Open MOD call w/Poppy & BGG - Sunday FEB 17, 2013 - 2:00 pm CST
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Thread: Open MOD call w/Poppy & BGG - Sunday FEB 17, 2013 - 2:00 pm CST

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    Open MOD call w/Poppy & BGG - Sunday FEB 17, 2013 - 2:00 pm CST

    "Open MOD Call"
    FEB 10, 2013

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    February 17, 2013 Transcript of Open Mod Call with BGG & POPPY3 PART 1

    (Disclaimer - This is not an official transcript and every word may not get written. We did the best we could and you will likely find spelling and grammatical errors. None is intentional and no offense should be taken.)

    POPPY – We’ll get this thing kicked off. First off, we take everything to the Lord in prayer and we just want to open it up today. It’s a beautiful day here in Tennessee. I hope the rest of you are experiencing the same thing. It’s a little cool, but it is beautiful. Father God we thank you today. We come to you Father from all over the country. Father, we are tuned in to you Father. We praise you and honor you and give you the glory. Thank you for all the great testimonials we’re hearing Father. From answer to prayer where you’ve laid your healing hand on people that we’ve talked to and prayed for. We thank you for this opportunity to pray and instruct others Father and to be a part of their lives. We just ask you Father to continue to bless the people within the sound of our voice and the people that are working with us Father. We are only strengthened through you Father and to understand that and to know that we can go farther and accomplish more with you in our lives than any other way. We put our trust and our honor in you and we thank you Father. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

    BGG – Amen. Thanks poppy. Appreciate you. ...

    [mod business]

