughts and what is your take on the FED Courts and the HCL and the different goings on with that?

    BGG – Any of your middle east politics watchers will say that the Fed Courts law, excuse me, the Supreme Court Act or I don’t know what you call it wasn’t the final version of this Fed Courts law. They haven’t voted on that yet. They did another, it was a justice and accountability measure, something along those lines. I don’t remember what it was. Essentially, it removed the head of the Supreme Court council. I can’t remember how they put that. It’s the Supreme Council member. They removed that judge and that was this last law, but they haven’t finished up the full fledged courts law. I don’t think that’s in jeopardy, they’ve just got other fish to fry. There’s huge support for that. They’re going to go ahead and finish that all up and that’s a good thing for Iraq. I started talking about that fed courts law a long time ago and now it gets to the forefront, it’s really, I think that the Fed Courts law that I was talking about has actually been read twice and they’ve only got one more trip through and then they’ll have that one licked. That just evens the playing field. It takes the judges and takes them out of the politics realm and puts them into exactly the realm they’re supposed to be in and that’s an even handed judge. This judge here that they took out, there was some kind of lower court ruling that said he could pretty much be a judge or something like that, but the other problem he has is he is way past the age of retirement. They have a mandatory sixty nine year cut off and he’s eighty something. He’s not going to survive this no matter what he does. Then you’ve got Al Sadadi who’s flipping his wig over this guy. There’s just way too much upheaval for him to survive politically as a judge and still be a factor. And all that’s good because that’s balancing the power more. That takes that third leg of government out of Maliki’s back pocket and puts it more in the realm of balance. That’s exactly what I’ve said all along, the power has to be balanced. They’ve got to do something about Maliki’s unhindered shot at their constitution. That’s basically what they’ve got to do. That’s what they’re doing and it is happening. I think it could happen fairly quickly now. We’re moving in the right direction. There seems to be a significant ground swell of support to do the right thing. That’s it in a nutshell. I appreciate the comments Richard.

    CALLER #1 – Alright, thank you.

    BGG – Thank you so much. You have a great night and we’ll take another caller. Next caller is from the 828 area code. 828 area code, thanks for calling and you’re live.

    CALLER #2 – BGG, this is clay, how are you doing?

    BGG – Good, how are you clay?

    CALLER #2 – Good. I appreciate everything you do for us. I have a question that’s in chat right now. You mentioned the 23rd which is Saturday and we all understand that, but nobody understands the 30th. Is that March?

    BGG – No, that’s the end of this month.

    CALLER #2 – Oh ok. The other thing I wanted to ask you which so many other people are questioning is Sistani put a lot of pressure on Maliki and we’ve never heard nothing. What happened with that?

    BGG – You know, I don’t know. That’s a good question. The deal is, Sistani, both he and akin put a lot of pressure. Here’s the deal, let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings because tomorrow is a big day. Here’s my take. Bagdad has probably threatened a bunch of the clerics and said if you don’t shut up, we’re going to arrest you. Probably gotten a few of them to back off, but there’s enough of them out there willing to risk their necks that it’s not slowing things down enough for Maliki. That’s kind of the thing I highlighted most on the blog in the last few days is that Maliki has been in damage control overtime. I mean they have just been working around the clock to slow some of these demonstrations down. I kind of made a little prediction. I shouldn’t even say this out loud. I told somebody to be watching Fox news tomorrow, that you’re going to hear a lot about Iraq. Only from this perspective, if these demonstrations keep getting out of hand like this, eventually the world is going to take notice. That’s the perspective I said that from. There’s no kind of veil or something or other that I;m not saying, thats all that is.

    CALLER #2 – Ok. I just want you to know that you’re appreciated by all of us in chat and I appreciate what you said in the beginning about many of us suffering. I’m one of them and I just pray to God this happens soon. Thank you.

    BGG – I do to buddy, I do to. There’s a lot of people who could use it. I appreciate you calling in. Thanks for calling and we appreciate what you do for us in chat too clay. You keep up the good work. Let’s take one more caller. 706 area code. Area code 706 thanks for calling and you’re live.
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    February 21, 2013 Transcript of Open Mod Call with BGG PART TWO

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We did the best we could and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    CALLER #3 – Hey BGG, this is dwight.

    BGG – How are you dwight? How are you buddy?

    CALLER #3 – Pretty good. Just passing the time. On a scale of 1 – 10, do you think there’s a possibility of us getting this thing done by the end of February?

    BGG – You know, I’m going to tell you there is a chance. There’s definitely a possibility, but that would go against everything that I’ve said so far. I think Maliki’s going to ride this thing right to the bitter end. And I think as soon as he gets done riding this thing to the bitter end, then they’re reformulate their plans and figure out how they’re going to deal with him. That’s what I think.

    CALLER #3 – So you’re still 30 - 45 days?

