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*** Current News ***

Urgent Urgent … Communication and consultation between the leaders of political blocs graduated line on the nomination (Baqir Jabr and Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Qusay al-Suhail) for prime minister substitute for Maliki!!

Baghdad _ Mohammed al-Hiti - Science site Jakoj of political and parliamentary sources informed Iraqi, that the past two days have seen a series of contacts and consultations among a number of leaders of parties and blocs centered on a renewed call for the withdrawal of confidence from the current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the House of Representatives.

According to those sources, that Osama Nujaifi Parliament Speaker and President Iyad Allawi of the Iraqi List, and Masoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan and Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Moqtada al-Sadr cleric, Ammar Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council, Ibrahim Jaafari, head of the mass of the National Alliance in Parliament, Ahmad Chalabi President of the National Conference, participated in this communication, which agreed on the need to step down Nouri al-Maliki for prime minister, and the formation of a new government headed by personal يرشحها National Alliance.

According to Kurdish sources, the Barzani had told those who contacted him and Consultation in the case to discredit the Maliki in parliament, he would support the nomination of a new head of government requirement that corresponds to it sedan Moqtada al-Sadr and Ammar al-Hakim, stressing that the deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance in the (55 deputies) with this option.

Meanwhile, sources in the Iraqi List Nujaifi held talks with two of the leaders of the Sadrist movement (Zia al-Asadi, Bahaa al-Araji) dealt with the review of the situation that Iraq is going through, and the willingness of the Sadrist movement in supporting the process of replacing Maliki and choose the other to lead a new government.

According to those sources, al-Asadi al-Araji told the Speaker of the House, that the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr with political consensus and national levels, and he would support any step in this direction if approved by the main parliamentary blocs.

At the same level had the Iraqi leader in contact with al-Hakim of the Supreme Council, was confined on the latest developments the political scene in Iraq, and exchanged opinion on the best solutions and processors out of the political crisis government Nuri al-Maliki and threaten the political process prevailing in the country.

The sources in the Supreme Council had indicated earlier that Vice-President of the Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi has concluded a round of talks and merely that he looked at the current situation.

There is widespread belief among the political and parliamentary blocs that it is difficult for Nuri al-Maliki to continue at the head of the current government after two incidents crises with Massoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan region, Rafie al-Issawi and Minister of Finance and leader of the Iraqi List.

He quotes leaders, that Muqtada al-Sadr and Ammar al-Hakim request of Massoud Barzani for more time to enable them to persuade al-Maliki to resign from the presidency of the current government on its own, to avoid removal by the House of Representatives, and the two Klva Ibrahim al-Jaafari to the task of talking with Maliki and persuade him.

And according to the transfer for Barham Salih, Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, that Sadr and Hakim are seeking through proposal Oouselah to Barzani, to ease the political tension and reassure al-Maliki, who feared that prosecuted if the government left the presidency.


Wow!! This is a very interesting turn of events!! That whole list of characters agreed that Maliki needs to step down – whoa?!? This could go a number of directions…any one of which is just fine for us. Very exciting times…

Nujaifi reminding Maliki of Saddam’s regime

Shafaq News / The parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nujaifi launched on Thursday, an attack on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki for his criticizing to support the existing protests in the country.

Nujaifi’s office said in a statement reported for “Shafaq News”, that “Prime Minister released finally a statement in which he claimed the Constitutional illegitimacy of the parliament Speaker because of his respect to the citizens right to demonstrate in several Iraqi provinces and showing his sympathy in their legitimate demands.”

“The Iraqi people who gave the parliament speaker the honor of their representation are the only one able to grab this representation in free, democratic and transparent elections.”

The statement called ” on to listen to the voice of the people , open their hearts to dialogue with it and meet legitimate demands instead of waving threats,” reminding that “our near history tell us that power brute result in any conflict with people is loss and the people alone is the highest authority,” in reference to the former regime led by Saddam Hussein.


I cannot believe the depths to which Maliki will sink – and I did say some time ago – Najafi appeared to be developing as a political power house. This has clearly come to pass. It looks like (to me) – he may be the one emerge from this crisis as a clear cut front runner for the future of Iraq.


Check out “The Observer”


“The State of law” coalition rejected Iraq’s call for the convening of a special session of Parliament next week

Baghdad-”editorial boards” - Rejection of “State of law” coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s call for House speaker Osama Najafi for a special session of Parliament next week.

