" The Dinar Daily ".......... Saturday, 26 January 2013
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    " The Dinar Daily ".......... Saturday, 26 January 2013

    Tribute parliamentary procedures to detect financial receivables for officials

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    Amid calls to activate the prosecution files corruption "large"
    Baghdad - Shaima Rashid
    praised Congress proceedings Integrity Commission to disclose the names of officials who have not disclosed disclosed their financial.
    said the National Alliance MP Adel Faddaalah: "The disclosure of receivables finance is one measures transparency and integrity followed by Integrity Commission in the detection of receivables financial officials in the Iraqi state in order to preserve public money and not squandered and accounting of benefit at the expense of citizens. "
    said Faddaalah told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "there is implementation measures defined in the integrity followed by the in regards to not reveal the financial interests of some officials required detection disclosed their financial body one of these measures is to stop the work of these officials, as happened years ago when I decided Integrity Commission suspended the work of some officials who were late to submit statements their financial interests. "
    He continued: "It can proceed Authority to submit their names to the media in order to be a means of pressure on them to provide Khovathm are detailed and accurate until accountable benefited from public money. "
    For his part, accused the MP Jawad Kadhim Albzona Integrity Commission as not serious in dealing with these files.
    said Albzona told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ":" The Integrity Commission did not address yet corrupted files ready and found on the shelves of offices let alone be handled not disclosed Zmmh financial ", referring to the" non-enactment where did you get this or accountable official to show that there is an increase unexpected his money. "and between Albzona he was" supposed to Integrity Commission to terminate corrupted files exist officials have files and weapons and also large files where it concerned issues of small and small-scale employees, "pointing to" the need for the Commission on important files to be respected, and even We have receivables financial They do not address large files scattered all aspects of the state, "describing" the announcement that he intended to provoke public opinion, and it propaganda. "and revealed the Integrity Commission last week, that the (565) of the (2953) is responsible has been investigated More possessions came in the form disclosed information about inflation fortunes, was different to what is recorded them in those circles, while not exceeding the number of offenses in 2011 (350) expensive, noting that "it became clear through the marking positions of those offenders that including (10) ministers and (28) deputies and (30) advisor and Deputy Minister and (5) judges and (6) inspectors servants and (97) general manager and (66) a university professor and (25) as ambassador and (35) officers and (87) Member Provincial Council and (176) assistant general manager. "either independent MP Abdul Khader Tahir has said that" mere disclosure means that there is good mechanisms and followed the disclosure itself is evidence of follow-up and integrity. "said Taher's" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "said "The measures include officials who did not disclose financial receivables for the past year." Taher added that "measures are supposed to follow in this issue back to the Integrity Commission, a private reward for information wrong."


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    Iraqi talks - British for the first time in Baghdad

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    The opening of the center receive visa applications to the United Kingdom
    Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
    , Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the coming stage will witness ministerial talks Iraqi - British in Baghdad for the first time. Zebari said during a news conference on the sidelines of the opening of the center received requests for Iraqis wishing to obtain a visa to travel to the United Kingdom in Baghdad and attended (morning): "This is the first time that gets something like this since 2003 and until now," he said, adding that the opening of this center will help develop and develop and expand future relations between the two countries. adding that Iraqi citizens were suffering from problems obtaining a visa to enter Britain, as they had to submit their applications to a third country, in addition to the problems duration and travel, he said, adding that this center will facilitate all these difficulties within the British followed procedures, and that the ministry will campaign to clarify and educate citizens on how to submit their applications and access to the visa to the United Kingdom directly, stressing that The second step in the development of relations between the two countries is starting direct flights between Baghdad and London. between Zebari said the coming stage will witness ministerial talks Iraqi - British through the Joint Ministerial Commission between the two countries in Baghdad to activate relations in all fields, in addition to holding a business conference and British investors in Baghdad in May next, pointing out that all the signs and indications that the good relations and moving forward. turn, the Minister for Trade and Investment British Lord Greene said the center represents an important step on the road to the development of relations between the two countries. Green said during a press conference that "this center will facilitate the visit of the Iraqis to Britain", adding that the United Kingdom would like to encourage Iraqis to come to there being such a thing will create great opportunities and many to raise the level of relations between the two countries, pointing out that there will be a need to fulfill all the requirements to get a visa.


