Expect a new initiative from President Barzani to rid Iraq of its current political crisis

[6:55] 13/Feb/17

Erbil February 17 (PNA) - seems to Erbil candidate again for a role in Iraq out of its crisis of the current political, similar to the crisis that hit it in 2010 due to the convergence votes blocs Sunni and Shiite in the parliamentary elections, which led to the outbreak of the crisis of forming the new Iraqi government , the Kurdish leadership has played an important role in that time to resolve the problem through push support bloc of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to become prime minister, for the formation of the policy and give it to the Iraqi list, according to what is known at the time «First Erbil Convention.

And expected to see Erbil, according to many sources Kurdish leadership, next month, at the latest, a second conference for national dialogue, bringing together the parties to the political process; in order to remove Iraq from its current crisis protracted.

According to forecasts of observers and confirmation of President Barzani's Chief Dr. Fuad Hussein, is expected to advance President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani new initiative calls for Iraqi parties to the meeting in Arbil; to discuss the developments of the political crisis and the search for radical solutions to them, and this was confirmed by a leading figure in the National Union Kurdistan Adnan Mufti, in a statement to the newspaper «Middle East», saying: «The recent meetings between the number of Iraqi delegations, including the delegation of State of Law bloc and the Iraqi List and the Sadrist movement, with the leadership of the region, resulted in a political consensus Kurd and an Iraqi about the need to hold such a conference ; In the Kurdish meeting was Mr. regional president Massoud Barzani with the political parties Pkordstan, resulted in consensus KORDI about the need to get out of this crisis, and to make every effort to solve it through national dialogue, and consultations Barzani continuing in this regard, and the question remains mechanisms that are still under discussion and debate Currently, especially as the other side represented by political parties and Iraqi political blocs in turn, has expressed willingness to participate in this conference.