    BGG - ... I think what we’re going to do here…By the way let me nnounce this real quick. We’re going to do a Q & A. We’re going to allow a Q & A here this afternoon. So if you’re on the front side of this call and you’re a listener and you’d like to ask a question, hit star 6 and that will put you in que for the Q & A when we start that. But I’m going to let the mods ask any questions first. So, mods on the backside, you get to go first. Ok, nobody, so I’m going to cover some news real quick here before we get going. On the blog, looks like to me, we’ve got a very big, roughly about a week in Erbil, we’ve got a lot of people kind of gathering and there’s all kinds of news back and forth about what’s really going to happen there, but it looks like there’s a push on to at least discuss the possibility of a replacement for Maliki. Now when is that? Is it now? Is it the next election? Is it after a no confidence vote? I don’t know what that ultimately is going to look like, but there is significant meetings going on. It’s kind of like poppy and I had laid down for you earlier. Maliki had some kind of a back wall. I suspect that time line has run out. They’re looking for some kind of replacement for him. I didn’t immediately expect him to jump on board with any kind of deal and I suspect even if they do any kind of back channel deal that he’ll run the clock out on that and jump ship right at the last minute. Don’t expect any…I fully expect this noise about Maliki being replaced is probably real. Now what actually comes of it will be another story entirely. I think a day or two ago I alluded to the fact that I’m looking to hear some pretty great news in the next several days. This is probably the start of that big news. There’s going to be some more big news coming up in the next twenty four to forty eight hours. You can pretty much look for it. US State Department sent six diplomats to northern Iraq and that would include, probably include John Kerry, but doesn’t have to. I would suspect he’s in that bunch, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s… no deadlock cinch that he’s got to. State of law coalition is all upset about…they’re pulling no punches. They are pretty much out of options and you’re going to hear all kinds of crazy accusations out of them. This is all a personal attack on Maliki or this is trying to ruin the political process. Truth of the matter is, there has been no political process. I’ve been accused over the last however long over being so focused on Maliki and not seeing the forest for the trees, but here’s the deal. Let’s be real about this. For the last year that Maliki has been in power, he has taken all of that time to entrench himself as firmly in the Iraqi government as he possibly can. Which means crooked judges, different ministries, very, very sectarian approach to, basically a racist approach to putting in key ministries. So, heads up, he hasn’t followed through on any of his deals that he agreed to which was Erbil, the deal with the Kurds, Article 140, nothing that would be good for Iraq has Maliki actually done. So the bottom line is and actually let’s look at the last twelve months or so. The only times we ever got even remotely close to a potential RV was the times the opposition got Maliki’s head down and stuck his nose in it and right at the very end, some miraculous turn of events would happen particularly for instance Talibani would let Maliki out of the box. And we’ve all talked about why that’s happened. My point is with Maliki unfettered, he’s basically dug himself in as deep as he possibly could and until we get some kind of resolution on that. In fact, just recently in the last thirty, forty five days, whatever that number is when Maliki didn’t have that Talibani cover and when Parliament started working towards minimizing Maliki’s dictatorship. As long as we see real progress toward some kind of a different situation in Iraq and lots more movement towards a potential currency movement. That’s really it in a nutshell. People who are telling you anything other than that are just dreaming about what they think could maybe happen here. Because something is going to have to change to alter our course. If Maliki is left in there just exactly the way he is today. Completely in power, however long he is left in power, the status quo remains the same. There’s going to be no change in the currency until something changes about this power structure. That’s really where we’re at. If you want to look at the forest for the trees, the bottom line is that this recently things are changing quite rapidly and this is just awesome, awesome news for us. The main key point that I want to bring today is I’m fully expecting some earth shattering news in the next one or two day. I can’t guarantee what that news is, but it’s going to be big. There won’t be any doubt about it and everybody will be here to listen to it. That’s the primary thing that I’ve got for you this afternoon. Aside from that, all of the news happenings right now are just spectacular. All this back and forth of the…state of law is putting up a little bit of a…SLC and the DAWA party, not so much the DAWA party, but definitely the SLC is putting up a little bit of a fight because they know exactly about what’s ready to happen. That’s exactly where most of those news articles are coming from. I’m not pointing to any one particular news article, just the general trend. There is an article out just a little bit ago that talks about the news of the death of Talibani and talking about Allawi going to succeed Talibani with Barzani’s blessing. That’s the title of that article, but I read the text of the article and it does not match up with the title. Let’s not jump to any conclusions and I’m not going to even say that until I get some more, a broad base of news that’s telling me the same thing. There’s too much back and forth over that Allawi nomination to the President of the Republic for it to be a deadlock cinch. I think that will be good for everybody. I think it will be good for Iraq. It would balance the power effectively. It would take Maliki out of that dictatorial position. And it is probably everything that we need for the UN, for the United States and the IMF to believe that Maliki is not in a dictator position and they could probably do something with the currency. I would think that’s been kind of the whole hold up is an imbalance of power at the top in Iraq. As far as I’m concerned, if Allawi ended up as the POR, that would be really good stuff for us and that’s all it would take for Maliki not to be a dictator, unfettered in that country. So that’s my news. Let me just take a quick zoom across, yea that’s it. I don’t know how much differently I could explain it. Essentially, those meetings in Kurdistan with all the power players have been going on for a little while and actually SLC is up there too. They’re up there, I think that’s probably legitimate to believe there’s a lot of discussion to the alternative over Maliki going on right now. Having said that, anybody on the backside here got any questions?

    CHATTELS – BGG, I’ve got a question.

    BGG – Mr. chattels?

    CHATTELS – Were you surprised that the US and Iranians are sitting at the table? This comes out of the content of the article states sends 6 diplomats to resolve crisis.

    BGG – Am I surprised that the US and the Iranians are at the table?

    CHATTELS – Yes.

    BGG – No, because those are the two primary players in this game.

    CHATTELS – Understood…

    BGG – It doesn’t surprise me a bit and these guys are, this current administration is convinced that they can somehow negotiate with the Iranians. So that doesn’t surprise me.


    BGG – I think in lining up with our own chat room rules, as I discuss US politics as it relates to the IQD, there have been a number of possible proposals that kind of leak out of the US State Department which is that three state Iraq. The potential for nominating Allawi to the POR, there’s just, they’re kind of poking around looking for a solution. I really, like I said before, that three state Iraq with a legitimate proposal, it’s been something that VP Biden has talked about for years, I don’t see that…other than a possible agreement and a back channel deal, I didn’t necessarily see that as a short, quicky solution. In their mind it was, but I didn’t see that. I think there’s a much quicker solution that they’re working on right now. That’s the way it feels to me. This is not shocking that our state department is in there kind of working all different kinds of angels, not surprising at all.

