States in general (Like Michigan) need to approve individuals possesing CCW permit to carry on public property and especially ALLOW teacher's to carry weapon via CCW Local/State Law guide lines......The ACLU and Liberals are screaming Gun Control, well take walk back in time say 3, 4, 5 decades what you will find that these type acts DID NOT occur UNTIL Songs started Promoting Killing, Movies started Promoting Killing, Games started Promoting Killing AND Prayer By Choice was TAKEN out of Schools and Public Events......I DO support and Believe ANYONE purchasing a Assault Rife and/or Semi-Auto Hand Gun should BE REQUIRD to go through same procedure as those obtaining a CCW Permit, which I HAVE and HAVE HAD for many years......The ANSWER is NOT GUN CONTROL by restriction HOWEVER GUN CONTROL by going thru a CCW Permit Class with Re-Qual's every 1,2,3 years with an Extensive Background check with strong reference and maybe even 1-2 Generation Parent Siblings background checks as well.....My Prayers Go Out To All Children and Families in today's Tragic & Senseless Act that has been committed on the Indolens "The Children"...May God Bless Our Country