The Dinar Daily****SUNDAY in IRAQ, 1/20/2013
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    The Dinar Daily****SUNDAY in IRAQ, 1/20/2013

    With international companies specialized information technology
    General Company for Information Systems announces its desire to hold partnerships and agreements

    Baghdad / justice - 01/20/2013 - 1:12 am

    Announced the General Company for information systems of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals desire to contract with a number of Arab and international companies sober for the execution of large and specialized projects in Iraq, a joint collaboration according to the mechanism and conditions of pre-defined

    The general director of the company Sufian navigator according to a statement of the ministry he was approved presentations by five of these companies, including (UA British IBM U.S. and MDS and ACT, etc.) and company awaiting obtaining the required approvals to complete the contracting procedures for the direct implementation of programs development, especially as the ministry has agreed to the inclusion of a project to produce identity cards at the General Company for Information Systems phases for the years 2013 and 2014, noting that it has allocated an amount of seven billion and ninety nine million for the current year for the implementation of the first phase of the project, which includes the production of identities after importing raw material rolls or sheets, plastic ready for second phase production identities of plastic granules, explaining that this project came within preparations company to implement important projects including the project card standard for citizens in favor of the Interior Ministry and project identity state employees in coordination with the Ministries of Interior and Planning and the public pension in line with the directives of the state for the manufacture of these identities within Iraq for security reasons, technical and pursuit of company to reduce costs and increase profits, pointing out that it past collaboration with Microsoft Corp. under an agreement signed earlier.

    For its part, showed Ms. Nidal Adnan Hassan Associate Director-General said that the company carried out and implemented numerous projects for the Ministry of Industry and other ministries as the work in accordance with the principle of self-financing of having to make great efforts to attract employment contracts where the company has succeeded recently in signing a contract with the Ministry of Education to implement a school project electronic for twenty school and license an annual rate of one million nine hundred thousand dinars per school and made presentations technical and commercial to automate the work of each of the Hajj and Umrah and Endowment Shiite as well as commissioning Company officially by the General Secretariat of the Council of cabinets to implement a project system of customs tariffs, a national project which the State seeks to implement to control exports and imports and get economic reports and accurate financial serve the work of many ministries, including the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Finance in addition to the General Authority for Customs as the concerned mainly in implementation committee will trade balance its recommendations to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers based on what has been learned from visits to a number of Arab countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon or that you will visit later such as the United Arab Emirates for the regimes customs applied where and confirmed that application of such a system must face a number of problems and obstacles as well as the need to monitor the huge sums of money note that the company has proposed to start the implementation of the project in one border crossings few movement to test the success.

    At the same context explained Prime programmers Npras Abdul Latif Abdul Ridha, head of production systems at the General Company for information systems that department production systems is one of the technical sections major company being responsible for the preparation and study software systems from the stage of collection requirements down to the design and development (programming) and employ them for the application by the beneficiaries and projects undertaken by the department are two types The first type systems applied Most institutions need them to organize and manage its internal affairs systems like individuals and salaries, stores and accounting system and Type II systems especially the authorities request by the nature of their work, and added that the most important plans section future is to convert all systems used in the company to Integrated Systems in each other to ensure the standardization of information sources to reduce errors and reduce the effort involved in getting information where it was to start converting individuals depending on the system web applications to be information available to users inside and outside the organization.

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    Ali Baber: 90 percent of the important laws will leave to the next session

    20/1/2013 | (Voice of Iraq)

    Baghdad, Omar Abdel Latif
    acknowledged member of the House of Representatives on Baber prince Kurdistan Islamic Group existence significant weakness in the role of Parliament, had been expecting to migrate 90 percent of the outstanding issues and important laws in parliament to the next session.

    Attributed Baber in an interview with the (morning) weakness happening in the role of Parliament to what is going on outside the House of Representatives of the downsides and disputes and Mnacfat and bullying are misplaced at all.

    As confirmed the existence of efforts to calm between Baghdad and Erbil, revealed a meeting between government and the opposition in Kurdistan.

    Reads as follows meeting:

    * How do you evaluate the work of the House of Representatives in the current session?