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    Government keeps the door open for the return of Iraqi ministers

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    Khalidi: Sentan decision to leave «mandatory» .. And entities list is divided on the boycott resolutions
    BAGHDAD - morning
    kept the government open for the return of ministers of the Iraqi List, as announced Iraqi said it would appeal the decision by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to grant ministers absent from cabinet meetings vacation she described as "mandatory". considered to Moussawi, media adviser to the prime minister said license granted to the Iraqi List of ministers before the Council of Ministers aimed at the functioning of the ministries concerned. Moussawi said in a press statement that "the license granted by the Council of Ministers of the Ministers of the Iraqi government is making an emergency landing aims to not obstruct the work of ministries, which lost its ministers from work," explaining that "this action opens the door to return to prime minister of Iraq to the meetings of the government."
    and added that "Council of Ministers may cost and other ministers of running the ministries concerned proxy-day functioning even return Minister المتغيبون to their duties," adding that "this procedure is as simple as can be taken to ensure the workflow as required and open the door to the minister absent to return." and denied Moussaoui that have "This measure attempt to pressure the Iraqi List, in order to change its political positions," adding that "talking about that this action is a first step in the way of sacking ministers Iraqi is the word has nothing to reality, as the aim is to provide an opportunity for the Minister to return whenever he wants" .
    revealed the National Alliance for directed Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to assign other ministers to run the ministries and ministers of the Iraqi List absent from cabinet meetings, as he said, the National Alliance MP Saleh al-Hasnawi told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": "The prime minister in the process mandated ministers others to carry out their tasks and this is known administrative system of political, in the absence of any minister, a minister last be a substitute for the management of his ministry has taken the Prime Minister hold dismissing, in the case of repeated or continued boycott of the meetings of the Council of Ministers, "noting that" known political action is when invoking List or a particular party or take a position to resign from the ministry, and for the Iraqi list once withdraw from the government and once again absent, in the case of absences for a period of ten days it is the right Supreme Head to take action. "
    in turn, announced the decision the House of Representatives MP for the coalition in Iraq Mohamed Khaldi said "Ministers list will challenge the decision of the Prime Minister giving them compulsory leave and will present a complaint to the Council of Representatives."
    said Khalidi in a press statement: "The decision of Prime Minister to give ministers the Iraqi List compulsory leave is not in his time because it is contrary to the Constitution and the law."
    and added that "ministers of Iraq will challenge in This decision by presenting a complaint to the House of Representatives, "he said, adding that they will continue not to attend the meetings of the Council of Ministers until the response to the demands of the demonstrators.
    also pointed out that the government has not responded so far to the demands of the demonstrators did not give the current problem attention commensurate with its size. also said responsible relations and the media in the movement Accord victory Allawi: "The withdrawal of ministers of the Iraqi List of cabinet meetings not end it disrupt the work of the government, but is holding to pressure the government to meet the demands of the demonstrators."
    explained Allawi told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "unbreakable ministers menu Iraqi decision to boycott meetings hinged all the demands of the demonstrators. "and entered the decision to boycott the ministers of the Iraqi List cabinet sessions Tuesday its fourth week in a row. For its part, promised the National Dialogue Front, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq" keep the current situation for what it is does not serve the country, and that all political blocs claim to interact with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. "said a member of the front MP Hamid al-Mutlaq's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network):" We ask all political blocs represented in the House of Representatives to interact with the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, and work on the legislation of laws that promote national unity and guarantee the rights of citizens. "
    and added that "the Iraqi List, currently moving all the political blocs in order to legitimize some laws that concern the Iraqi people and to ease congestion." In turn, said full-Dulaimi secretary general block correct internalized in Iraqi List, said the decision to boycott "carries outbidding political at the expense of demonstrators that must end." said Dulaimi's (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network), that "the current stage does not require political positions where bidding, but requires decisions that meet the demands of the protesters and that spearheaded the political consensus within the Dome House. "
    and sees Dulaimi, a deputy for the province of Anbar, which is witnessing demonstrations in more than a month from now that "most of the demands of the demonstrators related legislation legal, not processed Province blocs or withdrawal or disrupt the work of the committees."
    He Dulaimi "All the committees formed to consider the demands of the demonstrators worked without any legal basis and which should have been issued by the House of Representatives," noting that "those who want to meet the demands of protesters by resorting to the dialogue table rather than withdrawal, Valmtzaheron do not want to defend them, but they want to meet their demands. "


