What IS article 140?
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Thread: What IS article 140?

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    Cool What IS article 140?

    Article 140 is the dividing lines for the provinces. This makes way for the HCL. This is something Ive been looking for for the past 3 years.

    Art 140 (Land) divides the provinces or territories. It is the land markers that determine who gets what as stated in the HCL. HCL is the Money portion. HCL states what percentage of the oil revenues each of the provinces get. This is what the KURDS have been demanding..

    If 140 is in the new budget, it would seem to follow that HCL will be implemented in the new budget too. FINALLY IMPLEMENTED! All of the above has been "passed", but never implemented by the Maliki government.

    Now I want to see the remaining terms of the Erbil agreement implemented.

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    Hope to back in full swing later today. Feeling a little puny.

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    I vote YES to implement thanks for the info Red Lily!
    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    I vote yes, too!

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    I vote yes too! implement and then RV. i dont care rv/ri ore free floot starting from $ 1.22 up to $3.85, something like that. In my case it would start at € 0.94 that would be nice

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