    Parliament represents the legislative power and the will of the people with all its components and factions, and Parliament must be already a reference to the laws, especially the task of the fateful, but the role of Parliament twice a lot at the moment as a result of what takes place outside the parliament and what is happening inside, which is a reflection of what being outside the House of Representatives of the downsides and disputes and Mnacfat and bullying between the heads of blocs and political officials who own hands and political decision which is not in place at all, and such differences are not necessarily have to be intentional to disrupt the work of Parliament but is the outcome of what is happening outside.

    * Will can the House of Representatives amid this atmosphere to pass laws or important decisions during the next few?

    If arrived the House of Representatives to the stage of harmony and an overwhelming desire to solve problems outside the parliament, it is possible that the House of Representatives and the Presidency decisively all things and important laws within the parliament, and must at the same time not expected or expected the House of Representatives that the legislation of laws which handcuffed by political parties outside the Parliament.

    * How many files and important laws that you would expect migrated to the next parliamentary session?

    If he stays like this, it is, about 90 percent of the files and laws mission will leave to the next parliamentary session.

    * How would you describe the relationship between parliament and the government?

    Relationship between the House of Representatives and the government had previously good when we see that the bills come from the government and is seeking the presidency of the parliament to urgently approval by, so the government can manage its affairs shall not be there any disruption by the House of Representatives, but now we see that this relationship weakened between all authorities and between the government and the people, contrary to what he should be.

    * How do you assess the work of the government?

    Government work no secret that he is not so well in terms of provision of services and necessities of life and provide security to the people.

    * How do you view the demands of the demonstrators?

    Demonstrations that came out nearly a month it is only an expression of what feels residents of those provinces of injustice, deprivation and exclusion and marginalization, as well as claims passage of important laws that Council can not Representatives of the vote, and instead of blame on the citizens demonstrators must criticize ourselves first as subjects decision, and ask ourselves why we have the people and make them demonstrating and demanding, as these events are nothing but reaction, when exceeding the power limits with a component and marginalize their rights, it is natural that does this component to demonstrate against the power to restore their rights usurped, even though I'm not with any demand conflicts with the Constitution and the reason and logic and the public interest.

    * How do you see the relationship between the center and the

    Relationship between the center and the region was dominated by the sharpness and intensity in the past and are accepted to the extent What did up to the event where intractable very, due to two types of problems firstly chronic is not to implement Article 140 of the Constitution and the contracts oil and resolving oil and gas law and other problems other, the second type are urgent problems كتشكيل Operations Command Tigris and fiery statements exchanged between the two sides, We do not hold the center only for exacerbating the severity of these problems, but that the province is located him some reproach, but has responsibility over a responsibility greater, but now they are moving toward calm, and there are delegations come down from the province to the center to discuss the outstanding issues between the two sides.

    * Do you expect a change in the map of political alliances in the Kurdistan region in the next elections?

    Expect a change in the equations and the political map, but there is solidarity and solidarity between the blocks politics in Kurdistan through its dealings with the Centre to resolve the crucial issues of interest to the interest of all those blocks on the level of Kurdistan and such a thing is good and away from nationalism and district, but this matter will be on the basis of upholding the rights and the public interest, but within the Kurdistan region there parties two Governors are the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and some smaller parties supporting them, and there are blocks opposition is to block change «Curran »and the Islamic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Islamic Group, and ruled for a union or front during elections provinces or Kurdish Parliament, and perhaps remains it unchanged in terms of the presence of government of the two main parties offset by opposition parties, and now I'm Ohai ground for full meeting between the opposition and the authority, as we will succeed in this endeavor to unify positions more and more, then pay attention to the center that is being built from the problems of Anaaon other parties to resolve after the vacuum that happened because of the absence of the President, must on all sides that the senses of responsibility more and fill this vacuum, nor attach things to a person or class or group, as we should feel responsible and if missed one leaders from the scene, it must fill the vacuum does not pretend that his absence insoluble problem, and stand handcuffed and not be able to do something.

    * What are the plans Kurdistan Islamic Group during the next

    Group looks forward to expanding mass base and make her absorbed segments many in the community, whether in Kurdistan or in all parts of Iraq .. and we want to work with other parties as a team to serve Iraq because we are part of this country, Fsnstvid all of us when Iraq is the level that contemplate all and succeed as institutions and multiple components and settle the Justice and all its citizens have the rights and freedoms provided by Islamic law and international regulations for all people, but when someone Iraq setback, the total will be harmed.