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    Invite the United Nations to expand its role in the reset files between Iraq and Kuwait

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - morning
    called foreign parliamentary UN to take an active role in the reset files Iraq with Kuwait in particular to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. said committee member Imad John's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that the United Nations did not take any active role in getting Iraq of Chapter VII. As pointed out that relations with Kuwait on the way to development, between John that there is a tendency large to resolve the crisis between the two neighbors but requires enhanced efforts significantly during the next phase by the United Nations to resolve my archive and missing. called foreign parliamentary earlier to be tracks coming more professional and the ability to communicate both with Ocean regional or international down to pull the country to the last remaining Chapter VII of the UN Charter. was Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has chaired a meeting of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Supreme costly policy-making Foreign country on the eve of his announcement to start a visit to the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic.


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    Political agreement on three important laws passed

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    Iraqi seeking approval basket one amid expectations that witness this week a breakthrough to the crisis
    BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
    agreed the major political blocs to pass the amnesty law and a legal amendment accountability and justice and the fight against terrorism provided to reach texts compromise between all parties. said the National Alliance MP Adel Faddaalah in a statement for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "there is an agreement was to be there texts compatible by certain proportions between the political blocs in regards to the three laws to ensure justice and guarantee the rights of citizens and not inconsistent with the interests of the victims of the Baath Party and security systems other."
    he added Faddaalah "So far there is no clear picture on this issue, but it was agreed to pass these laws in line with all the political blocs." and saw Faddaalah that the meeting of the political blocs called by Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, leader of the National Alliance a few days ago has been fruitful, noting that It's up to the relevant committees of the agreement on the texts compatible upon by all the political blocs. He also said "the meetings are continuing to this competent committees to put the texts agreed, despite the fact that members of the House of Representatives have not seen so far on the text of the agreement and how to pass these laws," hoping reached to texts agreed by all parties to pass these laws in the coming days. Meanwhile mentioned decision the House of Representatives Mohamed Khaldi said negotiations are underway and so far has not been a consensus concrete on these laws. said Khalidi told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that "laws exist in addition to the amendments will be passed political consensus among all political parties." as MP for mass Iraqi coalition Hamza Alkrtani Province Iraqi List to attend the meeting of heads of political blocs days ago was positive, indicating that he had given a new impetus to these negotiations to reach results. He Alkrtani told the "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," that "there was directed by members of the National Alliance, especially by the Transport Minister Hadi al-Ameri, a member of the Committee of Five bargaining to find common ground and satisfactory solutions are based on the right of the protesters to meet the legitimate demands and crystallized it Through a tentative agreement on a formula and mechanism agreed on the general amnesty law and a legal amendment accountability and justice and the fight against terrorism and in particular Article No. (4) of the Act and named (4 terrorism). expressed MP optimistic to reach a common vision to ensure the release of all innocent in Iraqi prisons with emphasis on the non-release of those involved and the governed murder against Iraqis, noting that political consensus is the basis for such important laws leads to not loose the demonstrations and not to allow lifting slogans and sectarian federalism and to offend any person or component or party to build a state of institutions and law, justice and equality. The Alkrtani noted that "the agreement to pass laws will be in one basket", saying: "We want to give a strong impetus to the political process by finding common ground and implement the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, according to the Iraqi constitution and the law." He praised the MP moves Ameri resolve the crisis, believing that this week will see a major breakthrough for the political crisis and will meet the demands of demonstrators job at least. In turn, confirmed the Committee of Five mandated to consider the demands of the protesters that approving the general amnesty law still need more consensus between the political blocs. Said Committee member MP Mohsen Saadoun's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," "The committee awaiting responses and that all parties before embarking hold a new meeting to reach results." and added that "a meeting of the Committee of Five did not specify, but it may be held at any moment after that received by the Committee replies political parties on them reaching a consensus soon about what has been raised at previous meetings on the outstanding issues. "said Sadoun that" the position of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc will be active to serve all parties and submit proposals nearby to be acceptable and to give a positive message, "he said, adding that "Kurdistan Alliance bloc close to the orientations of the Iraqi National Alliance." MP "decision to withdraw the Iraqi List ministers of the Council of Ministers, and the Sadrist movement of the Committee of Seven, aims to deliver a message to the government to speed up to meet the demands of the demonstrators."