He said the State of law coalition member Khalid al-Asadi said the emergency meeting is not an issue for the President of the Council or the Presidency, there is a breach of the law and the Constitution and the threat of violence and incitement and fomenting of prejudices should be addressed through a combination of positive attitudes and legal “.

Al-Asadi said that “it is illogical to hold an emergency session of Parliament on Sunday, while the official date to hold regular meeting is on Monday.


You can bank on something being planned in this meeting they want no part of. Now exactly what that is may be another story – but true to form, the SLC is in “full wiggle mode” ;)

Economist: the problem of low liquidity includes all of Iraq

Economic expert stressed that the crisis reduced the amount of Iraqi currency include all parts of Iraq, and not only the Kurdistan Region, due to widening trade relations with neighboring countries and the transfer of large amounts of currency abroad.

Dr. Khaled Heydari professor at the University of Sulaimaniya told NNA that the low amount of Iraqi currency is due to several reasons the most important out of large amounts of currency to neighboring countries, pointing out that a large number of Iraqi banks did not comply with the instructions issued by the central bank and related to retain a certain percentage of the currency in banks, and its desire to increase profits through the granting of loans, adding that the postponement of traders المديونين to repay their obligations is another reason for the low liquidity in the banks.

He also warned Dr. Khalid increase printed Iraqi currency to overcome the crisis, saying that the increase printed currency will lead to lower its value against other currencies, especially since the Iraqi dinar has good value at the present time, adding that the proper solution to this problem lies issue a decision by the central bank to claim المديونين pay their financial obligations in a specific time and reconsideration Iraqi trade protocols, and to inject liquidity in the market or make a deal to trade agreements in U.S. dollars.


Kaperoni Comment - Liquidity is the currency (dinar) in circulation. This article is stating that the entire country is low on dinar. They then go on to explain how that occurred (banks not following rules and currency leaving the country -only dollars makes sense). He does offer up a few solutions to solve the issue (financial obligations – pay the Kurds, reconsideration Iraqi trade -free market, inject liquidity-dinar in/dollar out, or make a deal to trade agreements in U.S. dollars – think he means dollarize).

Kaperoni Comment - The most important point I take away from this article is it is more confirmation that there is a declining amount of dinar in Iraq. That the auctions have been one of the main reasons for that decline (latest article to include all bank in auctions will only make that worse). And we already know from previous articles the condition of that dinar (ripped, torn, glued, taped, etc). Therefore, something must be done to preserve the currency and prestige of the New Iraqi Dinar (NID) soon.

BGG - I know how they can solve this issue – RV and use the pallets of new, uncirculated currency (lower denoms)  to relieve the currency shortage…(kind of flies in the face of some of the recent nervous nellie posts – huh?)

Ahrar parliamentary bloc: Sadr’s position aimed at keeping the unity of Iraq.

Baghdad/ NINA /–Ahrar parliamentary bloc within the Sadrist trend confirmed that the recent stand by Cleric.

Muqtada al-Sadr stems from responsibility sense in keeping the unity of Iraq’s land and people.

Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr recently called in a press conference yesterday in his office in Najaf on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki “not to abandon the national responsibility and dumping it on his cabinet ministers only ,” as well as Sadr called Maliki to meet the demands of the demonstrators. / End


I believe this to be referring to exactly what I was talking about on the call yesterday…Sadr is doing everything he can think of to keep Iraq more “unified” than a “separatist state” in the clutches of Maliki. This would mean a period of exile for Sadr…for sure. Also as we mentioned – one way or the other – we should be seeing some guidance as to their direction soon.

P.S. He also told Maliki to quit laying it off on everyone else – man up and make it right!!

Here are some interesting Headlines…

U.S. official: Washington looking for new non-Maliki ally

Wow, wow, wow!! What else is there to say??

Reports of the emergency session Sunday could see a vote to withdraw confidence from the Maliki

This is the emergency session the SLC wants no part of – I wonder why??

BREAKING NEWS Office of the Commander in Chief warns from terrorists’ plans against protestors in Ramadi, Falluja

Did Maliki just threaten the protesters in publicly??

