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    Jawad al-Hasnawi: the government and the political blocs want to keep the crisis to cover up corruption and failure in the management of state
    Date: 11/02/2013 07:29:53 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. accused member Liberal block of the Sadrist movement MP / National Alliance / Jawad al-Hasnawi, the government desire to keep differences stuck to cover up the extent of corruption and failure in the administration of the State, pointing out that the political blocs infected "disease acquisition and hegemony" on the money public and political decision.

    Hasnawi said in a statement (of the Agency news): The leadership of the existing management of the country, whether government or political leaders do not want to resolve outstanding differences, adding that the government wants to live on the crisis in order to cover corruption and failure in the state administration.

    He added: There are no solutions in sight and these differences will remain present for the end of the current parliamentary session.

    The MP for the Liberal bloc: that all political blocs are not looking for the interest of the country and the interests of citizens, but racing to get the positions, adding that the political blocs infected "disease and acquisitions hegemony" and the ruling class does not think only partisan control.

    He was a member bloc citizen MP / National Alliance / Mohammed commendable, accused the political blocs to "selfishness" because of their adherence demands special Mtanasean national interest of the country, noting that media statements exchanged between blocs led to the worsening situation. / End / 2. N. P /

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    Economist: the need to engage with international organizations to develop plans idealism in the implementation of investment projects
    Date: 11/02/2013 07:00:49 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. I suggest economist Salim al-Daini, the use of international expertise and global organizations in the development of strategic plans for the implementation of investment projects that serve the country.

    Daini said (of the Agency news): The investment plan needs to physical and intellectual potential Many countries, both developing or developed draw upon the experience of other specialized companies or international research centers and down to the optimal use of resources to enhance and develop their economies.

    He added: that Iraq today is suffering from weakness in the management of resources and projects due to lack of experience and competence, stressing the need to use the United Nations and other international organizations and employ their expertise with national experience as a clear trend of the state so that is not limited to companies or certain organizations without the other because it will lead to corruption as is happening now.

    He pointed out: that the Ministries of State and local governments in the provinces are putting their annual investment plans without the presence of a feasibility study and plans minutes, which lead to the reluctance of the implementation of many projects. / End / 8. N. P /


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    Hamid vegetative: the next threat to Iraq large .. The crisis must be resolved
    Date: 11/02/2013 07:26:23 Monday

    Baghdad (news) .. Student member citizen Bloc MP / National Alliance / vegetative Hamid, the political blocs to sit at the dialogue table and reduce the ceiling of their demands and careful media statements not to provoke the other hand, a large warning of the danger coming that is not overcome differences.

    Khudari said in a statement (of the Agency news): There must be political leaders to resort to the language of reason and wisdom to resolve the outstanding differences between them, otherwise there will be great danger is coming to the country and everyone will be affected him.

    He added: political blocs to sit at the dialogue table and each block reduce its demands and make the supreme interest of the nation above their personal and party interests to return things to be done first and move the political process forward.

    He called on the mass of citizens: political blocs not to cast their media statements that would تؤزم differences by provoking the other party because this leads to a widening gap between the political blocs.

    The leader of the bloc citizen MP / National Alliance / Aziz Ugaili, explained that the current situation does not see any signs to resolve the crisis demonstrations, because ceilings demands that began escalating, saying: The demonstrations taking place in a number of provinces of the country, are becoming increasingly day after day and called days collected titles and other كرحل. / end / 2.. /


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    Iraq TV bombed after criticism of Kurd leader

    Last Updated : Sunday, February 10, 2013 11:53 PM

    SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq — A bomb exploded on the roof of an Iraqi satellite channel’s offices a day after the broadcaster aired a caller’s criticism of a revered Kurdish leader, an official said on Sunday.

    The explosion in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah came as Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized the autonomous Iraqi region for infringing on free speech by wrongly detaining journalists, activists and opposition figures for insulting public figures.

    On Friday evening, the Nalia television station briefly aired a caller’s criticism of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, a Kurdish nationalist leader and the father of Kurdistan’s current president, during its “Free Microphone” program before cutting off the caller.

    On Saturday, 300 supporters of Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) tried to storm the broadcaster’s offices but were turned away by riot police, an AFP journalist said.

    Later that day, a bomb went off on the roof of Nalia’s offices, a security official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. It was unclear who was behind the attack.

    Abdulwahab Ali, the KDP’s chief in Sulaimaniyah, said the party had not orchestrated the demonstration.

    Nalia’s offices were again attacked in February 2011 by masked gunmen who wounded a security guard and fired their weapons at the broadcaster’s equipment.

    On Sunday, New York-based HRW issued a statement criticizing Kurdish authorities for arresting opponents and journalists under legislation that has not been approved by the region’s parliament.

    “These are dark days for freedom of expression in Iraq’s Kurdistan region,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Middle East director.