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    Accelerate the establishment of free economic zone in the FAO doing international trade

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb Tamimi
    said the economist Tawfiq inhibitor that Iraq is going through, since more than ten years transition appeared significant challenges, including the absence of coordination between the smaller units and caused wars rolled colorful and missed a legacy of the recession in various economic fields which must be the executive and legislative authorities of full vision for the rebuilding of Iraq through the ranks and help the Division to move forward towards the goals and principles that re-built and directed economy and harness their resources towards development. said ( morning) that the beginning of economic recovery requires the development agenda of the agreement on the vocabulary of action and mechanisms to facilitate the task of activating the free economic zone and the port of Faw and here must review laws and whether the legislation is a special law or find a formula for the development of the laws enacting into law territories Free and investment law and even law firms and stand on what is going on from the development of free zones in neighboring countries and the world.
    pointed out that the free zones are specific geographic areas apply the laws and regulations of various private what applies to the rest of the state and has many advantages and incentives including the absence of restrictions on the nationality of capital and the freedom to choose the legal form of the project as well as the freedom to determine prices of products and the proportion of profits and exemption of capital assets and production requirements, exports and imports of taxes customs and sales tax and other of taxes and fees and
    pointed out that the first choice for Free Zones Investors Find ways to encourage investment and provide appropriate climate and the environment for foreign investment coming through contributing to the development of public policy and the provision of information and the preparation of studies and implementation projects and the organization of exhibitions, conferences and other activities aimed at the national efforts and qualified cadres contribute to sound economic development and welfare of the community of Basra, Iraq, and must treat and deal clearly and transparently through the provision of open channels of communication and procedures are clear and documented information for all groups concerned.
    Inhibitor touched on in his speech to some areas and economic importance and display some information for existing free trade zones and the zone of Port Said East Port, which is located east of the eastern division of the Suez Canal on the Mediterranean coast east of Fouad The site features the region overlooking the Mediterranean coast between medium continents and thus between the lines of the World Trade making the region a center for distribution and logistics business serving the White Sea basin and the surrounding areas and the possibility of available industrial cooperation with the industrial zone neighboring and commodity exchange with their projects and Port Said Port is one of the most important seaports in the Middle East.
    port is managed by the Port Authority of Port Said, following this body for the implementation of facilities and infrastructure Vtm establish a container terminal by the Suez Canal Company Container Company and contribution free zone system, according to the concession contract with the Egyptian government bot system capacity of 600 thousand containers. And
    pointed to the special economic zone port of Aqaba and located the Aqaba Special Economic Zone near the port of Aqaba port of Jordan and the international airport on the coast of Jordan and the region is considered as one of the bold economic initiatives for the Jordanian government is characterized by being a special economic zone are exempt from taxes and customs duties, in addition to being a multi-sectoral investment zone and provide Aqaba multiple investment opportunities in a strategic location on the Red Sea coast has the authority Aqaba Special Economic Zone financial and administrative autonomy, the institution responsible for the management of the region and its flexible arrangements In addition to making it a unique tourist destination on the Red Sea and the Oasis Shopping exempt from customs duties is accompanied by a high quality of life and standard of living. Company offers the Arab Bridge Maritime flights to Aqaba to the Egyptian ports coming from Nuweiba and Sharm el-Sheikh and provides King Hussein International Airport north of the city regular flights from Amman to Aqaba, as well as Dubai and Alexandria. Inhibitor said that what we have referred to Anfa just to give an example to some of the free zones to neighboring countries and to him Multi stations containers typical container vessel in the world to show the importance of establishing international economic zone free triangle FAO and the port of Faw at a comparison between the results emerged from handling performance with Iraqi ports despite the unique location which has the ports of Iraq and there are important questions must be put in mind when adopting the principle of investing in the international economic zone, the first What are the benefits for investors and companies to which they are entitled to be part of the free zone and whether the local partner is required to invest in the free zone? Is the property free zones will be based on the purchase or lease? How can you run a license granted to each free zones Iraq?. And
    the importance of that work together toward achieving our vision and mission through the interdependence of targets and integration expertise, skills, and share knowledge and strive to work in accordance with the best practices and local and international standards.
    where it should assume the company or the management and organization of the international economic zone Free FAO mission is to provide incentives and advantages that go beyond the expectations of investors and correspond to those incentives and the needs of the institutions that will enter the market and to achieve the above should put in priority to provide incentives and services provided by and provided free zones and competition, as well as distinguish them as easily in the establishment and the quality of services provided and we can later reference to the most important features that have to be taken, including a quick and simple procedure for the ratification of the request of investment licenses and end establishment procedures within a short period of exemption from customs taxes, sales tax and other taxes and land leases up period of 25 years, renewable for a similar period to provide the establishment of investors and employees.
    pointed out that the international economic zone must play a vital role in the development of the Iraqi economy following the best methods update and renewal and services characterized by presence and must strive to provide the largest range of facilities to investors, helping them to achieve the highest rates of growth in their business. stressing that investment geographical location of Basra, Iraq set up special zones to free trade is positive would the growing local commerce and thus the national economy and this will contribute to the further growth of the region and Iraq and that really Iraqi ports require air and sea to achieve quantum leaps in the development processes must be based on two main axes establishing free trade areas and return to launch a movement of transit in addition to benefiting from the expertise of companies specialized in national and global management of ports and free zones.


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    MPs and experts: Adoption of the oil and gas law regulates the extractive industry