Two American researchers urge Washington to choose a Kurdish president agreed upon (by) Baghdad and Erbil

I have been suspicious that Washington has a lot more influence than anyone is letting on – this sounds as though they are brokering the deal for Talabani’s replacement.

Peshmerga: Essential controversial points emerge during KR & CG meeting

“The conferees conferred openly about the memorandum presented by the Kurdish delegation in the previous meeting of Baghdad which included full plan for the mutual work and running the security file in the areas outside KR. The meeting also discussed the memorandum submitted orally by the federal government in Baghdad previous meeting,”

***  Unspin Zone *** Jan 4th

Mutlaq describes al-Maliki a dictator and calls to overthrow the government

BAGHDAD – Agencies: called on Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq to the resignation of the Iraqi government and early elections, to take charge of a new transitional government the task of preparing for these elections without the current prime minister, and then not to put herself in the upcoming elections. Mutlaq repeated in remarks carried by Al-Arabiya from Dubai yesterday, and described the owners as a dictator, will not back down from the previous recipe. On the other hand, described Saleh al-Mutlaq, a group of military arrest protect Iraqi Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, it is immoral and illegal, describing the Iraqi judiciary that is fair in some joints.

In the meantime, warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, the protesters, saying: The time is not open to you, in reference to his intention to end the demonstrations. For his part, rejected the Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Osama Nujaifi, criticized Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, stressing that the Iraqi people, who give House Speaker honor to represent alone is capable of extracting this representation in free, democratic elections transparent and face Najafi, yesterday sharply criticized Prime Minister Nuri Maliki as saying that legitimacy has ended, stressing that this legitimacy is derived from the people and rejected his threats broke up protests by force and called on him to listen to the voice of the people and opened his heart to a dialogue with him and meet the legitimate demands instead of brandishing threats .. The Ministry of Justice announced from deporting 13 criminal governed Mhafezathen implementation rest Movernmyaten justice to the demands of protesters who are demonstrating in several cities in the country.

Nujaifi said that in the context of frequent abuses of the Constitution began interpretation forced to some articles are contrary to the essence and philosophy of following the announcement of the results of the legislative elections last year 2010 and passed to confiscate the independence of independent bodies and overtaking on the independence of the judiciary and direct guidance in tune with the self-government is not self-constitutional and try robbed the right to express first for citizens to protest and demonstrate and publicize their legitimate demands, and people’s deputies to manifest the views of their constituents, and Tstdeih responsibility Constitutional Secondly, it has emerged, Mr. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki finally statement in which he claimed the fall of the legitimacy of House Speaker constitutional due respect the right to demonstrate to the citizens in the several Iraqi provinces and sympathy with their legitimate demands.

The Nujaifi in a written statement yesterday that he “about this waiver unprecedented say that the Iraqi people, which gave House Speaker honor to represent alone is capable of extracting this representation in free, democratic elections transparent and not the whims of self-government, which is found in the exit of citizens to claim their rights and the rejection of injustice and tyranny and humiliate citizens innocent and innocent citizens a departure from the will of the (tower ivory), and the waving ble neck Constitution by moods and interests and benefits and their attachment desperate authority did not respect people as much as أذلته, no use people as much as impoverished and Oauzath, did not solve the crises as industry crises heaviest and hardest, to return for their transgression, and not take them pride in unrighteousness, and listen to the voice of the people rumbling and open their hearts to dialogue with him and meet legitimate demands instead of waving threats, and our near Ikrina that money power brute in any dispute with the people is looser, and the people alone is the owner of betting Alabqy and the highest authority .

To that student demonstrators Anbar release detainees and prisoners and to hold negligent and stop executions and suspension of Article IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act and the enactment of a general amnesty and stop working law and re-investigation of cases involving religious symbols and national front views impartial judicial. The protesters said in a statement distributed to the press need legislation amnesty law and stop working the law of accountability, justice and balance in all state institutions and the abolition of the leaders of the operations in all parts of Iraq and re-investigation of cases involving religious symbols and national front views impartial judicial non-politicized, and called to prevent the use of logos sectarianism by the central government in Baghdad and the conduct of a comprehensive census under the supervision of the United Nations before the general elections and avoid indiscriminate raids and the abolition of relying on confidential informant and to accelerate the formation of the Supreme Judicial Court in a professional and the return of all Sunni mosques and property usurped.


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