    BGG – Well, I think that 45 day clock started two weeks ago is what I think. I’m still sticking with what I said. I’m not backing up on that. And I did kind of leave a little room there. It kind of depends on how they go at Maliki once they realize he’s going to be an alligator. He’s an alligator. He’s going to do what he does. They’ve made deals with him over and over and over and he’s never done any, he hasn’t pulled off anything he says he’s going to do. I think it is legitimate. I think there are news leaks out there that Maliki has agreed to this stuff. I think it’s all true, but again, it’s exactly as I’ve said all along, typically these news sources come at you or these sources, not news sources, but sources come at you and they come at you form one perspective and there’s ten or twelve different ways of looking at this thing. Probably a great source on the inside, inside, heard what they heard and know what they know, but that’s not a bird’s eye view of this thing two weeks from now and that’s my whole point about this. You’ve got to be watchful for, I think all that’s probably legitimate information and it’s real. It’s not made up and the things I’ve been saying are even leaking out in the media. So and so, Maliki agreed to contracts and yada, yada, yada and the whole nine yards. Going be in the blog tomorrow, going to be in the observer tomorrow. We’ll score it, but what’s my gut feeling on what Maliki’s going to do? I don’t think he’s going to buckle. I hope he does. I think he’s going to ride it to the bitter end and they’re going to have to remove him. That’s my take on it.

    CALLER #3 – Well, appreciate it. You have a good one.

    BGG – Alright. Thanks dwight, appreciate you man. And that is our last caller unless there is somebody out there that would like to ask a question. You can star 6 to get in the que. If I see you before we finish up here, we’ll answer your question. Any of the mods on the back side got anything before we get going? Going once, going twice? We’ve got one more caller. Let’s go with 903 area code. 903 area code, thanks for calling and you’re live.

    CALLER #4 – Good evening BGG. Presuming Maliki does not cooperate at all and they’re forced to go towards the no confidence vote and to keep the numbers simple , that starts March 1, what is the time frame we should be looking at or kind of anticipating in terms of getting that process over?
    BGG – Nobody knows for sure. It all depends. It could happen very, very quickly. Once they fully make up their mind and this is what they’re going to do and they are going to move forward, I believe they’ll probably have in mind an interim or caretaker before they even pull the trigger on that vote and once they have the vote, it’ll go quick. I wouldn’t worry about that being a long process.

    CALLER #4 – Ok. At one point and time, I heard there was a thirty day appeal or something that Maliki had in order to respond. Does that delay…

    BGG – No. Particularly without his henchmen in the court, I don’t think that will delay anything. Make no mistake, they have all the votes they need to remove him. They’ve always had the votes, they still have the votes. They had the votes two weeks ago, so it’s not like, you know, here’s another way to look at this. All you hear in the media recently, last forty eight hours or so is all about Barzani. It’s all Barzani all the time. He’s talking about new initiatives and this and that and the other thing and he’s up in Russia and he’s here and he’s there and he’s everywhere. Ask yourself what that’s all about number one. And basically what that's about is he’s getting some pre RV headlines number one. Number two, he’s really short on details. He’s long on rhetoric and short on details. He hasn’t given Maliki any, there’s no specific meeting. There’s no specific anything. Secondly, you’ve got to ask yourself, why is he not giving Maliki anything. What I’ll tell you is he already knows the outcome. He doesn’t have to give Maliki anything. He already knows this deal is a done deal. He already knows it’s decided and he already knows how it’s going to turn out. So he doesn’t have to give anything in the negotiations. All he’s doing is getting himself some pr right now. That make sense?

    CALLER #4 – Absolutely.

    BGG – Appreciate your call and thanks for calling. We’re going to take one more caller and I’m going to try a skype caller. Never done this before. 970 are code. 970 area code, thanks for calling and you’re live.

    CALLER #5 – Yes, thank you. Just had a quick question and was curious is this being recorded to be listened to later?

    BGG – Yes, it sure is.

    CALLER #5 – And it will show up on your forums page?

    BGG – Yes, it sure will.

    CALLER #5 – OK. Thank you.

    BGG – Thank you sir, appreciate it. Have a great night. Ok Nukem are you out there?

    NUKEM – Yes, I’m here.

    BGG – Very good. Why don’t you say a quick prayer and send us out of here and that’s all I’ve got.

    NUKEM – OK. Our heavenly Father, we again come to you and thank you for all that you do for us. Thank you for BGG and all of these mods that are these news hounds that spend their time looking for all of this news and putting it all together, deciphering all of the details of this for most of us who don’t understand and we look to them for guidance and we look to you for guidance and direction Lord and we thank you that you’re here for us. We thank you for BGG and poppy. We ask that you be with poppy and his family and lift them up. We pray in your precious and holy name. Amen.

    BGG – Thank you so much Nukem. Appreciate it. Appreciate everybody that was on here. Thank you mods so much. Appreciate you guys. All of our members that are so loyal and faithful, thank you guys. Stay tuned and we’ll come at you in the next couple of days. Probably gonna advertise a call in the next couple of days or so. Have yourself a good one and I will too.

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