    CHATTELS – I suppose I was surprised that it was in black and white, out front like that.

    BGG – That the Iranians were at the table?

    CHATTELS – Yea, they seem to have…

    BGG – Yea, Iraqi doesn’t have any, they don’t care. It’s probably not so good for the US for that to be in black and white, but the Iraqis, they don’t care. They’ll print whatever they think is printable news and to them, that’s, I don’t know. I would tend to think that’s a pro SLC viewpoint, because they want to keep it as nationalist as possible. They want to limit the exterior influence, but there’s just no way. They’re just kidding themselves when they think along those lines.

    CHATTELS – Fair enough. Thanks.

    BGG– No problem. Anybody else on the back side of this call?

    POPPY – I had another comment about this delegation that’s going there. I don’t necessarily buy the reason that they put in there that they’re going there to help solve the crisis. If they are, keep them here at the house in my book. I mean, I’ve kept up with it for three years. Every time our delegations go in there for any reason, any progress that’s being done stops. If they’re over there for that reason, they’ll have a discussion, but everything will stand still while they’re having that discussion. Nothing will be done. I look at it that they’re going over there because maybe, just maybe, all these agreements that we’ve heard here in the last several weeks have been accomplished or at least a big part of them have been accomplished and that they’re going to be there for announcements of some of the progress that’s been made. Not necessarily all of it, but they’re going to be there to celebrate some of these accomplishments or give gratuities, no not gratuities, but give thanks and a little praise for what has been accomplished by the different groups. There’s both possibilities the way this thing is set up. I know from the state department that they were anticipating everything being handled by Wednesday of this week as far as Maliki was concerned. That he was to be stale mated in other words or nullified as far as his power and if they are going there to finalize alleviating his power, then I’m excited. But I think we have to look at this thing with a very discerning eye and like BGG said a little while ago, expect within the next couple of days to really get some good discernment as to what’s exactly taken place. Right now, with me, it’s a little bit, I’m very positive about what I’m hearing, but I’m also cautious as to how I read it. I know several of us are reading it a different way. We’ve discussed it. There’s nothing wrong with, in fact it’s good that we discuss things and whether we agree or disagree, but to come out working together. That’s what all of us should do in life, not just about the dinar, but in everything. I know a lot of ya’ll have talents and skills and abilities far beyond my talents and skills and abilities in certain areas. Well, I need you. You need me in certain areas. I need you in certain areas. We all need one another and we’ve got to find a way to continue to work together after the dinar is revalued and we’re living our lives happy go lucky. We still need to depend upon one another and love on one another with the skills and abilities that we have. I appreciate each and every one of you that assist us in digging up information and help us discern the information. There’s a lot more to this than anyone ever fathomed. I mean, it’s just like me caring for my son and preparing for him and his future for the last twenty eight years. Nobody knows what we’ve gone through and how we’ve had to live our lives, but I found people to depend on and help me and guide me and school me on things that I should do. I think that’s what, by all the different scenarios that this dinar situation has turned up, especially with the situation that we’re in right now. We’re right in the thick of it right now. We can see this thing go good. We can see it being delayed again for whatever the reason. I don’t see anything that can delay it long term though. Everything is short term. Everything is going to be decided short term and implemented short term from what it has been. That’s my outlook on it. I didn’t mean to get into preaching, but I almost brought my bible out. Ya’ll can just bear with it. I just want you to know I appreciate every one of you and I appreciate the way you work with one another and control the site. Believe me, you’re a big blessing to all of us. Thank you and I’ll shut up now. Go ahead BGG.
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    February 17, 2013 Transcript of Open Mod Call with BGG & POPPY3 PART 2

    BGG – Thanks poppy, I appreciate that. That’s just great. Real quick before we get going here, anybody on the front that wants to ask a question on the Q & A part here, star six and that will put you in que to ask a question and I’ll go ahead with the first question in just a quick second… Give me a sec here. I’m trying to run our board and talk at the same time. Ok, got a couple of callers here. First caller is from the 480 area code. 480 area code, thanks for calling and you are live. What’s your question?

