Exploitative relationship with the central bank governor Abdel Basset Turki
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Thread: Exploitative relationship with the central bank governor Abdel Basset Turki

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    Exploitative relationship with the central bank governor Abdel Basset Turki

    Exploitative relationship with the central bank governor Abdel Basset Turki Israeli Mossad and how cheated integrity and national!!

    Turkish sell ten tons of gold reserves of Iraq to Israel!!

    The first episode

    Sam Saad

    Since that Abdel Basset Turki jumped to the highest chair in the Central Bank

    I am wondering to myself about the secret assume someone to two different at the same time in violation of constitutional and legal, as is not permitted to combine two executive and supervisory at the same time that signed the secrets and the story of this man who leads the day the Iraqi economy into the abyss and destruction

    Through the facts and evidence Snscherhaa starting from this episode and we will follow the rest of the details successively .. initially must be able to make comparison between ماقام by Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, who forced him the government to resign and still chased after the issuance of an arrest warrant upon Maigom currently Basset Turki Central Bank Governor current as well as the presidency of the Board of Supreme Audit

    Recalling information confirms that Shabibi had canceled Commission auction while Abdulbaset returned this committee and are distributed according to desires personal dollars to each of the bear and the rate of up to one thousand two hundred and thirty-seven dinars to the dollar, which makes the state lose every day between five hundred to one billion Iraqi dinars go profits and benefits of sleeping until noon and making the U.S. dollar is rising against the Iraqi dinar and cause a collapse in the exchange rates of the Iraqi currency and this big conspiracy against the Iraqi economy as a whole, while the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar in the highest degree recovered during a Shabibi and here I am not an advocate of Shabibi or other Reaffirming All figures and computational currently Almch in central bank records

    The dollar was steady at landing in front of the Iraqi dinar and the exchange rate almost constant to exceed a thousand and one hundred and seven and eighty dinars to the dollar either funny is Abdulbaset he claimed selling dollars for some small banks against bills (forged) for banks Kurdish and Lebanese exclusively Reaffirming documented information current in the bank CBI

    The Basset Turki selling dollars to eight Lebanese banks and such number banks Kurdish come to him invoices and fake and forged supervised by the Israeli Mossad for large commissions as it sold dollars to these banks exclusively and orders him directly he is aware and knowledgeable invoices submitted to him at the same time further major banks for Auction sale and parked on Rvovh Amoosadah Among those large banks (Bank of the Middle East Investment and United Bank for Investment)!!

    Did not stop the Israeli Mossad at this point to enter Basset Turki through banks Kurdish and Lebanese, but also reached the Mossad to Khalid Cltag which occupies site manager, money laundering and liked to draw to Turkish and Cltag question valid ... Are they discovered during their one case where money laundering? M They laugh at chins as Aohemena Basset Turki integrity and patriotism and soon Matkhevc intentions and its objectives sordid when he began removing and keep talent fair, national and honest and get rid of them through the lobby supported personally composed of some officials and parliamentarians who dominate today's most important joints of life is the economy

    The surprise everyone when he disclose that Abdulbaset Turkish sold ten tons of gold reserves of Iraq recently when he became governor of the Iraqi Central Bank and this in itself sabotage and destroy the infrastructure of the Iraqi economy in the plan Court supervised the Israeli Mossad and executed brilliantly large Basset Turki so became the economy goes into the abyss the existence of Turkish gangs that continue to destroy the Iraqi economy without mercy or humanity

    Here we say has to be de-exclusion Basset Turki and the figures keep coming on the economy of Iraq, Atertma the arms of his enemies there Vhenl national and Sharif recoils corrupt and customers in the Central Bank of Iraq?!

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    is there a link please ?

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