    * Do you expect the Kurdistan Islamic Group greater participation during the next session in the House of Representatives?

    Hope that our largest During the next session in the House of Representatives, and in this session was our share more than the two seats we got them if the election law applied properly.

    Read more:

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    Activating memoranda of understanding trends Iraqi international economic

    20/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - morning
    stressed Iraqi Prime industrial assembly Abdul Hassan Shammari the importance of openness towards the global industrial blocs and build bridges of cooperation between Iraq and those countries to the benefit to the local economy as well as working on the introduction of advanced technologies to the country. At a time announced by the Ministry of Industry activate Economic and Industrial Cooperation between Iraq and the Czech Republic. Said Shammari in an interview (morning) that the country has to heading towards reducing the gap between Iraq and the outside world through the adoption of technology transfer mechanisms local to Iraq through the mass participation or investment and other cooperation mechanisms, and pointed to the importance that there be integration in the activation of local industry through the adoption of a policy of protecting local products, which imposes upon that produces materials and goods with international quality specifications. He Shammari said memoranda of understanding governing with the countries of the world are of great importance for it is a step closer views between Iraq and the world, especially as the international companies want to work in Iraq to detect them the importance of the Iraqi market stemming from the weight of business dealings Alhalahoukal Director General of the Department of investments in the Ministry of Industry: has approval by the prime minister to begin implementation of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Prague 2012 and develop relations of cooperation between the two ministries and the creation of necessary conditions for strengthening activities between Iraqi companies and Czech markets of both countries.
    said in a press statement: This note will contribute in promoting and developing relations between the two countries in the areas of development of trade and economic relations and facilitate new investments as well as promoting industrial cooperation, trade and facilitate communication events between pilot projects between the two countries in addition to the promotion of cooperation and understanding and the broadest field between the private sector, taking into account the economic policies with the need to strengthen links Partnership for pilot projects by participating in exhibitions and seminars and all commercial activities that contribute to the convergence of businessmen, stressing the desire of the two ministries in the development of relations of industrial cooperation in bilateral industry (petrochemicals - engineering industries - water management - energy contained renewable sources - the auto industry - mining - ICT - military industries - agricultural machinery - food industries, chemical)
    and pointed to the need to invite Czech companies to invest in various projects industries strategy in Iraq and to participate in public calls announced by the Ministry with the agreement on training Iraqi cadres in various industrial fields and administrative in the Czech Republic where he parties the continuity of mutual dialogue in the light of their activities and create favorable conditions for the development of industrial relations and serve mutual interests of both countries as well as develop and promote the flow of investments between the two countries.

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    Starting third developmental Arab summit in Riyadh on Monday

