[RED LILY] Senaid said in a press statement yesterday: that Article 140 unconstitutional and listed in the budget, and its own budget and her supervisor ministerial Transport Minister Federal Hadi al-Amiri, a serious application of article, expressing his belief that the application of this article will a lot of pitfalls and problems in the disputed areas, stressing the need to that the application of Article 140 away from political pressures or other. 9:34 AM [RED LILY] Was that a leak??? ○ wow! Wow! Wow! Did that just say that article 140 is listed in the budget??? Whoa!!! Are we fixing to "see" the implementation of article 140? The "actual implementation" of article 140???? This is "huge" people!! This is huge!! Deggummit i'm excited if SO.. Come ON.. I want to see another person tell us this.