" Bagjdad Bobs " Daily Report Tuesday February 5 2013
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    Urgent .. House fails to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Youth and Sports

    Twilight News / failure of the House of Representatives, Tuesday, voted to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Youth and Sports of the rival coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, due to lack of quorum to pass the measure.http://translate.googleusercontent.c...m-UyRnh7p5OQ9Q
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    Abadi: the budget to be ready within 48 hours

    Tuesday, 05 February 2013 12:44

    Shafaq News / The Finance Committee in the parliament announced on Tuesday that the budget of 2013 will be ready for voting during the next 48 hours , indicating that a financial grant will be given for retirees as it will amount to one million and two hundred thousand dinars.
    The head of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Haider Abadi said in a news conference attended by "Shafaq News", that “2013 budget will be approved during the next 48 hours after the completion of the problems that occurred in it."
    He explained that “a financial grant will be given for retiree’s amount of one million and 200 thousand dinars by a hundred thousand dinars a month."
    He added that "the Finance Committee has also agreed with the Council of Ministers to allocate 300 billion dinars as a contingency budget for natural disasters that took place in the country recently from flooding and partial earthquake in Dhi- Qar province, and that the current year's budget will focus on important segments as retirees and social welfare."
    "There are some small problems in the budget as there is a continuous work in order to form Iraqi people fund, rather than distributing cash from the oil surplus, and that will reduce the corruption process."
    Abadi stressed "the existence of proposals to give the private sector pensions and even for those who work in the media."
    Regarding retirees dissolved entities Abadi said, "Special amounts have been allocated for them in the general budget for the current year."
    He added "the subject was not solved fully because the number of those referred to retirement was not known yet, and those who return to their jobs overall number are not large."
    The parliamentary Finance Committee said earlier that the current political problems caused the delay in approving the budget for the current year.http://www.shafaaq.com/en/news/5050-abadi-the-budget-to-be-ready-within-48-hours.html

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