    20/01/2013 12:00 am

    Participation of Iraq
    Cairo - Isra-Khalifa
    participation of a delegation senior Iraqi headed by Vice President Khudair Khuzaie starts tomorrow «Monday« summit development and economic and social Arab third and last day and discussed the summit 6 axes task. said senior agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, Abawi in an earlier statement to the Center Brief Iraqi Media Network that Vice President Khudair Khuzaie and four ministers participating in this summit, which is very important in the field of strengthening economic relations between the Arab countries.
    For his part, Dr. Mohammed Al-Tuwaijri Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Affairs Sector of the Arab League in a press statement to attend the morning that items The draft agenda and draft resolutions, including follow-up implementation of the decisions the previous summits, and the draft Unified Agreement for the Investment of Arab Capital in the Arab countries amended, which is guaranteed by the item investment in the Arab countries, in addition to strategic Arab to develop renewable energy applications between 2010 to 2030, and the Millennium Development Goals between 2000 and 2015 and beyond, and to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and view the results of the work of the Private Sector Forum Arab Riyadh, in addition to showing recommendations Arab Youth Forum at its third session, which was held recently in Cairo. added Tuwaijri as of Almentdhar to sign Arab leaders on the draft convention consolidated investment of Arab capital in the Arab countries, which includes 7 chapters include 33 articles, where separating the general provisions and the treatment of investment and the Arab investor, and the preferential treatment that gives the right to host countries to grant any additional benefits for Arab investment exceeded the minimum stipulated in Convention, and follow up implementation of the Convention, where the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League to oversee the implementation of the Convention through the issuance, modification and cancellation rules and procedures necessary for this agreement, and cooperation with other countries in addition to the materials to ensure the investment by securing the Arab investor to invest in enterprise-Arab Investment Guarantee The export credit or any other insurance deems appropriate. confirmed Tuwaijri that the Arab sector became eligible to lead the private sector, where there investors and Arab businessmen invest their capital in all parts of the world are mature and have the ability to lead the economic sector Arab », pointing out that states its mission legislation only, and facilitate the movement of the private sector.
    said that all decisions twelve that emerged from the summit in Kuwait in 2009 and the Sharm el-Sheikh 2011 played implementation, pointing out that the decision includes some studies and meetings, they are going in full swing, as a power link, in addition to transportation rail, where it was awarded the project to house studies Jordanian - Italian for a feasibility study of the project, while the implementation of a number of decisions on the ground, as a decision support small and medium enterprises, has been allocated 1.25 billion dollars, has been awarded 7 loans to a number of Arab projects, pointing to that economic decision takes longer than the political decision to implement it.
    expected from the Arab summit in Riyadh to approve the settlement of disputes, where asylum Arab investor to eliminate in the host country, according to the rules of jurisdiction and, if not agreed parties to the dispute otherwise be settled disputes arising between the parties investment relating to the application of the Convention by the court, according to its statute, and if that is not possible are also resorting to the Arab Investment Court.

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    Zebari said Iraq poses to see the decisions of the Arab Economic Summit III in Riyadh

    20/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - morning
    chaired by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi delegation at the Arab summit socio-economic development at the ministerial level for the third session, which opened yesterday in Saudi Arabia. The Minister of State in the ministerial meeting about the vision of Iraq to the Arab summit resolutions developmental third and made ​​some proposals to activate joint action. And start of the summit-level economic presidents on Monday, as will head the Iraqi delegation which includes four ministers Vice President Dr. Khodair al. The summit will discuss the 6 axes task as well as the economic and social conditions and ways of developing Arab and follow up the implementation of the resolutions of the Arab Summit Development held in Kuwait in 2009 and Sharm el-Sheikh in 2011. The senior agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, Abawi said in an earlier statement "Brief center for the Iraqi Media Network," This summit is very important in the field of strengthening economic relations between the Arab countries.

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    Ali Keywords: awareness of frustrated people foreign agendas

    20/01/2013 12:00 am

    BAGHDAD - Tariq al-Araji
    ruled the secretary-general of the Council of Ministers on the Keywords are raised by some parties on the division of Iraq or sectarian war praising awareness "significant" enjoyed by the people and events tribal and religious fail daily agendas of Foreign Affairs.
    said Keywords in a statement for "Center Brief Iraqi Media Network ": The situation in the country and the possibilities of the sectarian war or division is directly linked to the will of the people and the will of the Iraqi street, and preparations and people express a day and in a clear and explicit that he is against Multi division and sectarian war and this is a natural result of the awareness of the great enjoyed by citizens and if we talk about events religious and social as well as political, they are all ruled out such options do not want to resort to it.
    across Keywords believed that option division comes damage to all, and added, "Mrahltna current came after conflicts and wars so we think rationally severe now I do not think there are opportunities for success so narratives" confirming the presence of "momentum and foreign agendas trying to abort the new experience in Iraq but at the same time there is a level of cognition of this issue and the government will meet a lot of social events important Kaahaśr theologians and others who are diagnosed with this issue and fear of infiltration of these agendas under the cover of what is going on from claims mass" praising religious and social awareness conscious of these risks.