    26/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - morning, a
    number of MPs and economists to the importance of passing a law of oil and gas during the current stage and its role in the organization of investment oil and gas wealth and an end to disputes in this matter, especially as the country has enormous reserves of oil and gas make it be Kiss of the global investment firms specialized in this industry.
    Nazim oil economist Ugaili stressed the importance of containing differences that confuse the reality of the oil industry in the country, pointing out that the approval of the oil and gas law is very important and is working to organize the reality of the oil industry in the country and contains all problems that bedevil the sector and limit the development in accordance with the strategic plans that chart for this purpose, adding that the law has been corner on the shelves of the House of Representatives since 2007 and did not see the light, to this day, and in this measure economic loss sustained the country because there is no law regulating the work in the oil and gas sectors. And
    added to the morning: that the country in dire need of law has problems that bedevil the extractive industry, especially that Iraq has oil and gas Ahtaahia great neglected for decades.
    To go back to the Oil and Energy Committee prosecution objection of the local administration in Kirkuk province to grant the Federal Oil Ministry contracts to foreign companies in the oil in the province contrary to the Constitution, which subjected all provinces administratively and politically to the federal government.
    Deputy Committee Chairman Ali Fayad's (IMN) "The objection on the direction of the Federal Government represented by the Ministry of Oil awarded contracts for oil in the province of Kirkuk is contrary to the provisions of the constitution which make all of the provinces subject politically and administratively to the authority of the government Federal. "
    The local administration in Kirkuk province announced that it is bound by the contract signed by the oil ministry with the British company BP to develop oil fields of Kirkuk, in the Kurdistan region had expressed his objection earlier and confirmed his refusal to sign oil contracts in the disputed areas.
    Fayad said that the "powers in the Constitution and clear for the regions and provinces, and apply to the province of Kirkuk Meisera on the rest of the provinces regarding the conclusion of oil contracts as long as they are conservative under the authority of the government Federal, and objections to the contracts in violation of government approach. "
    Government responded to the province's position by saying that the conclusion of oil contracts in the disputed areas do not require obtaining the approval of the Kurdistan Regional Government, on the grounds that the disputed areas remain under the administration of the federal government from a constitutional standpoint until the completion of the application of Article 140 of the Constitution.
    stressed member of the Oil and Energy Committee MP Bayazid Hassan, on the need to approve oil and gas law, pointing out that the adoption of this law contributes to a large extent in resolving differences between the Governments of Arbil and Baghdad not to the enactment of the oil and gas, adding that all the committees formed over law legislation did not come to an agreement about passing one of the drafts for a vote.
    Hassan said in a statement journalist and the presence of three committees formed in the House of Representatives for the purpose of amending draft law of oil and gas and pass one of them to the House of Representatives for a vote, but so far has not come to an agreement about passing one of the drafts.