    “Instead of ensuring the justice system investigates high-level corruption, the Kurdistan regional government is ignoring its own laws to protect free speech and assembly, and using ‘laws’ that are not in force to silence dissent.”

    “Sadly, the Kurdistan regional government today looks less and less like the open and thriving democracy it paints itself to be.”

    The watchdog said that in 2012, regional security forces reportedly arrested at least 50 journalists, opponents and activists, prosecuting seven of them for insulting public figures. — AFP


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    Minister of Youth: I bring convincing answers from the city sports to Parliament

    11/02/2013 08:52

    BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network of (IMN) The Minister of Youth and Sports Jassim Mohammed Jaafar he holds answers sufficient and compelling questions parliament in regards to project sports city in Basra.

    and Aodj Jafar the (IMN) that "I will give the Committee of Youth and Sports parliamentary Sunday answers to questions and suspicions raised about the draft sports city in Basra. "

    and added, "raised a question about the contract and that it clashes with the knowledge that transmit the Council of Ministers and not the minister and under the supervision of Supreme Audit and regulators other."

    the minister continued, "There is also accused of corruption in the ministry and all the ministry where corruption and in favor of the طالح I ask my turn for someone corrupt in any side to conduct the necessary. "

    and "there is a question about the contractor in the city sports costly work other than contract work such as roads, bridges and streets .. and this Cabinet decision, which cost the company the same route Holi outside the fence and the bridge that crosses into the other side of the city. "

    It is headquarters to host the Committee of Youth and Sports parliamentary minister on Sunday to discuss the draft Basra Sports City.

    and failed the House of Representatives, last week, voted to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Youth and Sports, where voice no-confidence only 102 Deputy out of 255 deputies who attended the session.


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    Anbar Council: Call for Friday prayers transfer to Baghdad "political escalation"
    11/02/2013 08:30

    Anbar / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network of (IMN) - counting of the Anbar province to invite demonstrators Anbar to Friday prayers coming in Baghdad, "an escalation politically", confirming the presence of Safety Warning great about the decision with fears to penetrate the demonstrations security.

    said provincial council chairman Mohammed Halbusi,'s (IMN) "demonstrations may penetrate security, and the decision as protests gray prayers next Friday in Baghdad where caveats large, and needs to be tightened security measures large, so we hope for the government to respond quickly to the demands of the protesters before Friday." and called Matsamu Ramadi to establish a prayer next Friday in the mosque of Imam Abu Hanifa in the Adhamiya in Baghdad.

    and description Halbusi decision protestors set up Friday prayers in Baghdad as a "political escalation will increase from the current crisis, and lead to embarrassments great," calling "the House of Representatives to heal and take a clear stand to restore confidence to the citizens. "local administrator and that "local governments and the federal government, demanding open dialogues on a broader political level for the purpose of finding solutions to the existing crisis."


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    Federal government: oil-exporting region without authorization is "stealing"

    11/02/2013 08:14

    BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Iraqi government promised oil exported from Kurdistan to any other party without the knowledge or delegated, stolen from the legal standpoint, indicating that companies and countries will be held accountable before the law and binding returns any quantity of oil exported without Baghdad's approval.

    said legal adviser to the Prime Minister Fadel Mohammed Jawad,'s (IMN) "The Iraqi Constitution pointed out that the oil belongs to the Iraqi people, and the federal government according to the constitution are run oil wealth, so any point of exporting oil, whether provincial or county without the knowledge of the government is oil stolen as an archaeologist. "

    and explained that "the Iraqi government could lay hands on any amount of oil exported from any party without her knowledge or without delegated to those actors export, and require companies to oil purchasers source return the person to the federal government according to law ".

    expressed adviser to Prime Minister legal surprised "not to see companies or countries on the law on the purchase of oil from the departments not authorized according to the law which the federal government, not local governments or provinces," noting the "oil sold without government approval is classified within the wealth stolen As for the effects of that control out of the country, and money belonging to the former regime. "

    and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently said that the establishment of a pipeline to transport oil from Kurdistan to Turkey is legitimate and not violate the Iraqi constitution and the "right of Kurdistan according to the Iraqi constitution trade with any country you want. "


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    Deputy exclude equal dollar thousand dinars

    Version 26 has been read once

    Author: the future of Iraq

    02/11/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD / future Iraqi

    excluded member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP for the Iraqi List, Nahida Daini, to reach the exchange rate of one U.S. dollar to a thousand Iraqi dinars during the next few days in light of the current economic policy.

    The Daini in a press statement yesterday, said that expectations the prime minister for equal dollar U.S. thousand Iraqi dinars not Bmahlha, due to the lack of a stable economic and blurred two policies the financial and economic in the country.


    increased: In addition to the adoption of the national economy on revenues mono yield is oil and the absence of productive economic sectors, which in turn raises products to the market and maintain hard currency at home and not disbursed out of the country, as well as an overlap in powers These are all factors that help to reduce the value of the U.S. dollar.

