" Baghdad Bobs " Daily Report Wednesday February 6, 2013
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    Iraqi Parliament to vote on 2013 budget during Thursday session

    Wednesday, 06 February 2013 11:18

    Baghdad (AIN) -The Iraqi Parliament will hold the regular session on next Thursday to read and vote on a number of law drafts.
    A statement by the media office of the Permanent cited "The agenda of the session includes the vote on 2013 federal budget along with reading and voting on other law drafts."http://alliraqnews.com/en/index.php?...11-19-15-20-50

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    Wednesday, February 6, 2013 20:45Parliamentary Finance: Budget will not recognize in tomorrow's meeting because of Kurdistan claim 4 trillion and 200 billion extra

    BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. revealed the parliamentary Finance Committee, Wednesday, not to get political consensus on approving the budget Mestiadh put to the vote at tomorrow's meeting.

    Said committee member Rep. Magda Tamimi told / Baghdadiya News / "The Kurdistan Alliance demanded by adding entitlements oil companies operating in the province and the $ 4 trillion and 200 billion dinars in addition to the budget, and that the political blocs have not agreed on approving the budget because of this dispute, which has not been overcome in today's meetings, excluded put to the vote at tomorrow's meeting. "Tamimi added that "the vote on the federal budget must be done after obtaining the consensus of all political parties and preliminary approval to detail to ensure the highest vote for approval."
    The parliamentary Finance Committee earlier announced that the budget technically completed but the political consensus is working to delay approval and in accordance with the wishes and political requirements.

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    Iraq declares its readiness to vote on the budget on Thursday

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013 18:36

    {Baghdad: Euphrates News} coalition, the Iraqi List, announced his readiness to vote on the budget, the Federal Assembly on Thursday.
    The MP said the Iraqi Talal Zobaie told {Euphrates News} Wednesday that "Iraq has some important points in the budget and I think it will be overcome differences where it is one of the important laws and basic for the House of Representatives and must be passed to it in the interest of the country supreme."
    He continued that "Iraq is trying to approve all laws that are in the interest of the people, and there are passages in the budget on all committees solved is working to overcome the differences in them."
    He said he "will be on Thursday vote on the budget because it is the main work of the House of Representatives and must be coupled with a vote to avoid all the issues that do not serve the interests of the country."
    He stressed that "Iraq is ready to vote on the budget has worked to overcome differences and we are ready to vote."
    The House of Representatives postponed the vote on the federal fiscal budget to Thursday, February 7, in light of the parliamentary Finance Committee assertions to complete them discuss paragraphs of the budget and readiness to vote.
    http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.4.hathalyoum.net/iraqnews.php%3Faction%3Dsit%26cd%3D2%26sid%3D14718 4&usg=ALkJrhiV1w-o6gn1MApNVMXmZv_vDDN6Gg
    Observers confirm that the largest and most important obstacles that were standing in front of approving the budget comment coalition, the Iraqi List, the presence of deputies to the parliamentary sessions by Iraq's assertion that it would attend only sessions that discuss the withdrawal of confidence from the government and the demands of the demonstrators

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    Meeting for finalizing budget law draft fails

    Thursday, 07 February 2013 00:19

    Baghdad (AIN) –Three members of the Financial Parliamentary Committee withdrew from the meeting held on Wednesday evening to finalize the last touches on the 2013 budget law draft.
    Member of the Committee Shurash Mustafa stated to All Iraq News Agency "The Financial Committee held an important meeting to set the final touches on the budget law draft to prepare for a vote in the parliament session of Thursday."
    "The members of the committee were surprised when the head of the Committee Haider al-Ebadi left the meeting to have a private meeting with the leader within the Kurdistani Alliance Arif Tayfour," noting that "We reject subsidiary agreements held without knowledge of the Committee's members."

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