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    News of the Ministry of Transport and formations Saturday 26/01/2013

    26/1/2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Minister of Transport opens garage Renaissance (Wasti 2) opened the Minister of Transport Mr. Hadi al-Amiri garage Renaissance Wasti (2) the value of five billion five hundred million and an area of seven acres .. Video .. HE minister "said the ministry has developed a plan to repair all garage in the province of Baghdad in addition to the repair garage in the provinces, and that the ministry began to repair more than forty garage which hopefully be completed during the next two months." and added, "We hope by the end of 2014 completed of all the garage and work on building a garage new, because we we put workers in the company private transport to work hard to repair all the garage, which was about a خربات and work to turn them into milestones civilized in Bgdadna beloved. " and noted that "the Ministry's major project in the province of Mosul to build garage big international in this province dear has been approached one of the UAE to implement this project contract was signed with the company in December of last year and it is hoped direct him in the coming weeks, God willing. " For his part, General Manager of private transport Abdullah defect " I took a company private transport on the task of developing and delivering services to all garage in Baghdad and an adequate standard of citizens, and that the project to develop a garage Renaissance Wasti (2) at a cost of five billion five hundred million dinars and all these costs are the company's revenues self. " "The implementation period of years Full has been implementing in cooperation with Passenger and delegations that are within the formations and the Ministry of Transport, and the company's plan is moving four directions where the trend first develop garage that internal transport by providing Almsagvat and fences and other services and Msatab sit, as well as working to transform transport stations between provinces to transfer stations vertical. " and pointed out that "international companies began at the site of the Renaissance and which is used to transfer between Baghdad and the provinces, which will be a multi-storey and civilized manner and be better than in neighboring countries. southern Iraq is being subjected to an earthquake new recorded Mrasdna seismic occurrence earthquake on Thursday, 01.24.2013 at 7.32 local time reached its 4.0 on the Richter scale in southern Iraq, 10 km north of the city Rifai and 85 km northeast of Nasiriyah, was felt by the citizens did we receive so far any human damage as a result of this earthquake. adversity Air expects the return of rain next week will be affected by Iraq on Sunday and Monday Trough Joy deep output from the merger of Mnkhvdaan aerial, the first low-Mediterranean and the second low Red Sea, which subsides gradually on Tuesday for central and southern regions and it will weather as follows .... Northern region: Weather Cloudy with periodic rain between moderate and heavy for days (Sunday - Monday - Tuesday). central and southern regions: Weather Cloudy with periodic rain between light and moderate and are sometimes heavy private on Monday evening and then gradually improving on Tuesday. winds will be on Sunday southeasterly moderate (20 -30) kms much on Monday (30-40) km / h. and we would like to inform you that we we bring any change in the weather gets ---------------------- ------------------------------------------- Ministry of Transport - Media - the ministry's website www.motrans.gov.iq