    They pointed out the necessity of developing a strategic plan for the advancement of the different economic sectors and identify fiscal and monetary policy and clear in the country in order to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar and increase its value against hard currencies.

    was Secretary-General of the Council of the prime minister on the Keywords, had announced the government seeks to make the U.S. dollar per equivalent for a thousand Iraqi dinars.


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    09/02/2013 (23:00 pm) - The number of readings: 412 - Issue (2721)

    Parliamentary security and defense: Parliament is unable to control "leadership processes"

    Baghdad / Wael grace

    Facing the leaders of nine operations distributed in country popularly criticism and parliamentary spread within cities and security monopoly powers that are supposed to be within the purview of the provincial councils, and demanding some of these councils to "cancel" the lack of constitutional cover.


    The country has nine leaders of the operations most notably in Baghdad, Anbar and Mosul and most recently Operations Command Tigris that caused the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil to spread elements Operations Command in the disputed areas between the federal government and the Kurdistan region without prior coordination with the authorities of the Kurdistan region.

    The divided positions on the leaders of parliamentary blocs processes, While Ktlta are Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan that it "is monitored by the Parliament and is working to deprive local police powers within the provinces, the National Alliance bloc considers that their presence is necessary to ward off the risk of terrorist attacks.

    According to a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Chuan Mohamed Taha said in an interview with the "long" yesterday that the leaders of the operations take its budget from the Ministry of Defense does not know his committee doors exchange allocations, accusing these formations "to withdraw the powers of the provinces and the local police," stressing that the task of the Committee " follow-up work processes and leadership but the prime minister's office does not take the view of the Commission on Security and Defence. "

    According to MP Taha from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc that it is better to resolve the operational command and assign security duties to local police, but at the same time indicates that the Office of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces gives justification "unrealistic to leadership is not resolved."

    For his part, MP of the other in the security and defense committee appearance Janabi said that "the Commission is able to follow the Ministry of Defense and Interior and all other security rings such as intelligence and team leaders and leaders of operations due to the pressure exerted on them by the government."

    The little-Janabi, a deputy from the Iraqi in an interview with the "long" yesterday that "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki sacked the commander of Anbar Tariq al-Azzawi from office and appointed someone else without that due to the parliament," presumably Janabi get approval from Parliament on the appointment of al-Qaeda security or dismissal.

    And calls on Deputy Prime Anbar province Saadoun Obeid al-Shaalan to cancel leaders operations, adding in touch with the "long" yesterday that it was "the best solution Anbar Operations Command for being lacking any legal cover, asking if government's insistence on continuing formed on finding a law regulating its work.

    He Shaalan that monitor the work of leading operations in Anbar and other provinces unknown to Agueta that views higher education, the army and the judiciary is not the prerogative of the provincial councils, but while costing military tasks within cities requires the provincial council that the monitor and this is not in reality. "

    In parallel stresses MP for the National Alliance bloc Qasim al-Araji, the need to continue with its formation because the country is still experiencing terrorist operations, denying intervention Operations Command in administrative powers to the provinces.

    Araji said in a statement to the "long" yesterday and there is a misunderstanding of the Operations Command, "because it is in the original" command and control site and coordination between the security forces like the Ministry of Security in the United States of America. "

    He criticized al-Araji, head of block Badr parliamentary claims in some quarters to dissolve Operations Command, pointing out that the demands of political and coincides with demonstrations in western and northern areas, surprising at the same time Scott bodies themselves when implemented leaders operations Basra, Najaf and Baghdad security operations in previous years.

    It is known that the acts of violence are still ongoing in the country, despite heavy security deployment of the leaders of operations in Baghdad and a number of cities, and saw the capital and governorates of Babil and Karbala, the day before yesterday the terrorist car bomb attacks that killed and injured hundreds.


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    Legal Counsel for the Prime Minister: Iraq Kurdistan sell oil in spite of the government and demanding their share of Basrah


    BAGHDAD / older /

    counting legal advisor to the Prime Minister Fadel Jawad, today, oil exported from the Kurdistan region to any other party without the knowledge or authorization of the central government, stolen from a legal standpoint.

    Jawad said: "The Iraqi Constitution pointed out that the oil belongs to the Iraqi people, and the federal government according to the constitution are run oil wealth, so any point of exporting oil, whether provincial or county without the knowledge of the government is oil stolen as in effects" .

    He added: "The Iraqi government could lay hands on any amount of oil coming from any party without her knowledge or without delegated to these authorities to export, and require companies to oil purchasers source return the person to the Federal Government in accordance with the law."

    The odd horse from Kurdistan claim its share of Basra's oil despite stealing Iraq's oil, which is the king of the state of the fields located within the areas of this region. Completed 8


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