    CALLER #1 – BGG, I just wanted to ask about that article that was read, I think it was even in the paper today, they were trying to blow up Allawi, his home and his office area. Have you heard if that has happened?

    BGG – I believe that’s legitimate and it’s probably correct. I think what’s interesting to me about that article is not necessarily, you know there is a lot of back and forth as the whether Allawi is a legitimate candidate to replace Talibani, but I think the thing that brings the most legitimacy to the fact that they’re talking about Allawi as a replacement is the fact that the Iraqi government probably tried to blow him up the last couple of days.

    CALLER #1 – He’s ok though isn’t he? They didn’t get him right?

    BGG – They didn’t get him. No. I don’t believe that to be the case. That would be huge news if they did. They mortared and rocketed his house in Bagdad. That’s just a very plain message in Iraqi politics. The politics of violence. As soon as they started talking about Allawi being a potential president of the Republic, his house in Bagdad got hit with mortar and rocket fire. It’s like I said in the blog, anybody got any idea what a single rocket costs? Just one single rocket? That not some paramilitary out to get him. That’s somebody who’s got government style money is what that is. That’s an interesting question, but I think the answer to it is this and this alone. That probably lends the most credibility to Allawi being a possible replacement candidate than anything that we’ve seen so far with the attacks on him. If he wasn’t a legitimate threat, I doubt they would have done anything.

    CALLER #1 – Thank you, I appreciate that.

    BGG – No problem. Thanks for the call that was a great one. Next caller is from the 712 area code. 712 area code, thanks for calling and you are live.

    CALLER #2 – This is Gary, BG. Do you think the twenty third is going to be a big thing for the rv or do you think that’s not going to be a big thing?

    BGG – You know, I don’t think the date in particular or any of the agreements are nearly as big as everybody would like to thing. I thinks there’s some deadlines in place, but Iraq, deadlines have meant nothing to Iraq so far. I think it could happen and that very well could be the timeframe, but if it does it will be shearly coincidental. It won’t be because of any particular timeline to them. I think one that power gets balanced, rebalanced or put back in balance, it could very well happen within that timeframe, but it will be just because the power has balanced correctly and that would be the only reason for it.

    CALLER #2 – Ok, thank you very much then.

    BGG – No problem. Thank you. Great question. Anybody else wanting to ask a question, make sure you press star six on your phone. Get in que. Next caller is from the 903 area code. 903 area code, thanks for calling and you are live.

    CALLER #3 – BGG, this is buck. My concern with all of the six politicians from here going there, more from Iran, of course you’ve got Iraqi politicians there. Are they going to try to rehash and redo this from the beginning with six more opinions and six more solutions or do you think they’re going there to put the finishing touches on what Iraq has accomplished already? It really does concern me like it does poppy that we’re sending people over there with new ideas.

    BGG – You know what? Those are legitimate concerns. I won’t downplay that. I’m still going to stick to my guns and that is, I’m expecting big news in the next couple of days. Next day or two I would project or predict, if you want a prediction out of me, there’s going to be some really big news in the next couple of days. There’s my prediction. Anybody can be wrong, but I think that’s what it’s going to be. Now what that news is entirely, I don’t know. It just has a feel to me in the news and everywhere else that they’ve got some big stuff going on. I think your concerns about the US delegation going over there is probably legitimate, that we’ve been so feckless in our approach, you know so scatterbrained that we’ll do this or we’ll do that, we’ll try it this way. There’s no telling ultimately what the situation will look like and this is what I’ve tried to do all along is to stay balanced, stay focused. Kind of give you a real perspective on what’s going on. I been very guarded or I think I have been very cautious about that whole three state Iraq thing. I think we brought it to you before anybody else did and actually a week or two after we talked about it, it shows up in the Iraqi news. It probably was a legitimate comment, but I don’t know that the, I don’t know that it’s real. So I think your concern is probably legitimate, but I’m going to stick to my guns and I’m still thinking we’re going to hear some big news. There’s probably a fairly quick exit from this whole situation and that’s kind of what I said a week or two ago. Somebody wanted to know what my timeline was and I gave them an idea of what I was thinking and why. And I’m still thinking that. We’ll see how that works. Hopefully this delegation doesn’t derail that. Hopefully.