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    Committee of Five draw axes methodology to contain the political crisis

    20/01/2013 12:00 am

    Baghdad morning - Alaa al-Tai
    revealed political sources within the Committee of Five for positive results that have been reached and drawing axes methodology to solve the problems that threaten the political process, with the heads of political blocs evening meeting for the results of the Committee's report emanating from the Forum national and the mechanism that has been reached have to follow the axes demands of the demonstrators and the solutions that can contribute to contain the crisis. "Al-Sabah" The committee, which gave three days to crystallize solution and vision to accelerate the implementation demands of the demonstrators reached positive results and will report on the rest of the political parties in today's meeting scheduled for the evening in Baghdad in the presence of Heads political blocs. "

    For his part, MP and head of the Change Kurdish Sardar Abdullah expressed optimism the results that have been reached and the report of the Committee of Five, stressing that positive messages reflected Committee meetings are scheduled to offer its report, which draws a map of the solution to the problems and crises facing the political process. "

    and called Abdullah political parties to have the courage and assume their responsibilities and work together to rebuild the state on the basis of a modern civil consistent with the principles of democracy, indicating that many problems have led to the emergence of crises must be political reforms real and radical solutions to restore confidence between the political parties and reduce the suffering of the people and their concerns. "

    For his part, MP Abbas al-Bayati's "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that meetings held by political parties recently confirmed work will of common and translation solutions to practical steps by agreeing on a mechanism to initiate reforms real and adopt the Committee of Five map paint axes dealing with people's demands . "
    Al-Bayati said: "The meetings future should contribute to the legislation of laws that would dismantle the crisis at the level of legislation and implementation of the agreements between the parties and which will be discussed in meetings involving all components of Iraq, especially after reaching to the fact that there is no alternative to dialogue and negotiation to end the political crisis and activating The role of state institutions. "

    In the same context, a coalition of state law on Saturday, that requests demonstrators Anbar and Nineveh, Samarra has عقلنتها consistent with the Constitution, and among it submitted to the Ministerial Committee, considered that this committee balanced and effective cut way biased.

    said MP Coalition Ihsan al-Awadi in a press statement that "requests demonstrators in the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh, Samarra has عقلنتها by some personalities and tribal social and political prestigious, consistent with the Constitution and laws," noting that "those requests were submitted to the Central Committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani" .
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    Talks between the Kurdistan region and the central government postponed to next week.
    20/01/2013 12:41:00

    BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the parliamentary Committee on Defense Security, Juma'a al-Mutaiota declared the postponement the meeting of the High Joint Action Committee between the Kurdistan region and the federal government to next week.

    He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency: "The meeting of the High Joint Action Committee, which was scheduled to be held today, has been postponed to next Sunday."

    The military talks between the two delegations of the Governments of the center and the province concluded on last Monday without getting a final agreement on the withdrawal of the troops stationed in the disputed areas, but both sides agreed to hold another meeting on Sunday.

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    Tayfour accuses Shihristani, Luaibi of attempting to create new crisis with KR
    Sunday, 20 January 2013 10:48 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –The Second Deputy Speaker, Arif Tayfour, accused the Deputy Premier for the Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shihristani, and the Oil Minister, Abdul Karim Luaibi, of attempting to create a new crisis with Kurdistani Region.

    In a press statement received by AIN on Sunday, he said "Shihristani failed in negotiating with the demonstrators and did not succeed in suspending the angriness of the masses in some provinces."

    He called Shihristani to "Avoid the accusations and threatening way of dealing with the patriotic parties that work for the interest of Iraq because this way will complicated the situation and increase the crises," noting that "Shihristani and Luaibi's attempts are to increase the crises with KR for no reason."

    "The Kurdistani Alliance was and still one of the patriotic parties that work for the interest of Iraq," he pointed out, calling "Shihristani and Luaibi, who did not succeed in serving the people, to stop threatening and accusing the others and adhere to the dialogue and the constitution."

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    Nusayif urges US, UN to be neutral in dealing with Iraqi-Kuwaiti pending issues
    Sunday, 20 January 2013 11:46 | | |

    Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Aliya Nusayif, of the Hurra Iraqiya Slate called "The US Administration and the Representatives of the UN to be neutral in dealing with Iraqi-Kuwaiti pending issues without being allying to Kuwait."

    She stated to AIN "The US Administration and the Representatives of the UN must deal neutrally and objectively with these files and to consider the injustice practiced against Iraq due to the unjust resolution of the UN."

    "Iraqis' confiscated rights will be a curse against those who confiscated them and the history will scandalize the sides kept Iraq under the seventh Chapter of the UN Charter despite the eliminations of the reasons led to imposing it on Iraq," she concluded.

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