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    Urgent .. Iraq decided not to attend the sessions of the House of Representatives only meeting which lead to the withdrawal of confidence from the government
    Date: 26/01/2013 14:01:17 Saturday

    Baghdad (news) .. announced the Iraqi List, for not attending the meetings of the House of Representatives only meeting that lead to the withdrawal of confidence from the government and vote on the resolutions and laws that respond to popular demands and remove twist crisis.
    spokeswoman said the coalition in Iraq Maysoon in a press conference with members of the Iraqi List and attended reporter Agency (news): Three years after the national elections and the resulting alliances led to the formation of a government of national partnership. said: that this government has failed to achieve the simplest forms of partnership and reneged on all the agreements that led to its formation, and dealt with the Constitution in a way selective, remained Cabinet works without internal system, which allow for the boss exclusivity absolute decision-making. She said: popular protests and peaceful demonstrations and exit of citizens in the governorates of Iraq's various and since 2011 for the day ماقدمه citizens of martyrs over the years were not less than cry right general injustice, marginalization and exclusion and the government's failure to provide security and services and the elimination of corruption in addition to targeting the programmer who seek to divide society and fragment fabric national implementation of the schemes Biden. continued: Instead of responding to the demands of the demonstrators legitimate respond government involvement of the Iraqi army in the face of Alentzahreinn to prevent them from their constitutional and humanitarian in expression. announced Damluji: for non-attendance of the Iraqi List to the Council of Representatives, but sessions withdraw confidence from the government and discuss the vote on the resolutions and laws that respond to popular demands and remove the fuse crisis and ensure justice, security and stability in the country. called the Iraqi bloc: the other political blocs to bear national responsibility and legitimacy in putting an end to authoritarian approach and the victory of justice and principles of democracy and responsibility in responding to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. / end / 2.. /


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    The start of the parliamentary session chaired by Najafi and the presence of 242 depu

    The start of the parliamentary session chaired by Najafi and the presence of 242 deputies and read the financial budget

    Published in: 1:47 pm, January 26, 2013 by jamal

    BAGHDAD (Iba) ... A parliamentary source said that the House of Representatives start a regular session on Saturday headed by Osama Najafi and the presence of 242 deputy and that includes voting on the law of the Federal Court and read a number of draft laws, including the financial budget.
    The parliamentary source told the independent press (Iba) ... "The agenda of the meeting of the Council of Representatives today includes voting on the draft law of the Federal Court and the first reading of the draft law of the Ministry of Health and the first reading of the draft law the First Amendment to the Law on the Protection of Iraqi products No. 11 for the year 2010."
    "It also includes the agenda second reading of the bill the second amendment to the law re-separated political No. 24 of 2005 as amended and read the report of the federal budget and read the report challenges and problems facing the environmental situation in the country and read the report Hajj season 1433 AH."
    The House of Representatives has approved at the seventh meeting of the second legislative term, which was held under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi, head of the House of Representatives and in the presence of 205 deputies Tuesday on the proposed law monthly grants for athletes heroes, pioneers and finished the second reading of the four laws. (End)


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