    CALLER #3 – All right, thank you sir.

    BGG – No problem. Thank you for the call. Good question. Next caller is from the 225 area code. Area code 225, thanks for calling and you are live.

    CALLER #4 – Hey BGG, appreciate it. My question is, you know they removed Turki or that’s what I heard. I’m just curious as to are they going to bring Shabbibi back? Is he still under arrest warrant? Just wanted your thoughts on that.

    BGG – It’s a little bit murky just yet. It’s a little early to guarantee they’ve gotten rid of Turki just yet. Usually what I like to do with the news and this is just, and I like to be fairly balanced about the approach, when I hear it in three or four or five different outlets in a fairly similar fashion I start to lend a fair amount of credibility to it. If I hear it in one or two little obscure tiny publications, particularly middle eastern publications, I usually just keep an eye on that as a possibility. There’s no guarantee that it’s real or it’s going to happen that way. I think there’s been some references to the Turki being removed. I think someone in the council of ministers, which is very odd, council ministers usually controlled by Maliki mostly and for them to come out against his guy, his pick for the Central Bank of Iraq is very strange. That means that there’s been a shift in power right in Maliki’s own inner circle and they said they didn’t want Turki as both the commissioner of the auditor or whatever title of that commission was and the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq at the same time. There was also reference to the possibility that he would retire and I’m not so certain that they weren’t actually talking about, in retrospect, I’m not so certain they weren’t talking about Salah, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq retiring, because there was news legitimately about he was let out on bail and he applied for retirement. What I also think is odd and I tell you why. Why in the world would somebody whose under essentially indictment or going through some sort of justice and accountability procedure be allowed to apply for retirement? So my whole point about going down that path is that I think that the whole thing about Shabbibi is eventually going to be taken care of and removed one way or the other. I don’t know exactly how long that’s going to take, but it shouldn’t take that much longer. I think legitimately that’s going to be dealt with and taken care of, but there’s no guarantee that he’s going to come back and I don’t know if I would if I were him. Especially if Maliki is allowed to stay in the government in any way, shape or form. That’s just me. Great question. I think we’ve got a little ways to go. As soon as Maliki is whatever they, however they balance the power in Iraq, it’s going to determine what the next moves are with respect to the Central Bank of Iraq and I think it will happen fairly quickly. Once the scales are set as far as the balance of power, then you’ll see very, very quickly how they divvy up the Central Bank of Iraq. Good question though.

    CALLER #4 – Thank you.

    BGG – No problem. That is it for the Q & A, for the call. Anything else we need to cover? Anyone on the back side? Going once, going twice? Nope? Poppy, you out there?

    POPPY – Yea, can you hear me?

    BGG – Yep, sure can. Why don’t you send us off the right way with a quick prayer and everybody keep your eyes peeled over the next, like I said, over the next day or two. Stay tuned and there should be some good news coming.

    POPPY – All right. Thank you. Father God we come to you this afternoon and we ask you Father that you continue to bless as you always do. That your grace is sufficient for us to survive and we ask you Father that you keep your healing hand upon those that we have prayed for and continue to pray for, that are in medical needs Father we just ask that you bless their doctors with wisdom and skills, abilities and capabilities far beyond their natural abilities Father that your divine healing hand can be upon them as well Father. Give them direction. We ask you Father to spread love and cheer and joy and happiness among everyone on this call Father and everyone that we come in contact with that we can share love and happiness with them Father. We pray Father that you continue to give us wisdom to make decisions that are right for the things in our lives. And we ask you this Father in the name of your dear son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

    BGG – Amen. Thanks poppy. Thanks everybody. Like I said, stay tuned for the news, it’s going to happen real quick. So keep your eye peeled and we’ll bring it to you if we hear it.

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